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When Parker gets the job of being 5 Seconds of Summers Roadie she is thrilled. She loves music and singing so she is hoping this will open doors for her.

When she meets the band, one band member stands out to her.

They start talking and she realizes that She can talk to Calum like she's known him her whole life. She finds herself falling for him

But Parker's boyfriend isn't happy about this.


4. Chapter 3: Leaving

I was packing all my things from Jared's room with a bright smile on my face. I leave in a few days but I'm just so excited.

I've always loved traveling. I can't stay in one place for a long time. That's how I now every inch of New York.

Something about living in a place that is bio get than me excites me. Everyone had a place to be, everybody is living their own lives and I'm one of them. The feeling of being apart of that is something I can't put words to.

This place is my home. This place will always be my home.

After I finished packing all my stuff I put them by the door, ready to throw them in the car and leave Jared.

"You're already packed?" I hear Jared ask behind me. I already knew where he was going with this conversation.

"Yeah. I don't want to forget anything... You know how I am. " I manage to stutter out.

"It feels like... You want to leave me." He says in a half joking voice as he steps closer to me.

"You know that's not true." I smile at him to keep him happy,"I'm excited. This is the beginning of my future. "

He was standing over me now. I'm not going to lie. I was scared of him.

He sighs before wrapping his arms around my waist in a hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and look in his eyes trying to figure out what he wants from me.

"I'm gonna miss you. " he's going to miss somebody to fuck is what he really means.

But I play along,"Yeah. I'll miss you too babe." I peck his lips and try to pull away.

He starts to kiss my neck and whispers in my ear, "Prove it." I knew what he wanted.

Always so horny.

I pull him to the couch and pull his pants down.

I begin to give him a blowjob. He comes in my mouth and falls asleep on the couch. Jared is easy to please.

He never returned the favor but I'm use to that.

I'm tempted to just leave now. Stay at a hotel until Its time to go. But I already gave Daniel the address. So I'm stuck here.

•••Skip to Thursday•••

I wake up in Jared's arms and crawl out of his arms.

I find my clothes scattered on the floor where he ripped them of last night.

I wonder who he is going to fuck when I'm gone. We both know he won't last with the long distance relationship.

I have no idea what time Daniel plans on coming so I get ready.

After I take a shower I throw on my Blink 182 tshirt and black ripped skinny jeans.

"Hey" I turn to see Jared, "Today's the day. "

I was surprised at how sad he sounded.

"Yeah. But it'll be okay. We'll call and facetime and text. Everything will be okay."

He smiled, "I know babe."

We here a knock at the door and Jared runs to get it. There's the Jared I know.

"Are you ready Miss Parker?" Daniel says kindly to me.

I nod as Jared and Daniel grab my bags.

After putting the bags in the car I turn to Jared.

"I'll give you two some privacy." Daniel says with his happy smile and hops in the car.

"Okay babe. Be careful and know I love you." He says quickly and kisses me on the cheek.

" I love y-" I was happy he jogged back inside before I could finish. I didn't feel like lying. This day was to perfect.

I hop in the passengers seat and we drive away.

I couldn't help but feel relieved. No more meaningless sex. No more awkward silence.

Everything is perfect now that I'm away from my father and my boyfriend.

Thanks for reading! :)

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