The Land Of The Forgotten (DISCONTINUED)

Jake is a 17 year old boy who's slowly fading away, not only in his social life but his soul is also fading.
When you're forgotten, even for a minute, you disappear to a land foreign to the human realm.
This is what happened to Jake and many others.
Most don't survive but with the help of a rare and powerful creature who happens to be his guide, Jake might make it.


1. Meet Jake

Jake's POV

"BRIIINNNGGG!" My phone went off, constantly yelling at me to get out of bed and get ready for Hell.

Wait, sorry, by Hell, I mean school.

I'm a 17 year old who has no social life and I'm really awkward so whenever I have a chance to make a friend, I ruin everything with my awkward ways and overall weirdness.

I have pale skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes, my eyes are actually like a dark blue and they even have a tint of grey in them.

I also have a 'geeky/nerdy' style glasses, which are black.

I don't wear color, only shades and sometimes red or blue if you're lucky.

I'm thought to be a vampire because I never go outside when it's sunny and I have fair skin but I'm a human, some people don't believe me.

I'm bullied, a total reject and my family ignores me.

I actually came home from school with a black eye and a cut lip once and my dad only said: "Oh that's nice, keep up with the good work son."

I also came home with a sprained wrist and 2 broken fingers and the only thing my mom said was: "Oh stop complaining! Go help your father take down the trampoline, help me with dinner or go to your room and do whatever you do."

What great parents I have!

I live in Canada, Ottawa, Ontario to be exact and Canadian high school sucks!

My elementary school only went up to grade 6 so I had to go to a high school after elementary school.

The school was split in half, one for the junior high students and the other for high school students.

I went on a field trip there to help us for seventh grade and I saw 7 people get shoved into lockers and then I got shoved into a locker for wearing glasses!

I swiped my finger to the right on my phone screen to turn off the annoying sound of my alarm and sat up straight on my black bed.

I really love black.

I negotiated with myself on whether or not I should get ready now and eat breakfast at home or stay still for another 10 minutes, then get ready so I would have to eat breakfast on the way to school.

I unfortunately have to walk to school but I have my earbuds in 24/7 because I feel like music is my only friend, it makes walking to school in any weather a bit better.

In Canada, our summers are really hot and our winters are extremely cold, it's terrible!

Plus, I hate the heat and sun in general if I have to be outside!

I decided to get out of bed and eat my food at home, so I got out of bed and took a quick shower.

I did everything I needed to in the bathroom (aka shower, brush teeth, dry hair, etc, etc), chose my outfit, which was a black and white baseball shirt, black skinny jeans and black and white high-top converse, I left my room and walked downstairs hoping that my parents would be gone.

They weren't and they were both sitting at the table we have near the kitchen.

My parents and I aren't very close, we rarely talk or even see each other, and we live in the same house!

I ignored their presence and put a slice of bread into the toaster.

"Oh, Jake, please come here for a moment. We need to talk." My mom said in a rushing yet sweet manner.

I'm surprised that they even noticed me.

3 years ago, my little sister Danika died and ever since then, it was like I died too.

My parents just ignored me.

It seemed like they got lost in their imagination and only knew that they were together.

It concerns me but I don't dare say anything.

I hesitantly walked over to my parents, abandoning the toaster.

"What's going on?" I furrowed my eyebrows at them, I know something's up.

"Well son, since your senior year is coming to an end and you're birthday's coming up in August. We were thinking that maybe you should start looking at colleges and universities and maybe even move out." My dad told me while putting down his newspaper and reading glasses.

"Are you really that eager for me to move out?" I questioned.

I can see what they're trying to say.

"No no! Of course not Jake! It's just that since your birthday is coming up and you're a teenager, there might be some parties and we don't want that in our house. Do you understand what we're getting at?" My mom continued, obviously with a smile full of hope.

Oh I understand!

"Yes, I do understand. You two want me gone and you don't want to say it as it is because you're afraid that you would be seen as bad parents." I sassed, they can't get away with what they're doing.

"Exactly." My dad said and was going to continue but the toaster made a loud 'BEEP' sound, telling us that the toast is ready.

"HENRY!" My mom scolded my dad and put her hand on the table, making a loud noise, so loud that I think that the table could of broke.

"Oh, sorry. We aren't bad parents Jake, we just think that since you're so social, we just think that it'd be best if you become more independent. That's all." My dad chuckled at the end, thinking that this was funny.

"Oh really because based on the way you two ALWAYS act, you are bad parents! I have NEVER been social in my entire life! Every time I come home, I do not get noticed at all! I make myself dinner, go into my room and eat it, do my homework, listen to music and read! Nothing happens to me on my birthday except for extra punches at school! You guys are always traveling for work and rarely even home! What do have to say to that?" I exclaimed.

I do sort of feel bad for my mom because she is emotional but I can't help it!

I needed to get all of it out of my system and what's done is done.

No one said anything, my toast was still in the toaster getting cold and OH SHIT!


I left my toast and ran out the door, grabbing my obviously black bag before I slammed the door shut.

It's my thing to wear black so I also have black earbuds and a black phone with a black phone case.

I plugged my earbuds into my phone, put them into my ears and shuffled all of my songs.

The music I listen to basically consists of: Black Veil Brides, Fall Out Boy, Nirvana, AC/DC, Green Day, Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots.

I began my walk to school but unfortunately the walk to school, for me at least, takes about 5-10 minutes.

On the bright side, school starts in about 10-15 minutes, I completely forgot what time it is, so I should be able to get to school on time!

I walked and I walked and I walked but then I suddenly stopped.

I stopped because something wasn't right, no, something isn't normal.

More like somebody wasn't normal.

I looked to my right and saw I girl with a black hood on her head, she also had black hair.

She looked like the perfect combination of grunge and emo.

I live in a small town and everybody knows every single person who lives here including me and the girl doesn't look familiar.

My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to ask, you know, just to know who she is.

Plus I have nothing to lose.

"Who are you?"

Well, don't I sound nice?

"I'm somebody who isn't supposed to be here but don't worry, if you really are so curious, you'll find out soon."


Who the hell is she?

I shot her a confused look and the only thing she did was shake her head! As if she was disappointed!

"Just keep on walking so we don't get in trouble. You're the only human that can see me and I'm not actually allowed to be here. Therefore, if people see you talking to me, it will look like you're talking to yourself and the more I move, the less I'm visible to other lands so I don't get in trouble." The mysterious girl explained like this was all so simple.

So basically, she is INVISIBLE  everybody but ME?

Should I believe her?

Well like I said earlier, I have nothing to lose, so why not?

I still haven't started walking again so I'm gonna wait for her instructions.

"Just do what you usually do but today, I need you to fade away, you may not know it but you are fading and the only way for this to be easy, is for you to fade away. Just mind your own business. To you I'm here but as far as everyone else knows, I'm not even real, so act as if I'm not even here, right beside you." Well that was perfect timing!

I obeyed the strange girl and continued walking to school, I even took out my earbuds and put them in my pocket with my phone in case she gives me more instructions.

"So can you just tell me what to do today?" I whispered because I don't actually have a good idea on what I should be doing.

"No, if I can tell you need help I will give you help but I won't be helping you right now, I will later."

I'm so confused right now, a stranger just came up to me and started giving me instructions, she even told me that I'm the only person that can hear and see her.

This is weird but I'm still just going to go with it.

After all, if what she says is true, this could just be a dream or this isn't a dream and she could be dangerous.

I don't think I have a choice but to do what she says.

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