The Vow (Destiel)

DISCLAIMER: I got this idea from a YouTube video, so if you claim it as copyright I apologize.
What if 7 years of your life just disappeared? Waking up one morning in the hospital, confused and unsure of things? Dean and Castiel were happily married before a car accident took all of Castiels memories of his husband. Now Dean must fight to win his heart before its too late.
Can a profound love find a second chance?
Or will it be history forever?


1. before 1.

Today was the day Dean is going to marry the love of his life. Today was the day that Castiel was going to steal Dean's last name like he stole his heart. So many nerves going through Dean's veins as he looked himself over in the mirror, almost time for him to stand at the altar and wait for his beautiful fiance - almost husband - to come down the isle.

Dean walked down, taking a deep breath and stood there, talking to Sammy, his best man. All the angels were either in the church or watching over, smiling with glee as the first angel to ever get married. The music started, making all the guests stand and Dean look at the door, his eyes closing a bit as he concentrated, seeing Castiel come out in a beautiful dress, a light blush falling onto his cheeks as Dean stared at his significant other, a big smile formed onto his face. Once Chuck had released Castiel to go onto the altar, giving each other small smiles. After the priest had said his things, it was Deans turn to say his vows. So, Dean reached for Castiels hands and looked at him straight in the eyes.

"I know when I'm at my best. and that's driving down crazy street next to you. I try to protect you and keep you safe all the time, even when you say you don't need it. I'm proud of us." he said, licking his lips and continued staring at Castiel. "Don't you ever think that there is anything, past or present that I would put in front of you. 'Cause when you're not around, I'm constantly consumed by fear. But 'yanno, maybe were each others accuse." he said, almost finished, "Maybe they'll find a way to use each other against us. I don't know, but what I do know is, we're all we got. And I promise to never let go of it." he finished, his eyes turning a bit glossy as Castiel stood there, speechless almost.

"I can't top that" Castiel suddenly said, letting out a small giggle and looked down, wiping his eye because he generally thought that was beautiful. Castiel took a deep breath and pulled out the piece of paper, his cheeks went a little pink as he ripped the paper, letting the loose sheets fall and looked at Dean. "I'm in love with you and everything you do. I vow that despite anything happening to us, we will stay together and I will love you forever. I promise that on everything I can." Castiel had said and looked at Dean. "I want every piece of you. The good, the ugly, anything and everything. I love you, Dean." He said, silence falling on the room as it felt like the two of them in a room together, spilling everything to each other. The priest had said what he needed to, asking if they take each other as husband and husband. They both agreed and off it went.

They leaned towards each other, slow and lovingly. Everyone in the room could tell they were so in love. There was no denying anything, everyone thought they were adorable anyways. The silence filled with claps and happiness.

They had kissed.


Later on that night, they left for their honeymoon. Of course, Dean had chose the best for his lover and his lover would've done the same. When they reached the place, the song "I can't fight this feeling" was on, smiling and singing to each other; they knew that night they were going to make love, there wasn't a doubt in mind for that. Other than that, they got out; still singing and they danced out, under the moonlight and stars. They had stayed close, Castiel grabbing Deans hand and lead him to the bedroom. No, not because he was needy or anything - he just wanted things to be romantic. Dean understood, dancing cutely on his way with Castiel. They kissed softly, going to each other and taking off clothes. Soon enough they were making love.

Dean had been slow for Castiel, kissing his neck and face while quiet moans were filling the room. Castiel hummed a bit after from the feeling, hitting the right spot every time. Soon enough; done. They finished and Dean had sighed contently, smiling at Cas, Cas smiling back as they cuddled and went to sleep.

This was the beginning of something beautiful.


{743 words}

Obviously, sexual content will be detailed in future chapters. :)

- Casper


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