I Always Fall For You...


13. date night

I hop out of the shower and Ashton is still in. We are talking while I put on my makeup. I walk into the bedroom the towel that was once around me falls to the floor. I put on my strapless red dress. Ashton walks in and comes up behind me and zips it up. I turn around and place my hands on his chest. I stand on my tiptoes and kiss him. I slip on my sleek nude heels. Ashton is wearing a nice pair of jeans and a button up shirt. I curl my hair and we walk out. When we pull up Ashton walks around and opens my sides door. We walk into broadway on the beach. We walk straight into Campi. As we sit and watch the chefs cook in front of us Ashton's hand finds mine under the table. We are talking and laughing like we normally do and he stands up then gets on one knee. "Stevie I know we are only 15 but I love you so will you marry me someday?" He opens the ring box and instead of a ring it is a pin that says someday. I stand up when he is on two feet and hug him and whisper in his ear yes. We walk out after Ash pays. While we ae walking he grabs my hand and we turn into the exit way. As we leave I lean in like Ash did for a kiss but I let go and start running for the car. He chases after me and catches up. He picks me up and leans in for a kiss but he puts me down and kisses me on the cheek. I playful punch him in the arm and we get in the car. When we get back I did not want to walk up the stairs so Ash slung me over his shoulder like he did at the beach. I laugh and he is doing his adorable laugh. He lies me back down on the bed and kisses me again. He rolls on top of me like he did 3 nights ago. I lean up and whisper in his ear "Are we really going to do this?" We stand up and he puts his hands on my shoulders. I start to unbutton his shirt and the red dress falls to the floor. I guess we really are.

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