Breaking Boundaries -Blood Ties-

This is the sequel to Breaking Boundaries so if you haven't read that, definitely go back and check it out otherwise spoilers!

This follows Alexandra and Krea's child years after her birth, Kiara. She was raised by her aunt Roux. She was never one to take things seriously. She just liked having fun. After her mother Krea attacked the Cao kingdom many years ago, they have been silent. No one knows if they even exist. It was peaceful, well somewhat. Aside from the thieves and bandits and rebels, it's pretty nice in the town of Hayland. Until Kiara is at the wrong place at the wrong time and her parents past catches up with her. Can she stay on the right path or will the evil temptation take over Haylands only hope of survival...


4. Escape

Picture of Roux
Kiara woke up her chains rattling the sound echoing in the room she was trapped in, the young rouges wrists were caked over with dried blood from days of struggle or what felt like days. She attempted to lift her head to find a way to pick the lock for the thousandth time but at this motion her throat filled with acidic stomach fluid which combined with the lack of food only resulted in a fit of dry heaves and minor acid burns n her tongue making her eyes water. Her organs were gripping and twisting in a way that made it almost impossible to breath, if she did dare take a long breath her bruised mid section would rack with mind numbing pain. 

Kiara's jaw clenched,Charlie came in time after time and aside from the mind breaking torture she'd also through raw meat in front of the red head leaving her in with the option of eating it at her feet like a stray dog her bitch,Kiara refused so the raw meat would spoil over time as more was piled on the smell was indescribable. 

The red head had flashes on and off of Krea's own torture so far it had been nothing but physical pain for herself but she hadn't had the 'pleasure' of magical torture. She tried getting up, but was stopped as a sharp pain came from her ribs. They had added new chains that were impervious to any magic,she was too weak to attempt magic either way. Kiara looked around the room, only being able to see out of her left eye due to the right being swollen shut. Then a voice snapped her attention away from her pain and memories.

"What is your relation to Christina."

Charlie'svoice came through clear almost as if they were in the same place, itcame from the room next to her.

"Iam only a servant."

"StopLYING!" The woman growled. "Look," She seemed to calmdown seeming to take a deep breath."The last thing I want to dois hurt you Lily. You don't deserve to even be here."

Lily? Kiarathought.

"Thanwhy am I?"

"Becauseyou are close to Kiara. By the way she reacted while you were beaten,it shows you mean something to her. And that can be of use to me."

"Lily!"Kiara screamed the best she could at the wall. She was deprived waterso her voice came out as a scratchy whimper.

"Kiara!"Lily responded.

"Oh good. Now that you are both awake, we can finally begin." Charlie said. "Kevin, go pay Kiara a visit. See if we can't getanswers out of Lily here."

"Don'ttouch her you fucking swine!"

"Feisty. I love it." Charlie said before shutting the door behind the man. "Now. I am going to ask you a question. If you don't answer, than Kiara will pay for your defiance. Understand."

"Fuck. You."

"Kevin can you hear me."

"Yes ma'am."

"Good. Wait till I give the signal. Do whatever you please, just don't kill her."

"Yes my lady." Kevin walked up to Kiara. "I'm going to enjoyhearing your screams." He then walked behind her and ripped hershirt to reveal her back before grabbing the whip from his belt. "Ready when you are Charlie."

Charlie smiled at his voice. This was her favorite thing to do. "Now, Lily. We will start with the easy questions and just work our way up. Sound good." Lily was just silent. "The Anderfell Kingdom,how big is their army exactly?" She still stayed silent. "Three seconds to answer. "One... Two... Kevin."

The man heard Charlie through the wall clearly and drew his arm back, sending the whip forward with inhuman force, causing a cracking sound as it made contact with Kiara's skin. "AAHHHHHHH!" Kiara screamed as the contact broke her skin and blood came dripping down.

"Kiara!" Lily shouted as a tear came streaming down her cheek.

"So that is what will get you to speak."

"Please stop this." She cried out.

"This wouldn't have happened if you would just answer the question."

"Don't tell them anything Lily! I'll b- AHHHHH!"

Lily could hear the crack of the whip from the other room. "I don'tknow! I'm a servant. I told you."

"You lie far better than I. Props, but I can smell your bullshit from a mile away. How many?" Lily bit her tongue, knowing what would happen next. "Damn you girl! Kevin! Make her suffer!"

Lily could hear the painful sobs coming from Kiara. She didn't know how long she could last. Then it was silent. The door opening startled Lily. "Charlie. She's out cold."

"She didn't last too long. I expected more considering she is Krea'schild. Very well." Charlie turned towards Lily. "Listen here girl. You will answer my questions. I hope you find your tonguethe next we meet.

Kiara. Kiara wake up.

Thered head woke up and saw a blurred vision. "Krea?"

Hey sweet heart. Listen I know this hurts. I've been here before. They can hurt you physically, but as long as your mind is in tact, they can not break you. Don't lose hope. You'll make it out of this.

"I don't think I can mom."

I know you can. I'm not leaving you. I'll talk you through this. You'll get out of here in no time.

"How am I able to see you?"

It's something I did when I was alive to see your mother after her death. It's a little bit different considering its the other way around now.I can't actually make contact with you or any object. I'm still working on that part. Listen Kiara. I love you, keep your mind on something or someone who will keep you going.

"Thanks mom."


"Lily?Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

"Not since they took us. What are they doing to you?"

"Don't worry about it. I'm fine. I'm gonna find a way out of this and we are going to kill Charlie. I promise."

"Please don't make promises you can't keep."

"I always keep my promises." Kiara started messing with her chained wrists. "Mom? Can you help me with this in any way?"

I suppose I could transfer my energy into you, but that is very dangerous and could kill you. Alex would never forgive me.

"We have to try."

You are very brave Kiara. It won't last long, but you will be verypowerful and will have my abilities.

"What do you have to do?"

I have to put myself inside your body.

"That's nasty mom."

It's this or hope that someone rescues you.


"Who are you talking too?" Lily asked.

"Um. I'll explain later, just hold tight, I'll be there in a minute."

"Wait what?"

"Alright mom. Let's do this."

I will be in control of your body, but your mind will stay yours.

"That's fine, just get me out of here."

Forgive me princess. You better hope your mother doesn't kill me after this.

"That's a horrible joke mom."

On the count of three.



"I love you."

I love you too honey. So much. Alright, one. Two. Three!

Kiara felt a freezing gust of wind enter her body, than immediately felt warm. She tried to move but couldn't, she wasn't in control, but knew exactly what was happening. "Cool." She said before her hands started shaking. "Mom, I don't think you can break the cha-" Her sentence was cut short as the chains broke into pieces and she was free. Jumping to her feet, she felt like none of the pain was ever there. "Alright, I stand corrected. Hurry, we have to get to Lily."

Kiara moved to the metal door and put her palm against the knob. It turned to ice before she kicked it open and saw the underground tunnel she had been in. "That was easy. Quick the door to the left is where Lily is. Look out!" She saw a large man running at her, but couldn't move. "Come on mom, what are you waiting for?"

My moment.

"Seriously?" Just then, the man brought his sword down, but Kiara side stepped out of the way as she balled her fists. Flames engulfed her hands as she gave the man a strong hook to the face, sending him to the ground crying in pain. Then being engulfed in flames as well. "I'm sure they heard that. Please tell me you know your way out of here."

I do. This is where she took me years ago when I was in your position.

"I'm so sorry."

Now's not the time for grieving. Oh and by the way, this Lily girl we are saving. She saved me the night you were born so she's a keeper.

Kiara just rolled her eyes as she unlocked the door to where Lily was being held. The girl looked stunned, but also started to cry looking at the red head. "It looks worse than it feels. Promise. Come on, let's get you out of here." Kiara got one hand loose before the door shut and Kevin was inside smiling. 

"Maybe I should give you more credit. I underestimated you. Come here so I can put you back in your place princess."

"Don't call her that!" Lily didn't recognize that voice. It came from Kiara, but it wasn't her, even the girl herself seemed shocked. Before she could think, she was charging at Kevin as they countered each others moves. Lily started on her other hand.

Kiara was kicked in the sternum and sent across the room, hitting the far wall. "Ow." She got up and they started running at eachother, Kiara sliding between his legs to be behind him and created what looked to be ice made to be a sword and broke it across the back of his head. "Fucker."

"What did they do to you?" Lily asked. "They didn't do anything, like I said, I'll explain later. I promise." Kiara freed Lily before they ran out of the exit and into the cold night air, but Kiara was brought to the ground as the pain took over again. "Mom?"She whispered but there was no one.

"Come on Kiara. We have to get to my mom and I have no clue where we are. Can you move?"

"Yeah, but it'll hurt like hell."

Lily was confused, but didn't question it. "Alright, are you strong enough to make a force field to last the night?"


"Good. I'll carry you until we are a safe distance, come on." They made it a fair distance, but were even more lost. "This'll have to do." Lily said while sitting Kiara down. "I'll start on the fire while you start the field."

After awhile Kiara was lying next to the fire before being joined by Lily. "We are really starting a habit of camping in dangerous areas."

Kiara laughed at that. "Yeah, I'd rather it be with you than some random person though."

"I kind of am. We know nothing about each other."

"Wrong. You apparently know everything about me."

"Not everything, just where you came from and what you're capable of. And when are you going to tell me how the hell you got us out of there?"

"It was my mother."

"Which one?"

"Krea. She... I don't know what she did. I guess she controlled me and gave me her abilities for a few minutes."

"Are you crazy! That is so dangerous. It could've killed you."

"But it didn't."

"Don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Play it off like it's no big deal."

"Sorry. It's just what I do." They both looked up to the stars. "Itis really beautiful here."

"Yeah, wherever here is."

"Stop thinking for like a second and just take in where you are now. Enjoy the moment because right now, the moment is perfect."

Lily turned to look at the girl she feels like she's known her own life. There was a connection between them. She turned to her side and rested her head on her palm. "Kiara?"


Lily didn't say a word, she just crawled on top of Kiara and mounted her waist line before slowly leaning in and stopped a mere inch from the girls lips. A thousands thoughts raced through her head, all saying to stop, but she didn't listen. There lips met and it started as a soft peck, but the need grew as it became more passionate and they moved in sync. After a few minutes, Kiara stopped it the kiss looking confused. "I'm taking in the moment." Was all Lily said before kissing the girl yet again. Roaming hands went down Kiara's hips before she leaned up into a sitting position with Lily on her lap.

Lily never noticed, but right then, all Kiara's wounds had started closing up. Kiara would place her hands on any major injuries for Lily. The scars and bruises would still be there, but there was no more pain. Kiara quickly flipped them over so that she was on top and smirked at Lily's shocked expression. "Like your that surprised." Kiara said with a smirk.

"Shut it."

It was dark, but Kiara could see lust filled eyes so she took a chance on this girl. Something about this girl made all the chances and risks worth it.

"Why aren't they back yet?" Roux asked while pacing back in forth in front of Christina.

"I'm sure they got held up, knowing my daughter, I'm sure she's taking very good care of Kiara. They might be awhile."

"It's been a two weeks. You can't be serious? Things have turned for the worst now that people are actually following Charlie. We will be outnumbered. Your armies numbers are not what they used to be."

"You remind me a lot of Krea." Christina said, dropping her act. "Fine. Yes, it's obvious that something went wrong, but there is nothing we can do. You said it yourself, we are outnumbered. If they are still alive than the will make it. We must stay here so that they have a safe place to come back to. I can't leave this place unprotected."

"And I can't just sit here and hope that my niece is okay."

"You've been doing very well so far."

"Because your men are keeping me here against my will."

"It is for your own good. I promise you that Kiara and Lily will return to us. In due time."

Roux stormed out of the room before heading to Clea's. "No more waiting, I need you to go after Kaira."

"Yes my lady. When do we leave?"

"You will wait til tomorrow when the sun sets." Clea nodded her head before Roux walked out. She was about to make it to her room before she ran into a very familiar face. "Jordan?"

"Roux?" They shared an embrace for a few moments. "What are you doing here?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing. I thought you didn't make it. Is Walter here?"

Jordan looked down. "Walter gave his life for mine. He died in the battle with Charlie."

"I'm so sorry."

"It was a long time ago. Doesn't stop the pain, but it's bearable. After I saw that we had won, I thought Charlie was dead, but I saw Krea's body being carried out, I lost it. I ran until I couldn't anymore. I had lost everyone I had ever loved. It was all too much. After a few months on my own, I found myself back at the old Cao castle just to find it under a new ruler. Christina took me in and made me Commander. I've been out on an mission for a while. God it is good to see you old friend. How is Kiara? I heard she made it?"

"She's missing. Her and Lily."

"Both of them? How? What happened?"

"I'll explain everything. Maybe it'll calm my nerves. Come on in." She said motioning to her room.

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