Teenage Romance

Taylor and Matt have known each other since they were nine. But what happens when they start to have feelings for each other. Will they take the chance and date, or continue being good friends?


6. Chapter 6.

The next couple days were filled with brain frying test and exams. But like we did last year, Katrina and I went to the annual end of school bash that one of the nice popular girls threw. After spending a good hour doing my hair and makeup, I slipped on a white tank top, green jacket, dark shorts, and my brown strappy sandals and I went over to Matt’s house. I knocked on the door. Pulling a strand of my chocolate colored hair behind my ear.

Matt answered the door, he was wearing khaki shorts and a navy blue shirt. He smiled, “Hey, I have to go grab my wallet and keys then we can go.”

“Alright sounds good”, I said stepping into his entry way.

Just then Diane walked through the living room and caught a glance of me, “Hi dear, are you going to that party too?”

“Yes I am, Matt and I are driving together because I have no clue where I am going.” I explained with a smile.

She chuckled, “I would have done the same thing. Oh you know what let me get a picture of you two together, I will send it to your mom.” She then scurried off to find her phone.

Matt bounced down the stairs, “Ready?”

“I think-” I was cut off by Diane finding us in the entry way.

She saw that his hand was on the door handle, “oh no, not without a picture of you two.” She asserted. “Put your arms around each other.” She held up her phone. I put on my best smile, “3..2..1” Then there was a flash and we were done.

Matt grabbed my hand, dragging me out of the house, “That’s it. Love you mom” He shut the door behind him and let go of my hand. We got in his car and started driving to the party. My phone dinged telling me that I had a message.

“I just got a message from your mom.” I told Matt.

He looked over at me for a moment, “What did she say?”

I chuckled, “Our two babies off to their junior summer party. I’m so glad they're going together.” I trailed off. “I think we gave her the wrong impression”

He laughed, “I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

There wasn’t much said for the remainder of the ride, but we had to park a quarter mile away from Lacy’s house. “Lets meet back at your car at midnight, okay?”

“Sounds good, see you then.” He walked off to his group of friends, that had a mob of girls that tried to hard surrounding them.

After awhile I found my people and we mingled, danced, and ate a lot of food. Then I had spotted Aaron, who had seemed to be dressed descent.

I hid behind Katrina. “Don’t move Aaron is here.”

He walked over to my other friend Sierra and asked if she knew where I was, she said no, and didn’t even know that I was here. And he walked off to his friends in the corner.

“This is why I love you guys.” I said standing up, and taking a deep breath.

I didn't have anymore run ins with him for the rest of the night, I checked my phone and it was already 10:30. Then the first slow song came on. Everybody found a partner, but I just stood there like an idiot waiting for somebody to ask me to dance.

“Hi” said a deep voice next to me. I looked over and saw a sandy haired guy standing there next to me.

“Hi” I volleyed back.

“I’m Cole. I just transferred here a couple months ago.” He stretched out his hand for me to shake it. I could see that he was well built, and was probably an athlete.

I shook his warm hand, “I knew you looked familiar, you were in my Chemistry class.”

We talked for the duration of the song, and after it ended we could barely hear each other so we moved outside.

“Do you want some punch?” He asked, with his green sparkling eyes.

“That would be great,” and he stridded back inside. I smiled like an idiot, and a minute later he came back out with a couple glasses of punch. I took a swig and something tasted off, but I brushed it off thinking it was just me. We ended up exchanging numbers. After talking awhile I figured out what was the matter with me.

“Hey where did you get this? I think it was spiked.” I slurred.

He smiled, “From the bowl, and is it really I don’t feel anything.”

I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket, but dropped from lack of coordination. Cole had to help me back up right.

“You okay?” He asked.

I checked my phone, it was 11:45. “Yeah I have to get back to my car.” I started walking but had to grab the railing on the deck to keep from falling down.

He snaked his arm around my waist, Alright let’s go.”

We walked until we made it to what I am hoping is his car, because it was a sleek mustang.

He let us sit on the hood of his car to take a rest, “I had a really great time tonight.”

I smiled, “Mhmmh”

He leaned in and gave me a kiss, this wasn’t like Matt’s, it was slow building, he grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in so our chests were touching. His lips were so soft and fast moving. He moved so one of his hands was on the bottom of my thigh and the other was on the small of my back. Not having full ability to make good decisions, I moved so I was now straddling him, and started pushing his shirt off. He wrapped his arms around my torso and flipped us over so he was now hovering over me. He moved to kiss me on my neck, and packed me with kisses along my collar bone.

Just then I heard yelling, “What the hell, Taylor”

Cole got up off of me and pulled his shirt down, “What’s your problem?”

“You shouldn’t be doing this.” He looked at me and squinted, “Are you drunk?”

“I think so.” I said sitting up.

“Come on. I’m taking you home.”

He was ruining all my fun. I frowned, standing up I almost fell over. But Matt caught me. He picked me up like a baby and carried me to his car. When we got there I got buckled up and Matt got in his seat but he didn’t start up the car, he just looked at me.

“What were you thinking. Getting drunk?” He exclaimed throwing his hands up in the air.

“It’s s’not my fault. I think the punch I drank was spiked.” I started closing my eyes.

He sat silent for a minute then said, “I drank the punch and it tasted perfectly fine.”

“Can I sleep now? I’m tired.”I whined.

He started up the car and drove off. “Yeah, you can sleep.” He whispered.

I smiled, then fell right asleep without another word.

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