Teenage Romance

Taylor and Matt have known each other since they were nine. But what happens when they start to have feelings for each other. Will they take the chance and date, or continue being good friends?


3. Chapter 3.

My mom must have came out to the living room late that night because I had a blanket on me and the tv was turned off. I stumbled into the kitchen only to find my mom making some coffee.

“Oh i’m sorry did I wake you?” She said once she realized I was in there with her.

“No, the sun did. What time is it?” I croaked

“A little after seven. I have to leave in 15 minutes if I am going to catch my flight.” She quickly said, and started running around the house grabbing anything that she would need for the next week. The coffee was done being brewed, so I poured the contents into her travel mug, and in a regular mug for myself. After she was ready to go and everything was packed in the taxi, I went out to say goodbye.

“There is one hundred dollars in the hutch that you can use if needed. Um.” She paused, trying to think of other things that I may need, “Well I guess that’s it. I love you, please be safe.” She said giving me a hug.

“I will. Love you too.” With that she got in the cab and went to the airport. I went back inside and decided to take a shower, and get ready for the day. While in the shower I remembered that Matt was coming over to hang out, so I quickly finished, dryed off, and went to my room. I checked the weather and all day there is supposed to be thunderstorms. So I opted for my lifeguard t shirt and a pair of black comfy shorts. I headed downstairs to pick out a movie to watch, when I finally decided, the doorbell rang. I got up and looked through the peephole, but all I could see is a chest. I opened the door, and saw Matt standing in his old t shirt and basketball shorts.

‘Hey, I brought popcorn!” He said laughing as he entered.

“Great! I was just about to put in a movie. Let’s go to the kitchen to make it.” I said walking behind him to my kitchen. Matt has been here so many times, he knows where everything is. He put it in the microwave and watched it cook.

He turned around and looked at me, “What did you want to tell me yesterday?”

“I’m breaking up with Aaron. I could say it’s because we have nothing in common, or I don’t have enough time, but i’m going to be honest, I just don’t like him anymore.” I explained.

“Well good for you.” He said smiling. He has such a great smile. “What movie are we watching?”


“Good choice.” He agreed. The microwave dinged and he grabbed the popcorn to put in a bowl. We headed into the living room, where we both sat on the couch. The movie started playing, but after about 45 minutes, the power went out. I looked over at him then back at the tv.  

“Well this sucks.” He moaned.

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to grab some candles.” After finding about four I placed them in the living room and lit them. I sat down on the couch next to him. “Well now what do you want to do. What is something that doesn’t involve electricity?” I looked over at him. Only to see he was already looking at me with his torso faced to me.

He moved a piece of hair from my face to behind my ear. Letting his hand linger on my face, he whispered, “You have gorgeous eyes.” He tilted his head, leaned in, and pressed his lips against mine. Placing his other hand on the small of my back, he continued kissing me. Our lips moved in sync, and he licked my bottom lip asking for an entrance, I agreed, parting my lips. I moved my hands up to his head and combed my fingers through his tangled hair. I couldn’t get enough of his soft lips. He layed me down on the couch so he was hovered over me. We both heard a knock, so we fixed ourselves up so we didn’t look like we just got done making out. I answered the door, it was Katrina.

“Hey I need to talk to you.” She said just barging in. She saw Matt sitting on the couch holding a deck of cards. She looked at me. “It’s an emergency.”

“I better go. I’ll see you soon.” he smiled, put on his shoes and walked out the door.

“I think John and I are taking things to the next level. If you know what I mean.” She said biting her lip.

“Oh, um, okay. How long have you two been going out again? I forgot.” I asked trying to figure this whole thing out.

She closed her eyes and started counting. “Six months on Thursday. And I think I am ready too.”

“Okay then I guess congratulations. When are you guys, doing it then?” I said still completely shocked.

“I think tonight, his parents are away for the weekend. Can I use you for an excuse. Say that I stayed at your house?” She questioned, looking nervous.

“Yeah. Go to the store and get stuff that you will need for tonight, then come back here. I will be waiting.” I told her. She grabbed her purse and got in her car to drive to the drug store. Meanwhile I still had to figure out what happened with Matt. I know what happened, but what the kiss meant. We kissed before, but that was in sixth grade, and that was both of our first kisses. I had to break up with Aaron before the last day of school. After about 20 minutes of me sitting in the kitchen on my phone on google Katrina rushed into the house.

“I went through self checkout.” She told me as she walked into the kitchen.

“Are you sure you are ready for this. I mean this is huge!” I asked.

She put down the bag and looked at me, “Taylor, we both love each other to the ends of the earth. I wouldn’t do this with anyone else.”

“Okay then. What time are you heading over there?” I said rerouting the conversation.

“I don’t know hold on.” She scrolled through her messages on her phone. “He says to be there at five.”

“Well it’s 4:30 now, so you should probably go home and change quick.” I stated.

“Here goes nothing. Thank you so much.” She said hugging me, then heading out the door.

Thinking about my thought earlier, I grabbed the note and my car keys and headed out the door. Finally arriving at Aaron’s house I sat debating whether this was a good idea or not. After taking a couple deep breaths I turned off the car and got out. I knocked at the door. His mom showed up.

She smiled big, “Hello, dear Aaron’s not here right now he is at a friends house.”

“Okay can you give this to him when he gets home, it’s important.” I said giving her the letter.

“Well of course.” She said taking the letter.

“Thanks so much. Have a good day.” I said shakily, starting to go down the stairs on his porch.

“You to dear.” And with that she closed the door.

I got back in my car, turned up the music all the way, and drove back home.

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