The Road Trip

when fellow and colleagues youtube stars Andrea Russett, Kian Lawley, Jc Caylen, Jenn McAllister and Dominic DeAngelis head on a road trip to vidcon things get bumpy and it is not the road. when they find themselves lost with no reception or gas in a what seems to be a deserted corn field they find out that they are not alone and things aren't getting prettier. It looks like vidcon is starting without them this year.
***note: this story is totally fictitious and i mean no hate towards these youtube stars.***
***note2: story totally inspired by outlast 2.***


16. Papa Knoth Appearance

John Gavin Malkovich as Sullivan Knoth(Papa Knoth)


[Kian and Andrea walking back]



They see a chapel up front.


-“oh my God! It was a chapel” Kian says


-“one fucked up chapel if you ask me” Andrea says


They walk closer to the chapel. They open the door slowly.


-“Kian, careful” Andrea says


-“I don’t see no one”


Kian opens the door all the way. They are welcomed with a table with a small virgin Maria statue in the middle and two lighted candles on both sides of the statue. On the right there is an open bible on its stand with John 8:44 verse highlighted. On the wall we have a picture of an elder man with a grim look on his face (the same picture JC saw in the house) on its sides has two crosses holding lit candles. The room shows two doors on both sides of the table.


Kian walks up to the bible and reads the highlighted verse.


“You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”


-“this place doesn’t get any better, does it?” Kian says


They hear a cry of help and struggling.


-“where is that coming from?” Andrea asked


-“I think it’s coming from the inside of the chapel”


They walk to the right door and open the door slowly.


-“hello?!” Kian screams into the silence receiving and eco as a reply


-“Mary?” they hear a man


Kian and Andrea walk into the chapel and find a man tied to a giant wooden cross. With the word “JUDAS” carved into his chest.


-“Knoth?” the man asks


They get closer to him. They notice a rack to torture people. Notice blood and the wall and on the floor. The man is using a ripped pants and is shirtless


-“who is there? Who are you?” the man asks


-“Kian look…” she says looking at the man’s eyes –“he-he has no eyes” she says


-“the outsiders” the man said


Kian and Andrea look at him surprised


-“we-” Andrea says but is interrupted  


-“kill me! You have to kill me”


-“we can help you!” Andrea says


-“just promise not to hurt us” Kian adds


-“no! Knoth is coming back. With Mary. He’ll hurt her, and I’ll talk”


-“but-” Andrea is interrupted again


-“if you kill me he won’t have reason to hurt her. Please…”


-“what do we-” Kian is interrupted by a sound of a door opening


Kian and Andrea look at each other and quickly hide in a confession booth. They then hear a woman screaming. And they hear a man with raspy voice.


-“We found her, Josiah. Trying to flee”


Andrea and Kian can see through a gap in the booth. But not big enough to notice them inside. A man stands next to the man on the cross


-“Not the actions of a woman unburdened by an immaculate conscience”


-“Mary? Oh God…” the man on the cross says


-“Answer your yokemate, honey. He can't see you” Knoth says as other man place her on the rack bed


-“ah…ugh…it’s me Josiah…please, tell them I don’t”


-“let her go! Oh God Mary I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t want”


They then see a tall fat elder man’s profile from the gap, showing the face of the man in the picture, known as Papa Knoth


-“God hates vanity, so do I!” Knoth says


He sits down facing the opposite direction of the gap in the booth 


-“ The blonde outsider woman has this world's destruction in her womb” Knoth says


The man struggles to escape.


- “But Val…Val and his apostates stole away the unborn enemy. She will bear her filthy yield before dawn.”


-“Val, that’s the women who saved me” Andrea says in the lowest voice possible


-“ We have only these few hours to find her and kill her, and save this paradise from hell everlasting.”


The man still tries struggling his release. Kian notices that Mary is tied up to the rack and two men are standing waiting for orders.


-“ Where is she?” Knoth asks and stands up –“Where did Val take Her?!” he asks in a rough and angry voice


[JC and Dom running in the woods]


-“is it still chasing us?” JC asks running


-“I don’t know but I don’t think you want to stop to find out!” Dom answers


JC and Dom fall into a canyon hitting rock and rolling down.


-“ow! Fuck!” JC says on floor


-“shit!” Dom says


-“you’re them, aren’t you? The outsiders” they hear a voice of a man


-“huh?” Dom says


-“Knoth’s eye, killed you didn’t they?”


Dom and JC seeing a figure of a man but in a blurry vision.


-“no. not yet apparently” JC says


 -“well they will do it if they find y’all out here, come on” the man says and helps JC and Dom up.


They start walking. 

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