Reigisa:The Ship That Sails Itself

This story follows Rei and Nagisa's relationship, their feelings,and all their awkward situations!

A Reigisa Drabble~Extremely fluffy,may get a lil smutty(insert suggestive wink here).Hopefully it will get a good amount of chapters


8. Confession

Nagisa's face was uneasy,and his eyes sparkled as they looked up at Rei."Umm...Don't hate me,okay?"Nagisa asked weakly.

Rei's heart pounded."Of course not."

Nagisa looked away momentarily,and then turned back suddenly."Rei-chan...I like you..."he said shakily.

Both of the boy's faces turned bright red, and Rei gulped at the bold statement,but couldn't bare to get his hopes up.

"'Like?'"he questioned.Nagisa looked at his feet.

"Like as in...I want to be more than friends."Nagisa said.Rei adjusted his glasses nervously, and dug the tip of his shoe into the ground, watching a small mound of dirt grow around it. His heart leapt as he tried to give the best response that would confirm his feelings were the same.

"Nagisa-kun,I-"Rei started,but was cut off by Nagisa, whose face was sad.

"I understand if you don't want to hang out anymore or something-"

Something inside of him went off,and his feelings took over his body as he reached out for the other boy in order to get rid of the sadness that didn't suit him at all.Rei grabbed Nagisa's shoulders and brought the blond intohis chest."No,Nagisa-kun...I really,really like you...a lot..."Rei murmured embarrassed.




The shorter boy felt his heart and body warm.Nagisa looked up at him."Like?"

Rei blushed,but met the blond's gaze."As in...I want to be more than friends..."he said softly.

Nagisa blushed harder than thought humanly possible as he made a tiny,shy smile.


Rei nodded.Nagisa pressed his face into the crook of Rei's neck and threw his arms around Rei's shoulders.He giggled happily, and then looked at Rei.Rei gave him a loving smile that, despite being simple, melted Nagisa's heart. They stared at eachother for a little, before Nagisa gently grabbed Rei's glasses, and tucked them in his back pocket. Rei blinked confusedly at this.

"Nagisa-kun,wh-"Rei's words were cut off by Nagisa's lips pressing against his.Nagisa pressed with his tongue with innocent desire,and Rei opened his mouth slightly.Rei hadn't the slightest idea of what to do, but he desired the warm feeling of Nagisa's lips more that he could have imagined. They're tounges shyly brushed as their heads tilted, Rei resting his hands on Nagisa's waist. He blushed as Nagisa gently stroked his tongue, their kiss deepening.Nagisa pulled away a centimetre, his lips leaving Rei's.





"Hah!"he gave a sharp yet breathy exhale as he pulled away for air, his breathing warming Rei's still open mouth.They let go of eachother, taking deep breaths and, after looking around the suprisingly empty park, looked back at eachother.

"Rei-chan..."Nagisa murmured breathlessly,smiling softly.

"Nagisa-kun..."Rei responded,touching his own lips softly with his fingertips.Nagisa noticed, and touched his own.

"Rei-chan,would you...Like to go on a date?Right now?"he asked cutely, his shining eyes meeting the other boy's as he handed over a pair of glasses.Rei smiled happily, and took back his glasses.After he put them on and adjusted him correctly, he nodded.

"I would love to..."


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