Chasing after you is like a fairytale (Phan)


3. 0.3

"Don't call me a monk!" Dan practically yells. Phil just smiles, then with no warning, jumps on top of Dan. "Oh my God, Phil. You're so fat." Phil just adds more weight. "Phil! I can't see the show," Dan tries wiggling away, but, to no avail. "You don't want to look at me? You would rather watch this dumb show?" Phil questions raising his eyebrows so they're visible poking out of the top of his glasses. "Yeah I think I'll take the latter," Dan tests to see how far he can push Phil. Phil knows what Dan is doing, and boy does he want to win this fight, but even more, he wants nothing but to talk to his boy. "Pay attention to me please!" Phil breathes a little heavier. At least this got Dan's attention. "And what if I don't?" He pushes a little further. Phil still sits on top of him, now straddling him so he can't see the show. Phil thinks of something and says the first thing that comes to mind before actually processing it. "If you don't give me attention right now, Dan Howell, then I'm, then I'm leaving you!"

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