my brothers bestfriend

when Payton comes home from touring around the world because of her music career, her brother micheal starts a band with his 3 bestfriends. but little did she know. one of his friends are going to influence her life forever!!


10. can't remember

Payton's POV:

i just sat their in my hospital bed, looking at all the teenage boys that were sleeping beside me. 

but then someone walked in and it was a nurse, "oh, good your awake!"

"ya, um...... do you know who these people are?" i said while pointing to the four boys

"do you not remember?" she asked with a confused look on her face.

"no not really, everything is kinda a haze." when i said this, she relaxed a little 

"oh, then it's not going to be permanent, your memory will come back, i promise." and with that she left the room

I mean they all look familiar, like i met them before, and the one to my right, he has blonde hair, hes really cute.

i got puled out of my thoughts because the boy that was on the left side on my bed, he has red hair. was starting to wake up and when he lifted his head, he locked eyes with mine and when i looked at his face, his cheeks were stained with tears and his cheeks were red and puffy.

he smile the widest smile ever, and his eyes got big and he screamed Payton at me and gave me a tight hug.

and the yelling woke everybody else up, great!

the blonde boy looked at me and smile and looked relieved that i was awake.

"i'm really sorry, but who are all of you and why did you scream payton at me?" i asked and a look of confusion crossed everyone's faces. 

i heard the boy with dark hair whisper dammit under his breath while he was looking at the floor. 

then the boy next to him with brown curly hair spoke "um... your name is payton, and this guy over here with the red hair is your brother micheal, the guy with the blonde hair to your right is luke your almost boyfriend, this guy right next to me is calum your best friend and i'm ashton, i'm one of your best friends too."  

all i could get out was "oh". 

"well i'm really sorry that i don't remember you guys, you seem really nice but the nurse came by earlier and said once you guys woke up i could go home, so who do i live with?" i ask and micheal raised his hand and i nodded and asked if he brought me any clothes to change into, he nodded and helped me to get out of bed and handed me a bag of clothes and then i went into the bathroom and changed into a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a mayday parade t-shirt.

i wonder if i dress like this all the time? i pulled out my shoes, which were red high top converses, and he brought me a black leather jacket and a makeup bag, so i did my makeup, so eyeshadow that would go with my outfit, winged eyeliner and mascara. once i felt ok with how i looked, i came out of the bathroom and luke looked straight at me. 

like his eyes were going to pop out of his skull, then calum spoke up " this might sound weird, but i say this sort of stuff all the time to you, but you look so hot right now." when he said that luke threw a plastic cup at him and calum just started laughing. but my face just got really red. 

" payton, i signed all the papers for you to be discharged, so are you ready cause you are going to ride with me, and the doctor said that because you don't remember anything you need to do things that you would do in everyday life, and he said that you could't go back to your music, you have to do things that you would do before you got famous."

when he said this a wave of confusion went over me and i think luke saw it because he got michaels attention and gave him the you're and idiot look "michael, she doesn't remember anything, she doesn't know she's famous you idiot!" calum and ashton laughed 

"oh shit! sorry.... but yeah your famous". he said 

"what am i famous for?" i am getting really curious about my life at the moment.

" your in a famous band called hey violet and me and the guys are in a famous band as well were 5 seconds of summer, and when we walk outside of this hospitial, their are going to be alot of fans and paprazzi, so because you can't remember what happened, which i will explain to you in the car, i want you to stay close to me and to not stop for anybody ok."

this is a lot to process if you think about it, 

i woke up in a hospitial bed with a room full of people i don't know, but i feel like i can trust. 

i just learned my name was payton, i have a brother named micheal, an almost boyfriend luke, and to bestfriends calum and ashton, and i am in a famous pop punk band called hey violet. 

this is going to be a long day!



when we went out side of the hospitial, it was crazy their were thousands of people and their was police and body guards trying to keep the fans and the paprazzi away from us do we could go to are car. 

once we reached micheals car, he turned and looked at me. "so why was i in the hospitial and why can't i remember anything?" i ask as curiosity takes over my brain

he looks at me and sighs "well you got in a car accident, you were mad at your ex boyfriend harry styles, and you drove off i was inside watching tv and i didn't even know you left until the news interupt's my show, with breaking news about how hey violet lead singer Payton clifford was in a car accident because of paparzzi, the doctors said that there was three vans following you and there was a van that cut you off and one behind you that was crashing onto you and then you car flipped and because you didn't have your seatbelt on, you flew through the windshield and hit you head on the pavement pretty hard and that's why you cant remember." he said telling me the story. 

all i managed to get out was "wow" 

"so what did i do before being in the band, what was i like, was i a good girl, bad girl?" i asked.

" hahaha, you were no good girl that's for sure, um...... do you really want to know what you did?" he asked not sure if he wanted to tell me.

"yes!" i said 

"well you went to a party every other weekend with me and the guys, you drank and smoked weed, and you use to race cars, and you were really good at it, better than me and the boys". he said while i looked at him with my jaw dropped.

"OMG! i'm a fucking badass!" i say as i look at him 

" ya you are, while you were still in school every girl wanted to be you and every guy wanted to get with you, but you weren't that type of girl, oh and this one girl madison peterson hated you guts, you still do to this day!" he said while starting the car.

"where are we going?" i asked 

" were going to race cars". he said 

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