Don't Fuck With Me

Alezia is your stereotypical Baddas.
Luke is your stereotypical Player.
Where's the fun if the Baddas and the Player get along? There isn't any.

Alezia spends her time Skateboarding and beating up douches. She has sworn to never have anything to do with Luke and his band apart form beating them up.
Luke spends his time chasing girls and dumping them, but when he sets his sights on Alezia, he will stop at nothing to get her.
Can Michael, Calum, and Ashton prove to Alezia that change is possible in Luke, before she leaves?


2. Saturday [2]

I woke up to someone shaking my shoulders roughly.


"Go away, Michael" I groaned, wanting some more sleep.


"No, I was looking at a tourist paper and there's a skate park down the road" He said, continuing to shake me.


"I guess we should go and check it out" I said, cracking my eyes open.


"Yeah!" he shouted in excitement.


"Go away so I can change though" I said, batting at Michael's face to get him to leave.


"Fine" He mumbled as he lumbered out.


I dragged myself off the mountain of clothing I had created for myself, and picked up a pair of black ripped jeans from the top of the pile, along with a Nirvana tee. I pulled them on, stretching from sleeping in a weird position. I walked into my bathroom and did my teeth as well as minimal makeup. I pulled on my pair of well-worn vans and jumped down the stairs.


"I'm ready" I yelled as I picked up my backpack, which had food in it, as well as my board which was strapped onto the back.


"Michael, get your ass down here" I yelled.


"Coming" He yelled back down to me.


I watched him slowly go down the stairs on his board and fall of halfway, causing me to double over with laughter.


"It's not funny" He mumbled.


We walked out the door, Michael brushing himself off. Once we had walked down the concrete stairs, which Michael had the decency to not try and skate down, we hopped on our boards and skated towards the direction of the skate park.


"Hey, remember at the old place, I was trying to perfect that pole trick?" I asked Michael as I saw a pole ahead of us.


"Yeah, why?" He asked.


"Imma try it now" I said with way to much enthusiasm.


I gained speed as I skated towards the pole. I was too close to back out, and I knew I'd never live it down if Michael saw me back out. As I was about to pass the pole I grabbed onto it with one hand, and lifted the board with the other. I pushed the board against the pole with my feet and kept it in position as I went around the pole a few times. I pushed off and did a almost perfect land, wobbling a bit and saw a park bench coming up.


"Huh, this is perfect to practice my routine" I muttered to myself.


I skated right up to the park bench and jumped onto it and let my board go under. i ran to the other side and waited for the board to go out the other side. Once it came out, I counted half a second before doing a shoulder roll on the ground and getting my feet onto the board. I stood up, being careful not to mess up the end. once I had fully stood up, I spread my arms and felt the wind go over them. I grinned as I stopped and turned to watch my brother finish his routine with a Oli.


I heard clapping, and I turned towards the sound. I saw a group of four guys clapping, two with their phones out, probably filming.


"Well done!" One of them shouted.


I nodded in their direction, turning to my brother.


"You see these guys?" I said, laughing slightly at their stupidity as the started pretending to be on a board.


"You guys look really stupid" I shouted over to them.


"Thanks" One with dyed blond hair shouted back.


"No problem" I shout.


Michael got back on his board and started in the direction of the park again, and I followed him.


We got there after a minute of skating to see it was empty, thank god. I wanted to be able to practice my routine without anyone watching.


After doing my routine a few times, the same boys from the street showed up, fighting among themselves.


"Hey, I'm Ashton" One with shaggy blond hair said to me.


"I'm Michael" The one with the dyed hair said in between getting pushed around by his friend.


"I'm Luke" Said the one who was pushing Michael around.


"I'm Calum" Said a boy from behind Luke and Michael.


"Well, I'm Alezia" I said.


"Pretty name" Michael commented.


"And this is my brother Michael" I said, pointing towards my brother who was skating.


"Mike, get your ass over here" I shouted to my brother.



Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't updated for a bit, been doing heaps of other stuff.

Luv ya all




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