Reigisa:The Ship That Sails Itself

This story follows Rei and Nagisa's relationship, their feelings,and all their awkward situations!

A Reigisa Drabble~Extremely fluffy,may get a lil smutty(insert suggestive wink here).Hopefully it will get a good amount of chapters


7. 'Can We Talk?'

'Hey Rei-chan~

I was wondering if we could meet up at that park near school tomorrow at like 12pm.'

This simple email made Rei smile.The serious conversation had been temporarily dismissed, and Rei was happy at the idea of seeing his best friend(for whom he had some,shall we say, unsaid feelings).He emailed back quickly:

'Okay!See you at 12.'

He changed and went to bed, falling into a quiet sleep right away.Meanwhile,Nagisa was at home,sitting on his bed blushing.He wrapped his arms around his stomach and kicked his legs about,and could barely sleep.


Rei stood beside a tree,an easily seen spot from all areas of the park,waiting for Nagisa in a worry less manner.After a mere five minutes, Nagisa shuffled into the park and up to Rei,a nervous expression plastered on his face.He's so cute,thought Rei,feeling flustered at the sight of Nagisa in cute clothing,but quickly attempted to brush away his embarrassing thoughts. "Hey,Nagisa-kun!How are you?"Rei asked happily.He noted Nagisa's blushing face as it looked up at him.                                            "I'm fine,Rei-chan...But,talk to you about's kinda serious..."Nagisa mumbled.Rei immediately felt worried and started to think the worse(he has a disease?!he's moving and I'll never see him again?!)but remained calm and looked at Nagisa calmly.                                      "Sure,what is it?"

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