Don't Fuck With Me

Alezia is your stereotypical Baddas.
Luke is your stereotypical Player.
Where's the fun if the Baddas and the Player get along? There isn't any.

Alezia spends her time Skateboarding and beating up douches. She has sworn to never have anything to do with Luke and his band apart form beating them up.
Luke spends his time chasing girls and dumping them, but when he sets his sights on Alezia, he will stop at nothing to get her.
Can Michael, Calum, and Ashton prove to Alezia that change is possible in Luke, before she leaves?


1. Friday [1]

I lounged on the concrete steps, watching people loaded boxes after boxes of our stuff into a loading van. My brother had ditched to the skate park hours ago, and now I regretted not accepting his invitation to go with him.


"Alezia! I got here as fast as I could." My best friend, Hayden yelled, as he rolled up on his board with his girlfriend, Lilly. Hayden was hot, in a way. Honestly, he and Lilly kind of looked like siblings, with their Auburn hair and green eyes.


"Wassup Hays?" I said.


"Lilly wanted to come say bye." He said, motioning to Lilly.


"Have fun at your new place, Alezia." Lilly said, smiling. She was probably pleased I was going, so she could have Hayden all to her self.


"Yeah, we should keep in touch." I said, watching as her face dropped.


Lilly and I had a history. In third grade we got into a huge fight, and lets just say I fractured her left arm. All the guys became frightened of me and always gave me a wide berth, until fifth grade, when they became a bit more confident about themselves. I fixed that by punching a guy called Dylan in the jaw.


We talked for a little more until my brother showed up and it was time to go. I gave Hayden a quick hug, waved at Lilly and followed my brother into the car.


"How long will the drive be?" I asked my Mom as I was putting on my seat belt.


"A few hours." She replied.


I pulled out my phone and put the ear plugs in my ears and put on my favorite playlist.


"Alezia, wake up!" Yelled my brother as he shook me around in the back seat of the car.


"Wha? What?" I mumbled sleepily.


"We're here."


I looked around at the surroundings and saw a large white house that the moving men were putting our stuff in.


"This is it?" I asked.


"Yup." My brother answered, popping the 'p'.


I clambered out of the car and followed my Mom inside with my board in hand. I surveyed the stairs.


"Good for boarding." I joked.


My Mom turned to me in horror.


"I'm just kidding." I said, raising my hands.


My Mom opened a door that lead into a spacious room with two extra doors.


"This is your room, Alezia." She said, motioning to the big space.


My Mom left the room and my brother, Michael, trailed after her.


I walked to the first door, to find it had a on suite on the other side. The other door had a walk in wardrobe, which I had plans for later. I stared at my boxes of clothes, contemplating whether to put them into piles nicely or just dump them on the floor and sleep on them. Laziness won over and I dumped all the clothes into a big pile on the floor. I fell down onto the pile and pulled out my phone, realizing the time was 11:03. I put on my favorite playlist and fell asleep listening to ColdPlay.




Hey guys! Sorry this was such a short and boring chapter. I was working on YouTube videos till late, so I was really tired. Please accept my apologies. :)

Luv you guys!

















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