The Road Trip

when fellow and colleagues youtube stars Andrea Russett, Kian Lawley, Jc Caylen, Jenn McAllister and Dominic DeAngelis head on a road trip to vidcon things get bumpy and it is not the road. when they find themselves lost with no reception or gas in a what seems to be a deserted corn field they find out that they are not alone and things aren't getting prettier. It looks like vidcon is starting without them this year.
***note: this story is totally fictitious and i mean no hate towards these youtube stars.***
***note2: story totally inspired by outlast 2.***


15. Are you real?

[Dom on the floor just looking up at the leaves]


-“you’re good, Dom, you’re alright” he says to himself –“you’re fine” Dom then gets up.


-“where’s the flashlight? Didn’t I have a flashlight?” Dom asks


Dom then hears a branch crack just a few steps ahead of him. He rapidly looks up but the darkness does not let him see.


-“who-who’s there?” he asks


Notices to pairs of eyes lighting up in the dark getting closer. Dom steps back of fear. From out of the darkness two wolfs come walking out. Wolves appear to have a violent look showing of their teeth.


-“nice wolfies, nice wolfies” Dom says as he keeps stepping back.


Wolves slowly getting closer and closer growling at Dom. Dom quickly turns and runs. The wolves chase after him. Dom starts running moving branches to clear his way cutting himself in the process. Dom gets hit by a thick branch impacting him in the head.


Dom on the floor start recovering consciousness starts hearing a familiar voice scream over a gag.


-“Jenn?” he asks still not completely aware


Dom gets up hearing the screams get farther away. looks around for but everything is just darkness.


-“where did the-? Wolves, where di-?” Dom stops and breaths –“how long was I thrown here for?” he asks himself


[JC walking around with his phone out looking for signal]


-“I deny to believe there is not a bar of signal in this place” JC says to himself


-“JC?” he hears a recognizable voice


JC looks up to find himself with Andrea.


-“Andrea? Oh my God!” JC runs towards her and hugs her


-“what happened to you?” JC asks


-“it’s crazy, it’s nuts…we have to get the fuck out of here now!” Andrea says


-“tell me about it!”


Andrea grabs JC’s hand and pulls him.


-“wait, wait! Have you seen Kian, Dom or Jenn?”


-“Kian...Kian and I went to look for Jenn but…JC Kian didn’t-” Andrea says and then her voice starts breaking up


-“wait, wait! Andrea what happened to Kian”


Andrea lifts her arm showing Kian’s head grabbing it from the hair. JC screams and steps back and tripping looking at Kian’s head in Andrea’s arms


In a blink of an eye Andrea disappears. JC looks around heavily breathing on the floor.


-“what the- what the fuck?!” JC screams


[Dom on the floor]


We see a blurry figure of a blonde girl looking down on Dom


-“Dom? – Dom? Are you ok?” she asked


-“Je-Jenn?” Dom asks confused


-“oh my god thank god you’re alive!” Jenn said


-“Jenn oh my god!” Dom says then hugs her


Jenn hugs back.


-“oh I am so happy to see you alive!” Dom says


-“same” Jenn replies


-“have you seen the others?”


-“Actually, no I haven’t but honestly this place is fucked up we can’t stay here!”


-“I agree”


Jenn and Dom are startled by an arrow lit on fire hitting a tree close to them.


-“what the-?”


-“shit their coming! Come on get up, let’s go!” Jenn says and runs away


Dom rapidly gets up and runs after Jenn losing her in the darkness


-“Jenn! Jenn hold up!” Dom says running


Dom then crashes into JC. Both thrown on the floor.






JC gets up and looks at Dom


-“are you- are you real?”


-“am I-? am I real? JC I am right here”


JC steps back.


-“hold on” JC says


JC closes his eyes tight. Dom just looks at JC confused. JC then opens his left eye and sees Dom.


-“oh buddy!” JC says hugging Dom


-“what the hell was that for?” Dom hugs back


-“trust me, I needed to do it”


-“where’s Jenn?” Dom asks


-“Jenn? I-I don’t know”


-“she had to just pass by here!”


-“dude look this place, it’s fucking with are minds or something I swear! You probably did not actually see her”


Dom sighs.


-“what do we do?” Dom asks


-“find the way out of here and get help for the others”


-“I’m all in!”


Another arrow on fire it’s the right next to them on the feet


-“you see that too right?” Dom asks




-“shit! Run!” Dom says


Dom and JC start running

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