Atlas: the teeth kid/ the mystery boy

Unexplained murders and teeth being forcefully yanked out of those heads' have been going on for weeks now. Who is doing this? Why are they doing this? And most importantly, will you come across this person in the future?

~~~~ this is what I guess you could call his origin story


1. Smile for the camera

"After weeks of unexplained trageties, things are still on the rise. A mysterious boy was caught on one of the security cameras off the side of a gas station. The video was released to the pubic today. We are about to play the tape, the footage may be too gruesome for some viewers." The news caster says as she puts in the tape in, she warns: "In this footage there IS audio, if you don't think you are able to handle it, you have been warned." The tape plays, it starts with a small glitch from the camera in the begining.   "Say cheese!" The mystery boy hold up a camera towards a random citizen off the side of the building.
"No thanks, I would rather not have pictures being taken of me" a women says bluntly.
" 'c mon, smile for the camera!"
"I said no thanks." The woman's tone of voice showed that she was starting to get agrivated.
"Come on, smile like this!" the boy shows a big smile, showing all of his front teeth.
"Your. . . Your teeth!"
"Yeah, what about them?" the boy lets his smile fall into a slight frown.
"They are sharp! All of them!"
"Wrong!" the boy shouts. "Most of them. I still have four molar teeth ya' know. Here, dont believe me, look." He opends his mouth wide. He was right, he did have four molars. His sharper teeth were not super pointy snd flat like you would see in an anime show. They were quite round, and they were almost normal teeth, but they came to a rounded point. He closeshis mouth wil a slight sigh, anad shaking his head dissapointedly. "Why won't you smile?"
"Because, i dont want my picture taken! I thought that i have made that quite clear!"
"Fine. You dont deserve those teeth if you are not goint to smile." The mystery boy held up the camera to the security camera off the side of the gas station, and shot it. Wait, but how? The camera lenses were just cracked, still being able to see what was going on. The camera the boy was holding was faced towards the woman. He let out a sigh, and pulled something out of his pocket. The image was not clear enough to see what he had pulled out. He took a few steps to the woman, as she fellonto the ground. He leaned over her, and did something with her face, that led to a pained scream coming from her.
"What a shame, you had a nice set of teeth too."
Police sirens were heard; the mystery boy jumpsed a little to the sound. He placed the objects back into his pocket and ran in the opposite direction of where he heard the sirens. Before the police were able to get to the woman, the mystery boy was gone.
The tape ended.
"What a shame" The news laydy said. "That poor young lady"
"Yes, 18 of her teeth are told to be pulled out of her head" The news man sitting to the right of her said. They sit there in silence for a little whilewhen the news laydy breaks the silence.
"Well, um. The footage was in black and white, so the police gave us information of what they were told the mystery boy looked liked. He was wearing a red shirt that had dark grey sleeves, black jeans, and a brown hat that had white wool. The hat was covoring his eyes. If you have any information on this boy, or any of the recent cases simaliar to these, please contact the police ASAP."
"Well that is all of the time that we had for today. Stay safe out there." The news channel turns off with a click of the television.                   "Atlas, you are not going to make enough money being a photagraoher in life! You need to give that dream up and think of something else that you would want to do. Something that would make you enough money to pay taxes, your biils, and the nessesities of life!" his mother shouts. "You are going to collage soon!"
"I am going to be a photagraoher! That is what I have ALWAYS wanted to do with my life. You have always said that i can become whatever i wanted to be. Now here you are crushing my dreams! What ever happened to being abke to grow up and do what you love to do!" Atlas shouts back.
His mother sighs. "You want to know what is wrong doing what you wan to do as an asult, doing what you like to do?"
"Yes, I do."
"Ya know the news that was on the other day?"
"WELL I DON'T WANT THAT TO BE YOU! I don't want you to get caught in doing what ever you want to do all the time, with the thought of there being no consequenses!"
"Mom! I know that there are going to be consequenses in life. In matter of fact, everything that you do, or i do, or whoever does whatever, there will be conequences! Rather them being good or bad! I mean, have you ever thought in the perspective of the mystery boy from the news?"
"wha- no. That does not matter."
"Are you sure? You could probably figure out who it is and why they are doing what they are doing."
"Well, do you know who he is?"
"I am not a reporter."
"That does not matter."
"Yes is does, I did not go to collage to learn how to do everything that they do." Atlas bluntly states. "I wouldn't make money doing that." he says in a mimiking tone of his mother.
"Yes butsome one needs to do that."
"Just like someone needs to take pictures!"
"Fine, do whatever you want to do with your life."
"Is that what you would tell me if I was the person you saw on the news the other day? 'do what ever you want to do with you life?"
There was complete silence between both of them.
"Thats what I thought." He said as he walked off. "I am headed off to bed. Hoped that you stay alive." He mumbles.   The night sky has fallen. Millions of stars are set in the sky, and the moon in a beautiful cresent. One star shines out brighter than all of the rest, sittinf by the side of the moon.   BANG!
"What was that?" You could faintly hear all the neighboors shout.
"One seemed to be taken inside that house. SOMEONE CALL THE COPS!" One voice shouts.Footsteps are heard louder and louder, faster anf faster towards Atlas's house. The man opens the door to only see Atlas's mother lying dead of the floor, with a pool of blood surrounding her head. All of her teeth were pulled out and scattered around her. "I AM NOT HEARING SIRENS!" The man shout ans he runs outside yelling to the people surrounding the house. "I don't have a phone at this moment! So i cannot call the police myself!"
"I just got off the phone with them."Another man claims. "They are sending an ambulance allong with the police as we speak."
"Good."The first man who 'investigated' says.
"Mister!" Atlas runs out of the house asking. "What has happened to my mom?!"
"She was shot dead with all her teeth pulled out." The first man claims. With that said the crowd mumbles.
"Yes, I can see that. But. . . what happened?"
"I assume the mystery boy got to her-" he stopped talking with a shock, looking at what Atlas had in his hand. "Say, can i see that camera?"
"No." Atlas pulls his hand away.
"why not?"
"It is my camera."
"I just thought that it looked similair to the one that I saw on the news the outher night. I wanted to see how the looked compared to one another."
"Hm, that is odd. But you are not touvhing it."
Sirens are heard, with a slam on the breaks from the police car. The man walks through the crownd and to the police man and whispers something to him. The police nodded and then walked over to Atlas.
"Hey son," the police man said.
"I am not your son"
"okay, um. . .  anyways, you can call me Timothy. So I was told about your camera,may I take a look at it?"
"What were you told about it exactly?"
"Well i was told that it looked similiar to the mystery boy's camera."
"Why would I care, and why would it matter?"
"Well, I can tell you you are starting off looking guilty as it is already" Timothy squinted his eyes galring into Atlas's. "But, seeing your camera, could help us with the case." Timothy suddenly went into smile mode. Leaving Atlas into confusion.
"Right. . . but i thought the mystery boy had a gun."
"Yeah well. We don't know for sure at this point. It could have been a gun, that was 'dressed' as a camera. Just, let me see your camera." Timothey held out his hand,thinking that Atlas was just going to fork it over.
"I said, no. My father gave this to me before he left me alone with my mom." Atlas threw the word 'mom' around like she was a squished slug on the bottom of a shoe.
"At this point you have no coice. Hand it over to me." Timothey reached over tho snag the camera but Atlas ran. "DON'T JUST STAND THERE AND LET THAT BOY GET AWAY! GET HIM!" He shouts to the other people standing around. The other police men begin to chase after him, but they soon give up qnd let him go, more focused on Atlas's mother.   83 days has passed. Atlas is still on the run,no where to be found. More teeth have been forcefully pulled by the same mystery boy. The tension is still rising.   A knock on Timothy's door is herd. He opens the door to see who is there, no one. He goes to close the door, but a tape that says "play me" is on his steps. "hmm. It can't hurt to play this." He picks up the tape and plays it.   The tape begins playing.
"I, am Atlas Fosters. You may know me as 'the mystery boy' or 'the teeth kid' as i hear is a new popular name for me theese days. Funny. Well I am here right now to show you me." The sharp-teethy grin is shown as the brown hat is pulled off his head. Light brown hair pokes up in four large sections that lean to the left a little. "My father left me with my treturous mother when i turned three. I am now 17, and she is now dead. I graduated school a year early to go to collage for photagraphy. My mother has always said that i could be whatever I want to be when i grow up. Well, until recently. She claimed that i could not be what i wanted most to be. I asked her what she would say if i was 'the teeth kid' or 'the mystery boy' and she never said a thing. She just sat there with a smug look on her face. Little did she know that was who i was. Who i am. For weeks i have been able to keep my identity a secret. It became borring, so i decided to make things a bit more interesting. Come find me if you can. It will not be easy. Oh, and one more thing, all i ask if for a smile, when has that ever been so hard?"  
If a mysteroous boy comes up to you one day out of the blue, do one thing, smile for him.That is all he asks for. He knows nothing but pure abuse from his mother. When he pulls out the teeth and shoots, it isn't his fault completly. He hears these voices in his head that angirly yells at him to do these things, from his past he has learned to obey terrifying screams to avoid getting hurt, so that is what he does. However, at this point, him and the voices will talk to eachother like they are friends. Atlas will just yyank teeth and kill without being told to do so anymore.   Again i cannot stress enough. If a random and mysterious boy comes up to you and asks you to smile, just do it. If you are lucky, you wont be killed. Instead you will gain a voice in your head and that voice acts the same way to you as the voices in Atlas's head. Now that i think of it, you wouldn not be lucky either way, would you? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I WILL UPLOAD A PICTURE OF ATLAS SOON~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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