my brothers bestfriend

when Payton comes home from touring around the world because of her music career, her brother micheal starts a band with his 3 bestfriends. but little did she know. one of his friends are going to influence her life forever!!


1. coming home

hi guys, this is my first story i hope you like it!!!!


i had just gotten off my tour bus with the rest of the band, literally with in two seconds of being on ground that wasn't moving. my brother Micheal came out of the house screaming my name in the process of running and tackling me to the ground in a bear hug! 

God i missed you so much Payton, i missed you to big brother. i said pulling me and micheal up, 

come on lets go inside, i want to see mom before i go to sleep.

oh she didn't tell you? Micheal said while looking at me like i was crazy.

tell me what? 

as i said this there was a look of confusion on my face as Micheal continued to tell me, what she forgot to say on the phone. 

payton mom moved to Michigan to help grandma, i guess she is really sick and cant afford to get a nurse so mom said she would help and made me promise to look after you when you go home from tour.

oh. i said while looking at my feet 

Micheal put a finger under my chin to lift up my head to look at him.

are you ok?

yea i am fine, i just dont know why mom didn't tell me when i was talking to her yesterday on the phone.

come on, dont you want to see Luke, ashton, and calum. 

i said yes while running to the house swinging the door open.

i was running to the kitchen and stopped right in front of three guys starring at me.

and i stared back, the starring contest was going on for a while util ashton broke the silence. 

am i dreaming or is there a rockstar in front of me. ashton said 

giggling like a school girl. 

i look at all three of them just thinking how hot all of them have become.

Luke was wearing his nirvana shirt with black skinny jeans and converses 

he had his hair in a quiff which was different, but i liked it. 

and he had a lip ring that was definitely new, but i made him look even hotter

ashton was wearing a guns and roses t shirt and a flannel, with a red bandanna

on his head, he was wearing black skinny jeans and black combat boots. 

calum was wearing a plain black v neck shirt with clack skinny jeans and had his hair pushed off to the side making his blonde highlights show even more.

and here i was wearing a old band tee and skinny jeans with my brown hair in a ponytail.

you guys look great i said, they all looked at me a gave me a shy smile before all hugging me at the same time.

but for some reason i felt luke give me a tight squeeze and then let go before anyone noticed.  


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