Dan has an amazing suprise for his best friend Phil. The day starts off a little uneasy, but starts to get better until something terribly embarrassing happens. From crazy hats to stinging nettles to ambulance rides their friendship only gets better as the day goes on!


1. Dan's Suprise

This is my first phanfiction so I hope you like it :)

"Dan you are seriously going to injure your back sitting like that" said Phil as he walked in and saw Dan sitting in his "internet browsing" position.

"Guess what we're doing today?" Dan replied, brushing of Phil's comment. "Catching Pokemons!!!!! That new app just came out and I already downloaded it on both of our phones."

"Wait what?!?" Phil felt his pocket and realized that he never grabbed his phone off of his nightstand.

"Dan, I told you don't take my phone without asking"

"Well I'm sorry i just wanted it to be a suprise. I thought we could go out and catch some today. Look I even went through your closet and found these cool hats!" He walked across to room and grabbed a hat that looked just like Ash's and threw it to Phil. Then he put on a hat of his own, a Pikachu hat.

"Dan what the heck Do Not go through my closet without permission. Why were you even in my room while I was sleeping??" Phil cried out while pouring a bowl of Shreddies.

Dan gave him a devilish smile and said, "putting your hand in a bowl of warm water. Jkjkjk. Let's go get ready, we're going into town soon."

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