The Land Of The Forgotten (DISCONTINUED)

Jake is a 17 year old boy who's slowly fading away, not only in his social life but his soul is also fading.
When you're forgotten, even for a minute, you disappear to a land foreign to the human realm.
This is what happened to Jake and many others.
Most don't survive but with the help of a rare and powerful creature who happens to be his guide, Jake might make it.




Hey there!

If you are new to my books then I feel like a should introduce myself.

I'm Sam/Sam3180 and I usually write fan fiction, I currently have two of them published and I'm also working on a sequel to one of those fan fictions.

I have written other non fan fiction but they are saved to my computer and not on this site, or any site for that matter.

I love listening to music, reading and I enjoy writing and art.

I listen to rock music and any music associated with rock music like pop-rock, punk-rock, alternative rock, heavy metal rock and other stuff.

I'm also a HUGE geek and I really like comics, superheros and obviously super villains.

I'm also just sort of a really dark and weird person, just warning you.

Anyways, you can continue reading the story now, if you are still reading this author's note.



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