Friends with Benifits

Ally Smith, a young English girl, who is troubled. She is one of those girls who always causes trouble, but has never had sex. When her parents make her move to Australia, she starts to experiment. With all of her interest, like photography, she struggles to maintain this bad girl image. But with the Bad Boy, Luke Hemming's, help will she ever become a good girl, or stay bad?


2. 2

*from this chapter on wards there's going to be some crude content and bad language.*

Ally's P.O.V

I woke up to my first day my Australian school. I thought about skipping, but I'm not that bad. I got changed into my black jeans and my white top. I put on my leather jacket and black and white converse, before running for my school. I tried to make a good impression, before then breaking all of the teachers good dreams that they had for me. I'm sorry darlings, but I make my own decisions. 

As I walked up to the front door, I saw a group of boys smoking and taking drugs. One with short blonde hair, one with dark hair and one with dyed. But one caught my eye. He was tall, with very broad shoulders. His hair was a dark blonde, but slightly quiffed. His eyes were a very blue ocean colour. His chin have stubble scattered all over it. I swooned for this guy, this was a feeling, that I felt for no one. Not even my own boyfriend. 

I collected my scheduel and then started to walk down the corridor to my first class. The schools club board caught my eye and when I looked closer, I saw there was photography club. I smiled at the thought of it.

Behind me I herd chuckling, so I turned around to see the tall blonde guy from outside. He stank of tobaco, but that gave him some sort of hotness. I looked him up and down before scrunching up my face. 

"What? At least I'm making an effort. What have you done these last few years?" I asked him sternly, the answer he gave me I wasn't expecting. 

"Every girl in this school. And you'll be next sweet heart, or are you too nerdy and good for me?" We ended up right in each others faces, our lips inches apart.

"I am not nerdy!"

"Prove it," and he attacked my lips with his, pushing me up against the wall. The stranger lifted my arms up onto the wall, interlocking his hands in mine, as our tongues danced. He let go of my hands, letting his snake down to my arse, grabbing both my cheeks and squeezing, making me moan. My arms found their was to his crotch and I started to fiddle with the buckle of his belt. I have never gone this far with a boy, not even Tyler. Tyler!

I took my hands away from his semi-hard crotch and broke away from the kiss. He looked at me confused, I had to think for a second. I was probably never going to see Tyler again, so why was kissing another guy bad? 

I grabbed hold of the boys shirt and pulled him into me, making him kiss me more. While we were still kissing, he walked me to the Janitors cupboard. He kept kissing me and he massaged my bum. Every break we had to breathe, I kept looking down to see him getting harder and harder every second. I knelt down, opening his trousers and boxers to let his boner free. I used my mouth and hand to pump on his cock. 

The warm liquid filled my mouth and as I swallowed, he smirked, proud of what I did. I stood up, kissing him a little more.He quickly hid his "prize" and then walked me out of the closet. He kissed me some more,

"Does this mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend?" I asked innocently,

"Honey, I don't do girlfriends." He said, before kissing me more. We both walked in different directions. Fuck, what am I going to tell my teacher?


Luke's P.O.V

Fucking hell, that girl today was amazing. Her hair, eye, arse were outstanding. I sat on the couch with Michael and Calum. 

"So, who did you fuck today?" Michael asked me,

"I didn't fuck her, but she gave me the best blowjob I've ever had. I didn't even catch her name."

"Luke the player," Calum shouted. When I see her tomorrow, I'm expecting more then a blowjob. And I need her name.

*Sorry this one was short, but now your seeing the two sides to Ally. If this is too graphic for you, please tell me and I will turn it down a bit. Hope your enjoying it so far.*

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