Broken promises|Luke Hemmings

Luke and Julianna are step-brother and sister. After one night of events, they both promise their parents they promise they wont speak of/do any of the things again. But the promises are broken after a trip to the hospital...


3. 3

Julianna's P.O.V

I run. I run as fast and as far away as I can. I then reach my destination, the beach. When me and my family used to take family vacations to Australia we went to the beach a lot.I found a little cave that was separate from the rest of the beach and sat in it. Then I cryed.

Luke's P.O.V

I give up. I've looked everywhere and when I say that I mean EVERYWHERE. I then walk to the beach. I remember the cave me and Calum found last year, I slowly make my way over there, letting my thoughts swam my head like a herd of angry bees. 

Why did she leave?

Did I do something wrong?

What happened with my mom upstairs?

I get near the cave and hear little soft cries coming from there. No it couldn't be- Annie!


I run up to her and hug her. I wish this moment would last forever, she hugs back and crys into my shoulder. "I'm sorry Luke- I.I.I didn't think it would end like this." She says in between crys. I shush her, take her into my arms and start to craddle her (kind of like she was a baby). When she finally stops crying I ask her,

"Do you want to go back home, Doll?" She shakes her head, no. "Ok, wanna go to Ashton's house?" She nods. I dig my hand in my pocket and grab one of my wet wipes out and hand her it. "Here, wipe your makeup of"


I'm sorry I didn't do a double update like I said, something popped up and I had to rush off!


Sorry for being so short, the next chapter will be longer.


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