I Always Fall For You...



12. memorys

When we got to the bank he kissed me on the cheek, and his hand left mine. He was walking into the bank. I was sitting in the car still wondering why he drug me out here. He came back in and I asked "Can you please tell me why we are at the bank?" "Well tonight since it is our last night here we are going on a real date." I laugh and say ok. On our way back I we discus that we are going to broadway at the beach. Then we are going to walk it. We get back to the house and we are watching TV again. I keep looking over at him and he is starring at me.  I look again and smile saying "What?" "Stevie your the one for me I have known it since I first looked at you in Chemistry and I cant believe I am here with you now but I love you and I cant believe that I spent 15 years without you." I look at him and he could tell by my eyes everything I needed to say. "I love you." He put his hand on my cheek and I leaned my face into his hand still gazing into his eyes. My hand is on his hand that is still on my cheek. He leans in and kisses me.

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