Him [ A Werewolf Tale ] *Completed*

When I was 13 years old, my entire family committed suicide, by driving full speed off a thirty foot bridge. Morbid, I know. Unfortunately, they deemed themselves unfit to live and ended it the only way they knew how. They had gotten themselves stuck in something deep and dark with a couple of the demons around our neighborhood and their contract was coming due. So at the age of only 13, I was left to fend myself and survive in a world full of vampires, werewolves, and demons.
My name is Claire Summers and my family had once ran one of the most powerful werewolf packs in North America. That is, however, only because of a contract held by a certain grey eyed demon. Since my parents died, I have been shunned. Disowned by everyone and unwanted in every sense. For the first time in my life I was completely and utterly alone. Until I met him


32. Chapter 30 | The Black Mist

Chapter 30

"K-Katherine?" I stutter, coming to the realization that this woman did not know the tragic news of her daughter's passing.

"Where the hell is she? What have you done to her?!" she screeches.

Alex cocks his head to the side and steps forward threateningly.

Maneuvering my body in front of his I reply, "Mam, your daughter is not here. We have not done anything."

Alex places his arm around my waist and I lean back into him, resting my head on his chest. His warmth consumes me and I smile slightly at the small tingle that runs over the exposed strip of midriff that his hand brushes against.

"Do you think this is funny?" Katherine's mother screams.

"No, mam. I apologize, I was just calming my mate down before he did something that we both would regret." I apologize, stepping out of Alex's arms, but remaining between them, "Your daughter is Katherine correct?"

"Yes," she spits.

"You didn't hear, did you?" Alex mumbles, quirking up an eyebrow.

"Hear what?!" she shouts, tapping her foot impatiently, "Take me to my daughter or I will go get an army to bring her back."

"You will not." Alex growls.

Rolling my eyes, I lean back into his body, until I begin to feel his body relax. This is the one thing that I wanted to avoid. I remember thinking to myself that there was going to come a day when Katherine's family will come to find her. That worry went away quickly however, when Seb told me that I had nothing to worry about.

"Her family knows that she is gone," he said.

"I'm just worried, Seb. I don't want to have to tell a mother that her child was murdered. I still remember the day that they told me my parents were gone." I sniffled, a new tear dripping down my cheek.

"Everything is going to be okay." he had said and took me under his arm.

Now everything is different. Sebastian is hurt and in the hospital wing, while I am stuck with the treacherous decision of whether or not to lie to Katherine's mother about the death of her child.

"I'm going to ask you one more time, where the hell is my daughter?!" Katherine's mother shouts, snapping me back into reality.

Shaking my head, I look over at her with a frown on my face.

"I'm sorry miss," I murmur, "But we have some bad news.."

"What?" she spits, "What could possibly be so bad that you can't come right out and say it, you mutt."

"Excuse you?!" Alex snarls, pushing me behind him, "No one and I mean NO ONE calls my mate a mutt!"

"Well it's the truth isn't it?" she smirks, "She's worth little to nothing, isn't she? Nothing but an Omega."
A growl rips past my lips and I go to step around Alex, prepared to rip this bitch's head off. Alex's hand wraps around my middle and pushes me back behind him. 
"You don't talk about my Luna that way. You come into another packs territory and insult their leaders. You must have a death wish because I've never seen anyone as stupid as you." Alex snaps, before turning around and beginning to walk off with me in tow. 
A loud laugh comes from behind us, "Now that I've gotten your attention. Maybe you can focus on me for a second and answer my damn questions." 
"You don't get to ask any more questions. You lost that privilege." Alex snaps. 
"Answer my questions, pup." she growls.
He spins on his heel and gives her a hard glare. 
"You do not come onto my land and disrespect me in this way. You want to know where your damn daughter is? She's dead. Buried in the fucking ground." he snarls before turning and sprinting away. 
My mouth is gaping and I quickly turn to look at Katherine's mother. 

"What did he mean?" she whimpers, tears streaming down her face. 

"I have no idea why he would do this." I whisper to myself, "I am so sorry, mam." 

"WHAT DID HE MEAN?!" she sobs, clutching a hold of my arm. 
"I don't know an easier way to say this.." I admit, looking down at the ground, "I am so sorry. Unfortunately, your daughter has...passed away..." 
Her jaw drops and fresh tears fill her eyes, "My baby is gone?" 

"I am so sorry mam." I mutter, guilt filling my chest. 
She falls to her knees and countless sobs flow past her lips. 

Once she finally calms down she utters, "Tell me something...was it the demons?" 
My mouth drops open and I cannot believe the words that have come from her mouth. She knows about the demons?
"What d-demons?" I stutter, biting down on my lip.
"The demons. Did they take my daughter from me?" she sniffles. 
I widen my eyes and slowly begin to nod my head yes. 
"O-Oh m-m-my g-god." she groans, as new tears stream down her cheeks, "I told her to stay away from them! God, if it wasn't for that damn anchor."
"W-what about the anchor?" I mumble, looking back at her. 
"Katherine...is the anchor to the other side. She controls which entities travel there and the only way to make it is through her. However, she isn't." she pauses, closing her eyes, "wasn't normal. Witches are not supposed to be the anchor. An anchor is normally a human with an incredibly strong soul. Yet, for what ever reason she was chosen as the anchor and she had...other powers as well. She could tell when and where there was danger. She sensed danger a few weeks ago and so she investigated. Her investigation led her here...to her death." 

"What sort of danger did she find?" I question, raising my eyebrows.
"The demons." she said plainly, "She sensed that demons were doing evil. Which is difficult to tell considering they are always evil, however she said this was a life or death situation. She didn't know what she was walking into. Said that it was her only choice because an abomination was walking this earth and I thought that she was talking about the demons, yet apparently she told me later that she was coming here to kill a wolf that a demon had siphoned some of its powers to. Of course that is an incredibly powerful being, one that could take over the entire world if they wanted to. I don't think she realized that it would kill her. That stupid demon-wolf hybrid. I will make it my mission for the rest of my life, however long I shall live, to hunt down and brutally murder the thing that killed my child. If you know anything you must tell me now."
My mouth is wide open and when I try to speak no words come out. 
"Nothing?" she shakes her head, "And I thought you could helpful."
Katherine's mom turns around and struts back through the gate. 
Snapping back into reality, I shout, "Mam, wait! I...um...The thing that murdered Katherine was definitely not a wolf or...alive. It was a mist, a black blob if you will."
She spins back towards me, "A mist?" 
I nod my head and she mutters, "My god, I have not heard of one of those in years."
"I'm sorry, but I'm not following." I mumble, "What is it?" 
"There is only one true mist in this land. The little human fantasy that they had made up about ghosts is far from the truth. If you see a misty figure, you run and you run far and you run hard because it will show no mercy. That entity is nothing more than a minion to do his dirty work!" she huffs, crossing her arms. 
"His?" I ask, my worry growing. 
"The thing that killed my daughter was not a demon." she says, dragging a hand down her face.
"Wasn't a demon? W-what was it then?" I stutter out, my eyebrows raising. 
"It was a fragment of Lucifer himself."

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