The Bad Boy ~L.R.H~

Ava's dad got a job in Australia, her and her dad are moving in with his new boss Liz. Oh! Did i mention she has a son?


16. chapter 16


When I woke up the next morning I hear Luke on the phone, with someone outside of my bedroom door. I get up and go to the other side of my door and I hear Luke say "yeah man, sorry I didn't go to practice" I wonder who he is talking too. "yeah alright i'll talk to you later" I hear him say as I run back to bed and cover myself up and act like I'm aslee so he wouldn't know I was listening to his conversation.

When Luke walks back in the room he lays back down behind he and lays down and starts kissing my neck, trying to wake me up, I turn around and look at him and say

"good morning"

 "morning" he says in his hot morning voice

I get out of bed and get a shower when I get out I put on a blue & black flannel, with a black and white 'all time low' muscle shirt, and black ripped jeans and black combat boots. I curl my hair and put on a black and white 'reckless' brand beanie. For my makeup, I did a winged eyeliner, mascara and I decided to step up my game and put on black, matte lipstick.

I go downstairs and see Liz and my dad.

"good morning!" I say in a good mood.

"hey! good morning" my dad says back.

 "hey Ava, me and Liz have to talk to you." he says as his smile drops.

"whats wrong?" I say, worried.

"well, this morning when your dad and I went to wake you up we saw Luke, in your bed. Can you tell me what that was about?" Liz says.

"well, Luke has been going through some stuff, I don't know if you know or not but I was talking to him and we must have fell asleep" I say lying, I felt a little bad but I didn't want caught!.

"oh okay. Can you tell me what the problem was?" she asks. I had to lie and say

"his girlfriend broke up with him.".....

 "oh. that's all I wanted to know." she says as she smiles and walks away. I sigh in relief as I go upstairs to tell Luke what happened. After I tell him he says

"uh oh."

"yeah I know!" I say back.

"well I have another band practice today, turns out only Ashton showed up yesterday." 

"oh well at least your not the only one", I say as I laugh.

"yeah, my practice is in about 30 minutes, if you wanna go" he says.

When he says that I go upstairs and re-apply my lipstick, so it wont look bad

. "okay I'm ready" I say as I walk in his room and see him without a shirt on. I walk up to him and kiss him and it leaves a black mark on his lips. I laugh.

"what?" he says confused.

"you have a little something there" I say, as I point to his lip and laugh.

"ugh you suck." he says as he rolls his eyes, jokingly and wipes it off.

"only for you" I say as I laugh and walk out of the room.

About 5 minutes later Luke comes downstairs, grabs my hand and leads me to the garage where he gets his Range Rover. About 10 minutes later we arrive at a big grey building. Luke leads me inside and in and there is a HUGE studio with instruments, microphones, records on the wall, machines and all kind of confusing buttons and switches.

"you can sit here" Luke says as he leads me to this big fancy couch in the studio. I sit down as I watch the boys get their instruments ready. And soon enough the boys started playing a song I have heard on the radio TONS of times. 'She Looks so Perfect' they playing the opening chord and I listen very carefully


​Simmer down, simmer down

 they say were too young now to amount to anything else. But look around, we worked too damn hard for this just to give it up now. If you don't swim, you'll drown, but don't move honey.

  When they finished the song I sat with my eyes wide in amazement at how good they were. And, Luke looked fucking hot while he was singing. After that they sung She's kind hot, Hey everybody! and Jet black heart.

"okay I'm done" Calum says as he was sweating.

"me too, lets call it quits." Luke says.

Luke walks up to me and says

"so did you like it?"

"oh my fuck Luke! your amazing!" I say as I hug him.

"nah I wouldn't go that far." Luke says.

"oh shut up!" I say while laughing.

After I meet and say goodbye to the boys, we leave.   When we get back home me and Luke go upstairs. When we gets upstairs alone, Luke looks at me, and I look at him for about a minute and then all of a sudden he starts kissing me, takes me into his room, lays me on his bed, takes off my clothes and I take off his. He grabs a condom from his nightstand, puts it on and enters himself inside of me, I moan loudly and bite Luke's lip ring, he lets out a small groan. As he continues to enter in and out of me, the louder my moans get. out of breath Luke says

"I'm done." and collapses on the bed.

I get up and lock his door so his mom wouldn't walk in... again.


Luke's phone ringing wakes me up,

"Luke" I say as I tap him.

 "hmm?" he says with his eyes still closed.

 I look on his phone and it says "HI OR HEY RECORDS!!" as the contact name.

"Luke your record label is calling you." I say. His eyes shoot open, but by this time he already missed it.

He gets up quickly and calls them back and goes out of the room. I wonder what that was about. about 10 minutes later he comes back into the room smiling.

"what?" I ask.

"WERE GOING BACK ON TOUR!!!!!" he screams.

"wait really!!!???" I say smiling.

but then suddenly it hits me. I'm going to miss him. Luke is going to be gone. for a long time. My smile drops

 "whats wrong?" he asks.

"Luke I'm going to miss you." I say as I get up and hug him.

"hey! we can still skype all the time!" he says, trying to make me feel better.

"yeah true." I say

"the only thing different is I cant fuck you." Luke says laughing. Which makes me laugh.

"when do u leave?" I ask Luke.

"3 months." he answers. I guess I can deal with that.

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