Reigisa:The Ship That Sails Itself

This story follows Rei and Nagisa's relationship, their feelings,and all their awkward situations!

A Reigisa Drabble~Extremely fluffy,may get a lil smutty(insert suggestive wink here).Hopefully it will get a good amount of chapters


6. Mannerisms Are Questioned

For the next few days after the pool incident,Rei noticed Nagisa acting very Genki-ish and Deredere-ish...Very much so...To the level where Rei found it suspicious.Nagisa bobbed about,chirpy and perky,and while he kept latching onto Rei and giggling at him,he didn't attempt another cheek kiss(to Rei's slight dismay).Of course,this wasn't particularly suspicious to Rei at first,but then he noticed Nagisa's face constantly flushing,and when no one was watching(apart from Rei,secretly),Nagisa's expressions were those of someone seriously pondering something.'He sure has been acting weird lately,'thought Rei in the middle of a English class,thinking of his friend.'A week ago,he was typical Nagisa, and then he changed to calm and cute Nagisa,and then a mix between the two,and now he's over the top Nagisa with a twist...?'thought Rei.He could have thought of Nagisa all day, but he snapped to attention when he heard the teacher's voice say"Ryuzaki-kun?"

"Y-yes,Izumi-sensei?"Rei asked,looking up,a bit confused at the concerned tone of her voice.

"You look extremely red,Ryuzaki-kun,and you look like you're having trouble focusing.Would you like to go to the nurse's office?"she asked kindly.

"U-um,yes,thank you..."Rei stuttered,standing up and feeling embarrassed.He heard the boy behind him stand up,too.

"Can I take him,Izumi-sensei?It would be dangerous if he 

passed out on his way alone."Nagisa chirped cheerfully.

"Ah!Yes,that would be good,Hazuki-kun!"the teacher piped.

Both boys left the classroom silently,and remained that way for a few moments.Rei glanced sideways at Nagisa,who had that pondering look on his face again.Before he knew what he was doing,Rei stopped and grabbed Nagisa's elbow,bringing them both to a stop.Nagisa faced him and,while blushing a dark shade,put on a happy smile again and sung"What's wrong,Rei-chan?"

Rei took a breath and blushed,too.He locked eyes with Nagisa.

"Nagisa-kun,are you okay?You have been acting a little off recently...You look like you're thinking hard about something..."

Nagisa's face went from happy to wide eyed.

"I-um...Have been thinking about stuff,lately..."Nagisa mumbled,looking at Rei,his eyes turned sparkly.

"Is it something you can tell me about Nagisa-kun?"Rei pressed.Nagisa looked away and gave a short nod.

"Okay...Because you can tell me anything,okay?I won't hold it against you or anything of the sort,but...I care about you, Nagisa-kun,and I want you to be able to tell me things."Rei blushed at Nagisa looking backing at him,and opened and shut his eyes for a moment.


"Rei-chan,I want to tell you,but not right now...Wait a little..." Nagisa said softly."Promise me you won't stop being friends with me when I tell you...please?"


Rei clasped Nagisa's hand between them."Of course."

So,after both boys had looked at eachother for a while,they both silently continued to the nurse's office.Nagisa left with a sweet goodbye,and said he would text Rei later.Rei was sent home by the nurse,who said he hadsome mild 'cold symptoms (fast heart beat,higher than average temperature,red faced,etc etc)' and once school had ended,he received a text from Nagisa.



'Hey Rei-chan~











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