my brothers bestfriend

when Payton comes home from touring around the world because of her music career, her brother micheal starts a band with his 3 bestfriends. but little did she know. one of his friends are going to influence her life forever!!


7. feelings

.......Hey Guys sorry it took me so long to update i have been really busy with school!!!......


Payton's POV:

i was sitting on my bed when there was a knock on the door, I ignored it and continued to think about Luke said and how Harry cheated on me. and every time i think about it, my heart hurts like you would not believe and i cant explain it.

cause i want someone to love me like Luke is willing to but, I can't help but feel like i still love Harry....I mean i have dated him for almost a year. That's the longest relationship i have had especially while i was on tour. 

I got interrupted from my thought's when someone sat beside me on my bed.

I look over and see My brother Michael.

"hey" i said while turning to face him 

"hey, so i was wondering if you and Harry were still talking" he said 

"No! He cheat-ted o-on me! i said trying my best not to cry

"oh well he's at the front door, but i will tell him that you dont want to see him and that he is never going to see you again cause you deserve better, than to be treated like that." Michael said through gritted teeth

"Micheal it's ok i need to talk to him anyway" i said while standing up

i walk out of my room and to the front door where i see Harry standing there, when open the door he starts talking to me but i try not to focus on that and the only thing that i am focused on is the thing that i am going to say to him.

when i realize that i am looking at the floor, i lift my head to look at him and when i see his face i see that his cheeks are all red and puffy, he's been crying

"Payton i am so sorry, i love you and i will do anything to have you be mine again, i promise it didnt mean anything, i was drunk because the boys made me drink and it was after a show" Harry said while looking at me with those puppy dog eyes that always make me melt, but not this time, he hurt me and then lied to me about it when i saw him with my own eyes.

"don't, you hurt me Harry and i do, i really do love you but you hurt me and then lied about it to my face and then tried to fight luke when hes the one who has been there for me for the past couple of days, the one who was there to pick me off the ground when you hurt me, you made me like this. and how am i suppose to go one tour next week when i can barley get out of bed in the morning to take a shower!" i said now yelling and hot tears running down my face

Harry just looked at me with a hurt expression, and for the first time in my life i didnt care and right then and there i realized that i dont love harry anymore, that sure he was there for me while i was on tour but i am home now with the best people in the world my brother and my three best friends and hopefully love interest.

"I am sorry harry but after you hurt me countless times i dont think i love you anymore, and i know that hurts you but i have shed to many tears over you and i am done crying, Goodbye Harry i hope you find happiness i hope we can be friends" i said looking at harry but what i saw behind him was a different story, i saw paparazzi 

"harry? look behind you" i said and harry turned around and said "That's not good i should get home before fans start showing goodbye Payton" and he turned around and left but when he left i decided i was going to go over to my friends house, so i grabbed my car keys and went over to my 1970 ford mustang, but i had trouble getting to it because of all the paparazzi they were crowding me and i started breathing really heavy and started to panic, when i finally got in my car the paparazzi ran to there vans and started there engine.

so i started my car and was on my way to my friends house when i noticed that they were following me so i turned a corner really quick to try and lose them but no they were still on my tail so i pressed on the gas and i was now slowly getting to 90 mph, and they were still on my tail but i was too focused on the paparazzi vans following me that i didn't see the other paparazzi van in front of me until CRASH!!!!!!!!



Michaels POV:

when i saw that Payton left when she got done talking to harry i sat on the couch and turned on the TV

it was on cartoons, so i decided to watch that when BREAKING NEWS showed up and interrupted it so i watched that and the headline was PAPARAZZI GOT INTO A CAR CRASH WITH PAYTON CLIFFORD!!!! 

when i saw that my heart stopped and then i got a call from a number i didn't know so i anwsered it 

"Hello" i said without trying to cry 

"Hi this is DR. Grier i am calling to tell you that your sister Payton Clifford has got into a car accident and she is Badly injured." the doctor said

" what happened?" i asked 

"Payton was being chased by paparazzi and the cornered her by crashing i am very sorry but will you come as quickly as possible." the doctor said 

"YES i am on my way"!!!


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