Michael Coming Out Of The Closet

This is a Malum FanFiction which is a little out there, but if you are reading it then please stick with it.


1. Part 1

It has been a year since I found Michael Clifford completely stuck in the closet. He was afraid of how his reputation would change and if he could carry on without the new life he built in the closet. He promised me that as soon as everyone knew he was gay he no longer hide in this made up world. Michael took a long time to trust me enough to tell me he was gay. Inside I always knew it but I was not going to push him into anything. But now his fans were guessing this he was jumpy about everything, from being seen with an old school friend to being sat closely with one of his band mates. Rumors were starting that Malum was real: even though this is true he didn't want the world to find out that way, the thicker and juicier the rumor the more I saw him spiral downwards. I wanted to help him come out in the best way for him, which could however, be the worst way for everybody else. This included Cal's management planned girlfriend, who believed he was in love with her. 

Today I am meeting Michael in his world again, he text me this morning asking if we could meet up to talk. I walked through invisible door into the snow covered landscape, the cold air made my exhale look like smoke. I wandered over to the wifi post where I first met him and waited for him to show up. To pass the time I tried to make different patterns with my smoky breath.

"Hey Y/N," he said from behind me which made me jump,"I really need to talk to you about something," this made me really anxious about what could come next.

"Go ahead, you know you can talk to me about anything," I was trying to hide how nervous I was by playing it cool.

"I have wanted to talk to you about this for a while, but I never really knew how to approach you about it. I don't want you to think this means more than it actually does, it is just an idea, okay?" My mind was thinking of all the unreasonable things Michael could be referring to, this is when it started getting a lot to process and my eyes started brimming with tears ready to spill down my cheeks.

"Michael, when have I ever thought more of a situation unless you tell me to?"

"You haven't but this is different and I need to tell you before I change my mind all together," his voice started to croak during the last few syllables.

"You are scaring me please can you tell me what is going on," you felt the tears tumble down your cheeks and pas your chin. Michael, being the nice guy he is, used the pad of his thumb to to wipe away your tears.

"Me and Cal have decided that we need to publicly come out, we feel that we are not being completely honest with our fans and they deserve our honesty. Would you help us with it please? We are not sure on the best way to do it." The way he spoke made you feel appreciated, that you could make a difference in this world.

"Of course I would help. However, the best way for you and Cal could mean a lot of people get hurt, are you sure you want to do it?" I didn't want him to change his mind but I didn't want to push him into anything he wasn't ready for.

"Yes, we don't want to lie to the world anymore."



Hey. I am Emily and I plan on writing a lot in the next few months. If any people are reading and enjoying this so far then can you please recommend it to other people. Thank you so much. xx








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