Nice To Meet You (ChanBaek)


2. two. Baekhyun

Chapter two



I won and now I lose. I won SM Entertainments contest and now I lose my family. I closed up shop and left. Came here to spend years training. At least I'll prove to my brother and parents that I'm worth it and I can achieve my dreams.


As I look into Chanyeol's eyes, something clicks and the world seems to disappear. He looks away and I'm brought back down to earth. He's a good 9" taller than me and I have to look up to meet his gaze. He looks at me expectantly. "Baekhyun?" he asks. "Yeah?" I say, confused of the situation. "Are you coming? I'm bringing you to your room." he says over his shoulder as he walks away.


When we get to the room, he flops down on one of the two beds. I grow confused and he sees this. "We share the room..." he says annoyed. 

So I annoy him? This will be a fun ride.

He'll most likely hate me and I'll probably feel the same way. Though we'll be in the same group, I don't think we'll get along.

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