The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


6. Chapter 6

~after Luke's long ass nap~

Luke and I were sitting on the couch and I was flipping through the movies on Netflix.

 "oh! I wanna watch that!" he says excitedly pointing at 'mean girls' on the screen.

"wait for real?" I say with a smile.

"duh. yes"

"uh okay." I say laughing as I turn on his requested movie.

about 20 minutes into the movie I look over and see Luke smiling at the television screen. wow, he must really like this movie. Another 10 minutes passes and I notice that Luke is moving a little more toward me and then that same time I feel warm minty breath on my neck that sent tingles up my spine.

"we can always finish this in my room" Luke whispers.

"what! no!" I say.

"I know you want me" Luke says.

yes I do but I cant let him know that! I've only known him for less than 24 hours!

"no I don't! do you always act like a fuckboy?" I ask harshly.

"hmm most of the time" he admits and laughs.

I scoff and get up and move to the other couch. after 30 minutes of awkward silence I ask Luke just to break the awkward tension

 "when do we go back to school?"

 "ummm after the weekend is over. but i dont really go."

oh shit. its Saturday. I don't have any school supplies or a backpack or anything. "wanna go shopping for some school stuff with me?" I ask Luke

"sure." he replies

"well then lets go" I say.

and I take only about $100 dollar out of the jar. Liz said for emergencies, I figure this is an emergency. me and Luke go outside but their are no cars outside. "umm where is your car? do u not have one cause I really don't want to call a nasty cab." I say annoyed.

"chill. my cars are in the garage" he says as he opens the garage door with a key code palette on the wall of the garage. when the garage door opens I see range rovers, bmw's, Mercedes, porche's, all kinds of top of the line cars. oh yeah I forgot he's a famous musician.

"so what do you want to take?" he asks me.

I point to the 2016 range rover. I've wanted one since they came out a couple months ago!.

"alright get in." he says as he grabs the keys off of the garage wall.

I sat in the car amazed at every car in the garage. and of course I had to take a picture and put it on my snapchat story. when luke gets in the car he says "where do u want to go?"

"the mall" I say. 

When we pulled up to the mall I was amazed at how big it was. a lot bigger than the ones in California. When we got out of the car, Luke was kind of trying to hide his face, but I just shrugged it off. As we enter the mall I notice that a lot of people were staring at us. I look over to talk to Luke and he is gone, I look behind me and see Luke being mobbed my girls taking pictures with him. It looked like he was enjoying it though, all the girls all over him, *eye roll*. when all the girls get their pictures he finally walks up to me and says "did I mention I'm in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer?" 

"uh I kind of knew" I said and then laughed.

"wait really? you didn't act like it?"

"yeah that's because I'm not a fangirl."

"oh" he says sounding kind of offended.

"i like your music though" I said enthusiastically, feeling bad about what I said before.

"good" he said, his face looking a little less offended but a little more embarrassed.

"okay lets go." I say to remind him of what we came here to do.

after shopping and getting all my stuff we decide to go to some restaurant that luke said he always used to go to as a kid I think its name was 'frankies' and ate some pizza, and laughed at each others jokes. Luke is very funny when hes not acting like a fuckboy.




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