I Always Fall For You...


6. the beginning and end

"Tyera you cant make me do this" "Yes I can me or Ashton," "I don't know" At this point Ashton walks up and puts  his arm around my waist. He kisses me on the check and says "What's going on babe?" "Nothing we better be getting to class." We walk off to third period English. He keeps looking at me like I am a lost puppy so I say "Why are you looking at me like that?" "Tyera seemed mad at you and yall are best friends and I don't want it to be because of me." "Ok." He stops looking at me like that and we go on. After we won the game that day he ran up to me and picked me up by my waist and pulled me to were there was no space between us and kissed me. I walk off with the rest of the team and because it was a home game me and Ashton went back to my house. I had my hair curly and two pieces around my face pulled back with a cheer bow. I was still in my uniform and he was in his. He said "Wow you look even better in that uniform when you close to me." He was smiling but the look in his eyes was like I wish...  We go into my room and he has been leaving around 12 but tonight when he got off the bed and was at the door he turned around and said "Stevie can I stay tonight?" I say yes but his mom called and we went back to his house in our uniforms. She said we were the cutest couple in the school. We smiled and looked at each other and he put his arm around my waist and I asked if him if I could stay and he said of course. He set an alarm for 5:30 and when it went off he put it on snooze and layed back down. He had his shirt off and my head was on his chest. His arm around me and he was rubbing his hand up and down my arm. I was in his t-shirt and was rubbing my hand on his chest. We got up and I took a shower while he made us breakfast. His parents had already left. We left for school and I feel asleep on his shoulder. He kissed me on the check and I woke up. We walk to first period math.

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