Breaking Boundaries -Blood Ties-

This is the sequel to Breaking Boundaries so if you haven't read that, definitely go back and check it out otherwise spoilers!

This follows Alexandra and Krea's child years after her birth, Kiara. She was raised by her aunt Roux. She was never one to take things seriously. She just liked having fun. After her mother Krea attacked the Cao kingdom many years ago, they have been silent. No one knows if they even exist. It was peaceful, well somewhat. Aside from the thieves and bandits and rebels, it's pretty nice in the town of Hayland. Until Kiara is at the wrong place at the wrong time and her parents past catches up with her. Can she stay on the right path or will the evil temptation take over Haylands only hope of survival...


3. Taking Control

As if in an instant, Kiara and Danni were at the Kingdoms exit. "What the hell!" She shouted and walked out of the blue barrier.

"I did as I was told."

"Yeah you fucking ran and took me with you."Kiara accused pointedly before clutching her rips, Danni saw the action and moved to healer only for Kiara to move away anger at the situation and her evident. Danni sighed.

"I don't care what you say. You are my priority keeping you safe is my job."

"Well those people we left behind are my priority and I'm going back for them. You better do your job and come with me." She said while running towards the stadium, but the pain in her chest caused by the necklace brought her to her knees aching her rips and virtually everything else, that was a worse pain then when the necklace reacted to Kevin. "What the hell?" She looked around and saw the same woman she had seen in her dream just the other night. Kiara's heart dropped and her blood went cold, she tired getting up but her body wouldn't listen to her, it was just like when she first saw Kevin. No. It was a thousand times worse the redhead was shaking uncontrollably her skin turning pale. 'That's Charlie?! she's a fucking monster!' Kiara's mind screamed, she needed to move she was willing her body as hard as she could but she might as well have be made of stone nothing would budge.

The blond woman walked closer until she was a mere feet away. "There you are." She said in a motherly tone. That didn't fit her energy whats so ever to much hate to sound like that. But even so Kiara felt drawn to it like it was Roux that called her or her mothers in the girls dreams. Charlie out stretched her hand beckoning her to come, Kiara's body was obeying she couldn't stop but then she heard her mothers voices.


"Get the fuck away from me!" Kiara said as her body finally listened she crawled backwards towards Danni. Who at this point had both hand engulfed in flame an lighting glaring daggers into Charlies eyes.

"Touch her and you di-"

"Oh please, be a good girl Danni and give her here." Charlie stated unimpressed.

Danni started hearing something then it was a melody in her head, it was soft and warm. Her body became rigid as the melody got louder finally turning into a defining song only she could hear. Danni's eyes became clouded and among the song she heard only Charlie's voice. 'give her here Danni.' The mage turned to Kiara.

"Yes mistress."

"What?!" Kiara questioned. She was brought to her feet by the strong grip of who she used to call family. There was something different in Danni's eyes. "Please don't do this. What happened to you and me in this together?" There was no response. A few men stood behind Charlie, waiting to follow whatever orders the blond gave. They came face to face. "What do you want with me?"

"God. You sound like Krea. I have plans to take over this land. Like I was supposed to years ago. You are going to be a thorn in my side if you are loose. I can't have that. Take her to the dungeon. And bring her new friend. What was her name? Oh! Lily. The daughter of Christina."

Queen Christina? The one that helped my mother? Kiara thought. "I will kill you."

"Good luck with that little girl. Take her away."

The men did as they were told and grabbed her arms as they made their way to the forest. Kiara needed to get to her family. But couldn't do it alone. She needed help. She waited until she was out of who she assumed was Charlie's view. The hidden blades came out as she sent the right one through the mans skull to her left. The one on the right was to shocked and couldn't even draw his sword before she sent the other dagger through his heart before running into the woods. After five minutes of her running as fast as she could, she ran into someone and they were both sent to the ground. "Ow." Kiara voiced before looking over to find familiar green eyes. "Lily? What the hell are you doing out here?"

"Are you okay?" She asked while helping Kiara up.


"Look I'm sorry that I wasn't there, I had to do something but I promise to explain later. What's going on?"

"My parents demons coming back for me."

"I didn't think it would happen this soon."

"You knew?"

"That's where I was. I was finding answers."

"Look my family and friends are still there. They are either dead or captured and I need to free the ones that are alive."

"I'm in."

"I never asked."

"You didn't have to. We will go as soon as the sun sets. We'll have to do it alone though. They might not have a lot of time."


"You're hurt."

Kiara looked at her shoulder. "Just a flesh wound."

Lily rolled her eyes. "Come on. We have to camp out close to the castle walls. Can you create force fields?"


"Good. Come on. We'll get you all patched up and I can explain what happened."

They sat next to each other as Lily finished wrapping up Kiara's wound. "I waited." Kiara said, breaking the silence. "Two hours I waited."

"I'm sorry. Last night when you left, I remembered all the stories my mother used to tell me about Queen Alexandra and how she helped her wife Krea after her death. She mentioned a kid, but said that the kid didn't make it. You told me your name and it rung a bell. Than I remembered the stories about you. They were myths I thought, but I had to know for sure."

"So you went to your mom. Queen Christina."

"Yes. I'm sorry I didn't tell you and I wasn't there for our." She stopped there, trying to think of the right word. "Night together. I just had to know."

"Great. So you know everything about me and I know nothing about you."

"I knew your mother."

"Which one?"

"Krea. I helped her escape her imprisonment from Charlie's dungeon. I let her know Alexandra was pregnant with you. I never knew you made it though."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty three."

"How long have you been that age?"

"Enough to live it two or three times."

"When were you going to tell me?"

"Does it matter? I'm telling you now."

"Thanks I guess."

"Look Kiara. I really like you and I was really looking forward to our date tonight."

"So your saying it was a date?"

"Well. If you wanted it to be."

"I only spent an hour in front of the mirror. All for nothing cause now I look like shit."

"I think you look great. All things considered."

"Gee thanks." They smiled. "Can we just put this behind us and start over?"

"I'd like that."

Kiara held out her hand, "Hi. I'm Kiara. Kiara Delgado Bu."

Lily laughed a little. "It's nice to meet you Kiara. My name's Lily Rivera."

"That's a beautiful name."

Their hands met and it felt like sparks again. Their eyes connected as Kiara moved closer. Lily mirroring the younger woman. Their breathes caught in their throats as they heard footsteps outside of the barrier that made them blend in with their surroundings. Noticing it was just a commoner that was able to escape. They waited until it was clear. "I guess it's time to make this plan a reality." Lily said, turning her head to hide the disappointment.


They were crouched down, just outside of the entrance and noticed the cage where her family was kept. "This is probably a trap." Kiara whispered.

"If it is than I know you'll be there to save me."

"I still don't know why you have to go alone."

"Do you really want an honest answer."

Kiara looked down. "I already know."

"Okay then. Here goes nothing."

She made her way to the cages, sticking to the shadows and taking down anyone in her way that wouldn't move fast enough. She made it and started working on the cage's lock. Kiara keeping an eye out for anyone sneaking behind them. She got the lock free and everyone started rushing towards Kiara's direction. Roux wrapped her in her arms. "Thank the Gods your alive."

"Love you too. Now get going."

"Meet us at the Anderfell's Kingdom. Tell them you're related to Krea and you know Lily."

"Alright. Be safe."

After making sure that everyone was out, she turned around and noticed Kevin kicking Lily who was on the ground. "Lily!" She shouted while running towards the two. She was stopped in her tracks and couldn't move. "There there honey. I wouldn't want you hurting my men and miss all the fun."

"How are you doing this?"

"You're mind is too strong for me to control, but I can stop your body. Don't make me do something you'll regret."

"Get away from her!" Kiara shouted as the man landed a punch to Lily's already bruising face.

"How does it feel Kiara? To watch someone you care about in pain?"

"That's what Krea did to my boys. My beautiful sons."

"I'm sure they deserved every second." Kiara spat.

"So did your mother when I caught her. That is one of my fondest memories with my daughter. God she suffered for what she did, but I'm sure you remember that." Charlie noticed the confusion and hurt on the red heads face. "Oh? You don't? Krea must have left all the bad stuff out to protect you. Let me help you remember."

Charlie's eyes glowed a bright red and Kiara felt it all ,as if she had been her mothers. Krea's adoptive parents deaths, Malcolm dying alone on a table, burn marks all over his bandage covered body. My Fault! It's my fucking fault! The redhead heard her mother's voice screaming in her head as tears built in her eyes. Krea going off to fight Kevin and never returning, Alexandra's sorrow made her chest ache as more tear fell. I let her GO I...I Could have AHHH! Krea seeing the rotting corpses at the castles gates she started this all of it, the war would have never happened if anyone else went in her place families were destroyed because of her and now Alexander lay in bed dying. 

I KILLED THEM ALL OF THEM. The guilt an despair racketed Kiara's very frame as blood materialized in her hands a nation and lovers blood. The red heads throat began aching it was getting hard to breath as if she was in a fire, a man with red eyes is chocking Alex, Krea goes to help but isn't fast enough. She hears a baby crying, the building collapses. Krea is holding Alexandra's dead body close, weeping as fire surrounds them, then slowly Krea raises her head glaring death itself into Kiara. This is all YOUR FAULT ! The redhead cries out grubbing her head tight with both hands. "STOP IT! PLEASE STOP SHOWING ME ALL OF THIS!!" The woman sobbed into the ground as it went on. Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"Why stop when it's getting good? This quiet village made you soft if anything I'm helping you" Charlie smirked. "You are going to feel everything your mother felt while I tortured her for those many weeks. And this taste is only the beginning. I promise. Now then look at the first three days"

Kiara's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she rapidly saw every thing done to Krea. Her flesh felt like it was boiling, her heart pounded erratically as she felt every bone in her body break at once and be put back together only to shatter again. Fire singed her legs and arms as cuts and stab wounds the rest of her body. She felt vermin crawl all about her body as a blade followed. It was dark, so dark. Magic entered her body sucking her life out and momentary death set in there was nothing at the end. It was on repeat the whipping, cutting, stabbing, bones breaking tasting her own blood as it bubbled up in her throat. Kiara couldn't take anymore and finally passed out.

Charlie smiled as she summoned a few men to take the two girls to the castle she had been building in secret for years. "Make sure they are in two different rooms, but I want them to be able to hear each others screams."

"Yes mistress."

"Kevin. Start rebuilding this place. It's time to take back what's ours."

Kevin smirked as he did as he was told.

Charlie watched as the Hayland flag was cut down and their flag was hung. It was now the property of Charlie Cao. The first of many.  


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