Dan has an amazing suprise for his best friend Phil. The day starts off a little uneasy, but starts to get better until something terribly embarrassing happens. From crazy hats to stinging nettles to ambulance rides their friendship only gets better as the day goes on!


2. The Party

•Dan's POV•

I walked back to my bedroom and put on some MCR. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to wear but I had a black jacket in mind. I looked through my closet and all my drawers it found nothing. I laid down on my bed, defeated. Out if the corner of my eye I saw a few bags sitting in the corner. Then it hit me. About a week earlier i had bought some amazingly comfortable spandex pants. I put those on then slipped on a black t-shirt that I picked up off of the floor. I looked in a mirror then, happily, walked into my bathroom to finish getting ready.

•Phil's POV•

I finished eating my cereal then brought the bowl to the sink. I walked back to my bedroom and over to the dresser. I grabbed a simple white t-shirt and black skinny jeans and headed to the bathroom for a shower. I let the steaming water run over me and thought about last night. I was over at Pj's when I got the call. Louise had just gotten to an amazing party and she said I just HAD to go. Dan was already on his way, so I thought why not. Me and Pj started walking. I don't remember anything else, the whole night was a blur. Well, except for one thing: Dan hooking up with that mysterious girl in the corner. It broke my heart just thinking about it. But not because I liked him or anything. I mean I'm pretty sure i don't. Anyways, I just knew she was trouble. She probably already has a boyfriend an just wanted a little bit of drama in her life. I hate to be so over protective but Dan has been my best friend for so long, i don't know what I would do if anything happened to him. I looked over at the clock on the wall. I was supposed to meet Dan in 5 minutes. I jumped out of the shower and quickly dried off. I got dressed, blow dried my hair, straightened it, and fixed my fringe. Okay I'm ready, and only 10 minutes late.

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