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When Parker gets the job of being 5 Seconds of Summers Roadie she is thrilled. She loves music and singing so she is hoping this will open doors for her.

When she meets the band, one band member stands out to her.

They start talking and she realizes that She can talk to Calum like she's known him her whole life. She finds herself falling for him

But Parker's boyfriend isn't happy about this.


2. Chapter 2: The Call

"What do you want for dinner?" Jared and I have been watching The Office all day. It's the only way we can avoid actually talking to each other.

"I don't care. We can just have left overs." He replies in his bored voice.

We've had left over every night since I got here.

Thats one thing about Jared, he always acts like he is bored but is to much of a lazy ass to do anything.

I sigh quietly to myself as I get up to get him a plate of food.

As I'm putting some spaghetti in the microwave I hear my phone ring in the other room.

I run into Jared's bedroom to get it before I miss the call.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Hello. Is this Parker King?" The husky male voice says back.

"Yes this is she!" I try to contain my excitement when I realized who was calling.

"This is Daniel Swan from the concert. I'm calling about your job offer. We would be very happy to have you on our team." His voice was kind.

I rem

"I'm very happy to hear that. When do you want me to start?" I ask. Jared walked in, his face full of excitement.

"As soon as possible. The band will be starting the tour in a few days so will you be ready in 2 days?" He sounded desperate.


"Okay, good. So you will be helping with setting up and taking down the booth at concerts and anything that the manager needs help with to get the boys where they need to go. Have you heard of them before?"

"I haven't actually. 5 Seconds of Summer right?" I ask

"Yes well, their names are Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Michael Clifford. They are all very kind people. All around the same age so I'm sure you will get along with them. Which is important since you will be spending a lot of time with them."

"Yes Sir. What is the managers name?"

"Her name is Suzanne Martin... But she prefers Ms. Martin. She's a bit... Well you'll understand when you meet her. I just thought I would warn you."

"Oh okay. Thank you." I say, a bit unsure.

"I will see you in a couple of days than!" He says in a cheery voice.

"Okay. Thank you!" I try to get out as he hangs up.

I look over to see that Jared was standing at the door.

"You got the job?" He says with a smile on his face.

I nod as I run into his arms and he spends me around. We kiss as he lets me down.

I was to happy to stop him from putting his hands under shirt.

I wrap my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. And he pulls me over to the bed.

Thank you for reading! The next chapter will be up soon :)

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