The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


33. Chapter 33

*Day of the concert*


I wake up to the sun beaming in my eyes. I jump up when I realize that it us the day of the boys concert, August 28. I hurry and get in the shower so I can spend the rest of my day trying to look presentable. I haven't been out with my friends since I left Australia, so I needed some major repairs lol.

I get in the shower and when I'm done, I go to my room and try to pick out an outfit. I spend about 20 minutes trying to pick out a outfit. I decide on a red and black flannel, all American Rejects shirt, a black beanie and black ripped skinny jeans. I get my makeup out and do my foundation, winged eyeliner and mascara with a little bit of lipgloss. Then I put my beanie on and curl my hair to fit around my beanie.

It is now 3:30 and the Vip section of the concert starts at 5:00, I spend the next couple of minutes perfecting my look and go downstairs to look for a little bit of food before I go. I open the refrigerator and their is milk in there, I take it out and pour some cereal. I eat the cereal, put on my black vans and head out the door.

As I drive to the arena, my stomach feels like it's in knots. I don't know why I'm so nervous, I feel like I'm a fan girl, like I mean we've dated! What is their to be nervous about?!. As I get closer and closer, the more my stomach is in butterflies. I get to the arena and it is about 4:30, when I pull up I see that there is a HUGE line of people lined up all the way around the building. I smile, thinking about how far they have came.

I walk around the building until I finally found a huge sign saying "VIP ENTRYWAY" I smile and run up to it and the security guards check my ticket and search me before letting me in.

I walk through the big doors and there is a line of about 15 people, some smiling and some even screaming out of excitement. One person turns around and points at me and screams. I look at her confused.

"OMG YOUR THE GIRL THAT WAS DATING LUKE!!!!!!!!" She says loudly and quickly.

I smile, remembering the good times with him.

"Hi" I say and smile.

She waves and smiles back, girls go in 1 by 1 to meet the boys, it finally is my turn, I take a big deep breath and pull the curtain back, walking into the room with the boys, at first they didn't notice me because they were in a huddle joking around, then finally Ashton looks up and sees me, his mouth goes wide. Then Luke turns around.

His face gets red. He runs towards me picking me up and swinging me around while embracing me in a huge hug. I laugh and then start to cry.

"I missed you Luke" I say.

"I missed you too Ava" he says, his head curled in my neck.

Luke lifts his shoulder and the boys come running at me, engulfing me in a huge group hug. I give their photographer my phone and asked him to take a picture for me.

I say goodbye to the boys and go out the curtain. By that time it is 5:40 and the concert starts at 6:00. I decide just to go to my seat. I get all the way down to the very first row and sit down.

~show time~

The room goes black and suspension builds, I've never seen the boys perform live before.

I scream as Ashton lights up, already on his drum kit. And then Luke, standing at the microphone. Followed by Michael and Calum. I scream as loud as I can and Jump up and down.

I look behind me and see a WAVE of people screaming for them, A tear escapes my eye from joy. They start there first song- Heartbreak girl, and then, good girls.

I sing the words to good girls loudly with them, while other people sing along too. after good girls, the boys get in a huddle, obviously sharing a secret. they get back in their spots and start playing a song. "try hard" when the lyrics

"but now who knew, shes in the crowd of my show, nothing to loose, shes standing right in the front row, and theres something that you should know, your so out of reach, and im finding it hard cause you make me feel, yeah she makes me feel, she makes me feel, its obvious shes so out of reach" he looks at me and smiles

. i smile back, wave and scream. all of the girls around me point and scream at me.

i smile. finally, after a few more songs, the show ends and the stage goes black. a roar of screams erupts out of the crowd.

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