The Unseen Love

When Ashlynn's best friend, Evan Falls, died, she was devastated. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and wouldn't talked to anyone but cry. But that was 3 years ago. Ashlynn now moved on and was going to celebrate her 18th birthday. But when it was her birthday, she didn't expected to meet someone she thought was long gone. Evan. But he wasn't alive... he's a ghost. As the expected love untangle, Ashlynn may fallen hard for her DEAD best friend...


1. The last 5 years

St. Rose. That was what the sigh I saw said when my car drove past it. I guess we're here then, my new house. "Where is our house?" I asked my mom and dad. I looked at the old houses, which looked old, with the same brown wood and red roof. My mom laughed lightly. "If you're thinking we're staying at these houses, you're wrong. St. Rose is where we're staying but father down, there will be more newer and bigger houses that it just built. THAT is where we're staying. You should see it dear, it's beautiful and it also have a swimming pool!" My mom said. I sighed relief, the houses that I looked outside was kinda creepy to me.

When we past the old houses, I get what my mom meant when she said it was beautiful. The houses now are much more newer than the old ones, with expensive wood and paint. There was white fences and gate lining up in front of the house, which was filled with beautiful flowers. There are about hundreds of houses but each have different but amazing style. Suddenly, our car stopped right in front of a beautiful, large house, which was 3 times bigger than my old house. I gasped in shock. "This is it, our new home," My dad said happily then hugged my mom. My mom beamed in joy then said, "Let's get out,"

As I stepped out, a cold, but cozy wind flew past me and it was soon replaced by the sunlight that shined at our new house, making the house looked like a dream house. Without hesitation, I ran inside and gasped in shock. It was so beautiful! It was a living room with white wood wall and wooden floor. White, comfy couch with a flat screen T.V. Under the T.V., it was a beautiful fireplace. "You should see your room. It's upstair and to the end of your right side. It's still empty-" Before my mom could said anything finished, I ran as quick as I can, up the stairs, turned right and ran to the end, and opened the door.

The room or my room was perfect! It was empty but the wall, floor and roof looked amazing already. There was a door leading to a... walk in closet! Oh my god! I felt like I was going to fainted. I tried to opened all of the closet and one of them leaded to a bathroom. And the other one leaded to a attic! I was so happy that I was going to fainted. I carefully went up the ladder that leaded to the attic. When I reached the attic, the first thing I saw is the big window, and outside the window is a very amazing view. I sighed in happiness.

We have to move from New York to St. Rose, a small town in Boston, because my mom and dad got a new job. I was happy that I get to moved too because, well, things aren't very good at my old school. I was bullied. Why? I don't know. People hated me for no reasons. Only for this rumours, which was NOT true! It was the first day in grade 5, and I was the new kid. The new kid meant that they don't know much about the school and the students in their class. So, I tried to asked someone where is toilet, and, well, I asked the wrong person. Courtney Connor. The meanest, popular girl in grade 5. When I asked her where is the toilet, she looked at me in confusion then laughed. "Toilet? What are you, 5? Why can't you find it by yourself?" She said meanly. "Do you have, like a stomach ache or something?" I blushed in embarrassment but little did I know, that was a MISTAKE. Because Courtney gasped in shock and shouted so loud that everyone can heard in the hallway, "This girl have a stomach ache and asked me where is the toilet! Let's not tell her where is the toilet so she can poop in the ground!" Then everyone started to laughed, I blushed even harder. But then the blush was replaced with tears. "Aw, the new girl is crying. I'm sorry, crybaby!" Courtney shouted then the whole crowds laughed hysterically.

So yeah, my first day isn't the BEST thing you can imagine. But that was in the past now, and I will not go back to that awful school anymore!

Anyway, back to the present...

As I looked outside the window, I saw a man and a women came to greeted my parents outside the house. When they shook their hands finished, the woman called someone at their house and a boy slowly came up to them. I couldn't see what the boy looked like and all I can see was that he have beautiful, golden hair and he was tall. 

I was about to investigated more about my new house but I heard my dad shouted my name. So with a sighed and a long hesitation, I went downstairs and walked to the front of my house to greet the man, the woman and their son.

But little did I know, they were going to be very important in my life. Especially the boy with the hair of a god...

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