Levi X Reader

Hasn't everyone wondered about Levi at one point or other? Well, it's time for fangirlz to have their chance :D WARNING: General cussing warning, It's Levi, what'd you expect?



Your (E/C) eyes scanned the HQ nervously, your (H/L), (H/C) hair getting tucked behind your ear. For whatever reason, you were nervous. Then your scream was muffled when a hand clamped over your mouth and you were dragged to the mess hall, biting and scratching & kicking. They let you go once you were there. You whipped around, glaring, and saw none other then- "Horse-shit!" You hissed in fury. "Why was I dragged here?" Horse-face smirked. "We're playing Truth or Dare, and you're joining us!" You looked furious. "That's why I was nervous! I knew you idiots were going to do shit like this!" "Sit!" Yelled Eren. You glared at him, gritting your teeth, but sat down. "Yay! So...... My turn!!!!!" Yelled Sasha. "(Y/N)! Truth or Dare?" You sighed. "Truth," You sighed. "Who do you like in this room?" You shrugged. "No one." All the guys looked sad. The girls looked relieved. "Um, Yeager, Truth or Dare?" "DARE!!!!" he yelled. You smirked. "I dare you to slap Mikasha on the behind as hard as you can!" Eren was like, "Oh God..." He went over to Mikasha, then slapped her on the behind. Both he and Mikasha blushed. "Ooh, looks like someone's got the hots for Mikasha!" You yelled. They blushed deeper. "Your turn, Yeager!" You sang. "Um, Horse-shit, Truth or Dare?" Jean glared at Eren. "Dare, Titan-shit." Eren death-glared at Jean. "I dare you to steal the Corporal's cravat while wearing this." Eren pulled out a maid's outfit from a closet. Jean looked frightened out of his mind, but You shoved the outfit on him, shoving him out the door. "Good luck!" ~Time skip to a little bit later~ "HORSE-SHIT!!!!!!" You heard, yelled. Jean ran in with a furious Levi after him. Jean threw the cravat to you, and Levi veered off course. You stood quickly. Levi glared down at you. Yes, down, making you officially the shortest  person alive. He snatched the cravat up, still glaring. You shifted uncomfortably. "Tch, brat, care to explain what's going on here?" He spat, looking furious. Uh-oh.... You backed up slowly, then began running as if your life depended on it. Which, it sort of did. "GET BACK HERE, BRAT!" He yelled. You ran as you'd never run before. "Cadet (L/N), MY OFFICE! NOW." Oh, shit. You stopped running, swallowed, and trailed after Levi, heart thumping.

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