Toddler trouble

Heroes of Olympus characters as toddlers?
What happened a when a mad God/goddess turns them all into toddlers
(Reader insert)


2. Chapter 2

You finally got all the kids to go to bed for the night in cabin three. After you got them to bed you started baby proofing everything from the windows to the bathroom door. You made sure the front door was also locked. You soon fell into a deep sleep afterwards. You soon woke up the next morning and eight pairs of eyes looked down at you as you laid on the floor. They giggled and toddled back to what they were doing. Well all except Nico he wrapped his little arms around your neck and giggled "mommy!" He shouted.

"N-no no Nico I'm (y/n) not mommy (y/n)." He made a pouty face then walked away continuing to shout the word mommy around the cabin. Soon all eight were calling you mommy and no matter how much you tried to convince them they still called you mommy. After a while it didn't seem to bother you much and you kind of liked it just a little though. Percy and Jason used you as a human rock wall while Leo sat in the corner with hazel pulling apart an alarm clock and putting it back together. Annabeth was taking a nap on one of the bunks while piper was playing with Frank who had turned into a kitten. She picked him up and carried little Frank around giggling when he pawed he nose. Nico even seemed to be enjoying himself as he watched a lady bug crawl in his palm. 'This is going to be easy' you thought to yourself watching everyone play together oh but you were wrong so so very wrong. It all started when Frank scratched piper in the face making her scream which scared Jason and Percy making them fall off you and cry which woke up Annabeth. Not to mention Leo started to cry when hazel wouldn't let him play with any of her rubies and Nico crushed his ladybug. Soon all you could hear was screaming. You picked up Frank and Piper in one arm while picking up Jason and Percy in the other. You took them all to the bathroom and set them down on the side of the tub. Frank had turned back into a little boy at this point and you looked at him. "Frank what do you tell piper." You said cleaning the small cut across the bridge of her nose.

"Sorry." He mumbled as he crossed his arms. You proceed by making them hug and sent them both on their way then you looked over in the two boys direction. You gave them both a hug then kissed their foreheads and sent them on their way also. You followed them out. Now it was time to deal with the other four. You looked at Leo and hazel while you picked up Annabeth soothing her with soft pats on her back.

You knew very well of hazels curse so you knew Leo couldn't have any of her rubies. "Now Leo those are hazels rubies if you want them ask but if she says no you are just going to have to be good for me ok." He nodded and looked at Hazel with teary eyes.

"Can I have some of your rubies?" He asked making his lip pouty. She shook her head no but gave him a hug. Annabeth was back to sleep now but you had no idea what to do with Nico. He looked up at you and showed you the crushed ladybug in the palm of his hand. Luckily there so happened to be another one in the room you have that one to him and he smiled at you walking back off to his little let out a large sigh as you set Annabeth back down on the bed.

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