Teenage Romance

Taylor and Matt have known each other since they were nine. But what happens when they start to have feelings for each other. Will they take the chance and date, or continue being good friends?


7. Chapter 7.

After a short nap, Matt was at my door helping me out of his car. He walked me up to my room and sat me down on my bed. I flopped down sideways and drifted back to sleep, but Matt woke up up.

“You need to get a pair of pajamas on.” He said looking me in the eye, while kneeling next to the bed.

I tried to tell him where they were, but my speech was so slurred that he gave up and started looking himself. He found a pair and gave them for me to put on.

“Do you want me to stay here tonight?” He asked softly.

I nodded. And started taking my jacket off.

“Alright I am going to run over to my house to grab some clothes and tell my mom. Okay?”

I nodded once more. He left the room, and closed the door behind him. I fumbled trying to get my shorts on, and I didn’t dare stand up by myself so I laid on my back and got them on like a five year old. Apparently that process took five minutes because he was back in my room right after I was done.

He stood in the doorway, “I’ll be on the couch. Yell if you need anything.” He told me softly.

“Okay. Thank you.” I smiled.

Without another word he left my room with the door open. I closed my eyes and fell right asleep.

I woke up early in the morning from a splitting headache, and the sun was not helping. I turned over so my face was pressed against a pillow. Slowly I started sitting up, not knowing what the consequences of last night would bring. Once I was sat all the way up my head started spinning, but settled down after a couple seconds. Then something else stuck me, I had to puke. I stood up quickly, ignoring the spinning of the room and ran to the bathroom. If I would have waited any longer to go to the bathroom there would have been vomit on the floor because as soon as I had got to the toilet I threw up my insides. Something dawned on me, Matt was still here.

I had to ignore my headache because there was no way he would be able to hear me from the living room. “Matt.” I yelled. “Matt” I tried once more.

He came stumbling into the bathroom and saw me sitting on the floor by the toilet. “You are hungover my dear friend.” He croaked smiling.

This was no smiling matter, and once again I puked into the toilet. “Can you tie my hair back.” I pleaded.

He grabbed a hair binder and did an okay job with my hair. He sat with me in the bathroom for a half an hour until my stomach had settled.

“I’m think i’m good now.” I whispered.

“Okay. Do you want to go to the kitchen? I can make some coffee.” He spoke softly.

I nodded and rinsed my mouth out with water to get the taste out. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen, where Matt was making coffee in his sleeveless basketball shirt and basketball shorts. I waddled to the cupboard to get a glass and some ibuprofen for my headache.

I sat at the table and looked at Matt, “Did I do anything stupid last night?”

He made a face, “Well…” He trailed off.

I groaned, “What did I do?” Preparing for the worst.

“You and some guy were making out on the hood of his car. And I think it was going to go further.” He admitted frowning.

“Did I really? Was it with Cole?” I questioned, already feeling the effects of the medication kicking in.

“Sandy hair, 6ft?”

“Yep, thats Cole.” I shook my head. “Well did you have any memorable moments last night?”

He smirked, “You know Rylee Johnson?”

“Yes. What did you two do?” I egged on.

“We kissed and danced together.” He admitted.

“Do you like her. Like want to date her or just a fling?” The coffee maker dinged and the green light turned on. I grabbed a mug for Matt and I, and poured the coffee into it along with my girl scout cookie thin mint creamer.

“I don’t know. I like her but not enough to date her.” He said pouring coffee and creamer into his cup. “What about you and Cole. Do you think there is something there?”

I thought for a moment, “We talked for almost two hours last night. He seems nice from what I can remember.” I smiled.

We talked until our coffee was done, but then had to leave to go to a graduation party. I took a shower then brushed my teeth two times trying to get the taste out of my mouth. I walked back to my room and got dressed then called Katrina.

I sat on my bed while it was ringing, she picked up, “Hey gurl.”

“Hey what are you doing today?” I asked

“Nothing why?” She questioned.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over and get the house ready for my birthday party on Friday, it’s only two days away.” I replied.

“Yeah. I will be there around ten’ish. Sound good?” She replied.

“Yeah. See you then.” I hung up the phone and scrolled through facebook to see pictures from last night. I saw a couple of me and Cole talking. Then decided to look at Cole’s page. I widened my eyes. His family was rich, like millionaire rich. I sent him a friend request. No wonder why he had a fancy car like that. Katrina must have come in quietly because I was still scrolling through his timeline when she came into my room.

She looked at his picture, “Damn he’s cute. Isn’t that the guy you were talking to last night?”

“Yeah, and kissed.” I smiled.

Her jaw dropped to the floor, “You kissed him?”

“Yeah” I said not telling her that I didn’t remember it at all.

I dropped the subject right away because I didn't want her to know that I was drunk last night. So we started decorating and she called everyone, including Cole and Matt. After spending three or so hours decorating and looking at pinterest for ideas we took a lunch break, I made us mac and cheese. I didn’t have much of an appetite, but grabbed a small bowl. We spent the remainder of the day getting texts from people saying that they could come and going to the store to buy supplies for what I would need for the games. Katrina went back to her house at about six and I watched tv for the rest of the night and went to bed very early.

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