my brothers bestfriend

when Payton comes home from touring around the world because of her music career, her brother micheal starts a band with his 3 bestfriends. but little did she know. one of his friends are going to influence her life forever!!


9. new boy

Michael's POV:

it's been almost two weeks and payton still hasn't waken up from her coma, i guess when she got in the car accident with the paparazzi she got flung through the windshield and landed on the concrete and hit her head pretty hard, the doctor said that's why when i saw her she had a seizure and started shaking, and that she'll be really lucky if she doesn't wake up with any memory loss.  IF she wakes up he said,

he also said that there's a good chance that her body will eventually start to get tired and completely shut down from being in a coma for too long. but i know that she will be just fine she has too.

Because she has me and Luke, calum, and ashton, she just can't leave us. she has to stay right?



Luke's POV:

when i saw on the news that payton got into a car accident with the paparazzi, i called Michael as quickly as possible, when he said it was true i started to cry. and then when i hung up the phone with michael i called the boys and told them the new and we decided to meet at the hospital, but when i got there i saw Michael screaming and crying, yelling payton's name like he was never going to see her again.

After that i touched his shoulder a then he went into a corner and cried his eyes out, but me and the boys haven't gone home very often. And it's been two weeks and i am worried sick, right now i am sitting in a chair next to Payton's bed, 

and right now i am trying to remember every detail of her face, because if she leaves this world i dont think i be able to not look at her beautiful face every day for hear her voice, her laugh, to see her smile and her beautiful warm brown eyes.

Payton's the type of girl who doesn't know she's beautiful, and doesn't care what other people think about her. she has long brown hair, that's dyed a golden color with a pink streak in the back. but the one thing that i love most about payton is that she not like other girls, she wear band t shirts and black ripped skinny jeans, wears vans and converse's, and she knows how to have a good time without cheating on someone she loves. that's why i am in love with her and now she's in a coma and i don't know if she's going to live or not. or even remember me.

and i couldn't stand her not remembering me, and if she dies i will beat myself up for not making her mine a long time ago..................


Payton's POV: 

i have no idea where i am but all i know is that my whole body hurts, i think i am sleeping. i am going to wake up but i can't it's really hard to open my eyes, i'll try again, so i opened my eyes but it really hurt, like bad!

when i look around it looks like i am in a hospital room but why? 

i am still looking around my room when i notice two teenage boys on either side of me holding my hands, but their sleeping. but who are they?  


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