The Unseen Love

When Ashlynn's best friend, Evan Falls, died, she was devastated. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and wouldn't talked to anyone but cry. But that was 3 years ago. Ashlynn now moved on and was going to celebrate her 18th birthday. But when it was her birthday, she didn't expected to meet someone she thought was long gone. Evan. But he wasn't alive... he's a ghost. As the expected love untangle, Ashlynn may fallen hard for her DEAD best friend...


3. The last 5 years Part 3


June 25th 2013 6:30pm


I jumped in surprised and fell when I opened my front door and hundreds of faces popped out of nowhere. "Happy Birthday!" The faces shouted happily then my mom helped me to stood up. "Sorry if that's too... surprise," My mom whispered then smiled, showing her gorgeous teeth, "Where have you been? We were worried, but luckily you came back for your surprise party..." I swallowed a huge gulp of saliva and hesitated. I don't want to tell my mom what happened with Evan- that part still hurt like hell- and that I have been roaming around the town like a ghost and been crying. 

"I-I... went shopping!" I shouted and tried to think of something to said before my mom said anything else, "Mom, I thought we won't celebrate any more parties at our house?"

My mom rolled her eyes, "You know I don't keep my promises," I giggled. "Well I better go and stop that kid from throwing himself off the window..." And my mom vanished, leaving me sighed in relief. That was close! I don't felt like partying at all. I strictly told my parents already, especially my mom, that I won't celebrate anything this year. But well, as my mom said, she can't keep her promises.

As I was heading to the food place- or known as the kitchen but it was surrounding by party foods- Ruby and Claire appeared out of nowhere. "ASHLYNN!" They shouted and hugged me so tight, I thought I was going to suffocate, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!" As I thanked her, I noticed something different about Ruby. "Did you dyed your hair redder?" I asked curiously.

Ruby smiled then nodded, "Well, I can finally be noticed..." I rolled my eyes dramatically. Ruby have a crush on Robert Smith, who was in their school and was the president of the student council, but he never seemed to noticed Ruby. Which was a surprised to me because Ruby was the most craziest, noticeable person I knew.

"This party's rock," Claire said then tried to jumped but her glasses fell. "Oops..." As she picked her glasses up and put it back on, she looked at me with concern. "You okay? Your face looks sad and worried, like something is bothering you and you want to talk about it," She said. Dang it! Claire is very good at identify other people's emotion, it was like she have a special power or something. I mean, I can trusted Claire and Ruby, right? Their my best friend! I took a huge breath before I started explaining, "Okay, here's go. But you need to SWEAR that you won't tell anyone, got it?" My two best friends nodded. As I started explaining about Evan and the kiss, Ruby screamed so loudly. As I hushed her, I explained about what happened after the kiss, that he pulled away... I suddenly felt like I was going to cried again. "Oh man, that's suck," Claire said softly then hugged me.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? CAN'T HE SEE THAT YOUR THE ONE FOR HIM!" Ruby shouted as loud as a lion but luckily, no one heard her saying it. "You're beautiful, smart, amazing, funny and the perfect one!"

"I..." I whispered softly, but does he have feelings for me? "I just want to know where is he. Do you?"

"Er, well, I saw him a few minutes ago. He seemed kind of... drifted?" Claire said then drank a bottle of water.

"I know where he is. I saw him went outside of the balcony..." That was all I needed to hear from Ruby. I ran as fast as the light to the balcony, which was upstairs and end of corridor.



Ruby was right though. He was sitting at the balcony and was staring straight into space. Luckily he was at his back so he doesn't see me enjoying the view in front of me- which was him. Slowly and steadily, I walked right up to him and decided to not said anything but just sat next to him. And he didn't said anything, just staring ahead of him.

What seemed like forever, he finally spoke, "The kiss don't meant anything. So if you think it is, it's not." I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart and stabbed it again.

"I..." I don't know what to said. I was speechless, shock, but most importantly... hurt. But he didn't stopped talking, "We're just friend, nothing more. I like you. You're an amazing person and friend... but, nothing more," Okay that was it, just friend? Best friend would be better. 

"Yeah, just friend. So, everything okay now?" I asked bitterly then take out my hand for him to shake it. He smiled a bit then shook it. I expected him to hugged me, but he didn't. Instead, he said, "You should go and enjoy your party," Then he walked away, just like the time we kissed, which seemed like a long time ago.

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