Too Far

"In your bed or in your car... On the Earth or up in the stars... I want to be where you are... Even if that means going too far..."


5. The inevitable mentions of the past.

                Yvonne's point of view

"Babe, you seem tense." Ash says as he takes a glance at me before looking back to the road.
"Thats because I am." I say.
"Well, try not to be... I'm sure she'll love you." He says
"I hope so..." I mumble.
"Just relax." He says as he takes my hand in his.
"I'll try..." I say as I give his hand a squeeze.
"Thats the spirit." He smiles faintly.

        When we get there, Ashton turns off the car, jumps out, and walks over to my door and opens it for me, reaching his hand out to me. I gladly take his hand and get out, smiling.

        We begin to walk to the front door, each step closer the louder the intense music playing in my dramatic and imaginative mind gets. I then begin to yield then eventually stop walking all together.

"Are you sure its not too soon for me to meet her? Can't we just come back another time?" I ask, chickening out.
"Don't be ridiculous, babe. Lets just get this over with. It'll be alright, you can do this." He tries to motivate me.
"Fine, if you say so..." I sigh, giving in once again.

        We continue walking to the door. When we get to it, Ashton opens it with his key. We walk in and I nervously look around. 

"Ashton, Yvonne! Welcome!" Ash's mom exclaims, coming out of nowhere causing me to jump slightly.
"Hi, mom. You didn't have to jump scare us since Yvonne is already scared enough to be here." Ash says.
"And why is that? What? Did you describe me as a monster to her or something?" She says.
"No, not really." He chuckles faintly.
"Then good." She playfully glares at him.
"Hello, I'm Anne Marie. I'm glad you could make it tonight." She says, shaking my hand.
"Hi, I'm Yvonne as you already know... I'm glad I could make it too." I say, shaking her hand.
She smiles a bit before saying "Follow me." She leads Ashton and I to the dinning room where three plates of beautiful food is awaiting us.
"Wow, that looks great." I say, eager to eat.
"Thank you, I try." She smiles proudly as she takes a seat.

        Ashton pulls out my chair for me causing me to smile as I sit. He's so sweet.

"Awe, my little boy is such a gentle man." Anne Marie gushes.
"Indeed." I agree.
"Wait. 'Little boy?' I am a man, mother!" Ashton says before flexing his biceps.
"Ya, thats why you're living with me again." She sasses before taking a sip of her wine causing me to stifle a giggle.
"Wow, ma." He says 'coldly' as he playfully glares at her before picking up his fork to start eating.
"Ashton, no! No eating until after we say grace! We are Christian, don't you remember!" She exclaims.
"Ugh, Fine. And yes, now I do." He rolls his eyes causing me to stifle another giggle.

        We then say grace. I'm not a religious person at all but I just went with the flow for this one. I'd hate to be the odd one out.
"Okay. You can dig in now, my hungry son." She says.
"Wow, thanks." He says before eating. 
"No problem, kid. Anyways. Yvonne, tell me about yourself." She says before eating as well.
"Um... I don't know where to start to be honest..." I mumble.
"I see. I'd have the same issue if I were you. But lets start with where you work." She says.
"Lotus Salon." I say.
"For how long?" She asks.
"A couple of weeks." I say.
"Do you like it there?" She asks.
"Yeah, I love it." I smile.
"Good for you." She smiles back.
"Mhm." I hum before finally eating too.
"So, where'd you work before the salon?" She asks, causing me to become tense all over again.

        I look over at Ashton with panic written all over my face. He then gives me a look that says 'If you're going to lie, make sure its a good one. We can't have you get wrapped up in lies, especially in front of her.' Well, that advice did not help my anxiety.

"Uh... I worked at places out side of town." I lie.
"Like where?" She interrogates.
"Like supermarkets... Liquor stores... Clubs being a bartender... Places like that." I shrug as I lie again.
"Ah... I see..." She says.
"So, I hear that you have an American accent meaning that you most likely came from there. What made you come all they way to Australia?" She asks.
"I was feeling adventurous and wanted a change of scenery and climate." I say, going back to being honest.
"Hm, I like that." She nods with approval causing me to smile.
"You came here all by yourself?" She asks.
"Yup." I confirm.
"Wow, thats pretty ballsy. You must've been lonely." She says.
"Yeah, but then I met some amazing friends and a great guy." I grin at Ashton and he grins back.
"Ooh, do tell about your friends." She says.
"Well, I'm living with my best bud Elizabeth and her boyfriend Michael for now. Elizabeth is from America too meanwhile Michael is from here. Elizabeth came here because of her good friend Joanne. Oh, and Calum and Luke are from here too." I tell her.
"Nice." She says.
"Very." I agree.
"Ash, do you like Yvonne's friends?" She asks him.
"Of course." He says with his mouth full.
"Then should I meet-" She starts.
"No, ma. Why don't you try to go meet all of Lauren and Harry's people instead of mine. Face it, you can't meet everybody I like and cross paths with." He says.
"Damn." She pouts then giggles.
"Tough shit, I know all about it." He shrugs before chuckling.
"Of course you do." She playfully rolls her eyes.
"So what are some of your hobbies, Yvonne?" She starts interrogating once again.
"Does netflix and drawing count for anything?" I say.
"Drawing does. Netflix doesn't. What do you like to draw?" She asks.
"Abstract versions of things." I answer.
"Ooh, sounds artsy. Is she any good at it though, Ash?" She asks him.
"She's marvelous, mom. I'd put her pictures in a art museum if you ask me." He says causing me to blush very faintly.
"Well then feel free to draw me something, Yvonne. This house could use some brilliant art work on the walls." She says.
"Anything for you, Anne Marie. But speaking of this house, its adorable in my opinion." I admit.
"Thank you, sweetheart." She smiles.
"You're welcome." I smile back.
"Sure this house may be adorable but not as adorable as you are, baby." Ash whispers in my ear before pecking my cheek quickly.
"Ashton, you're not slick, honey. I heard and saw that." Anne Marie giggles a bit as she gets up and takes our empty plates to the kitchen and into the sink.
"Who's up for dessert?" She hollers from the kitchen.
"Me!" Ashton and I exclaim simultaneously.
"Then get in here and help me, Ash!" She says.
"Alright, I'm coming." He says before me and him share a kiss.

        He then goes to the kitchen to help his mother with more delicious food. When they return, they have cake and ice cream but it looks fucking gourmet! The slices of cake are the most beautiful slices of cake I've ever seen. Meanwhile the ice cream is vanilla and its in cute little bowls with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. But the bowl of ice cream Ashton hands me has a heart drizzled on top.

"Oh, my god. You guys are too good to me. Especially you, Ashton." I say before lovingly kissing his cheek causing him to smile.
"Well, of course I am. My lady has to have the best of everything, especially the best of food." He chuckles.
"True." I giggle.
"Hey, Yvonne. What do your friends Elizabeth and Michael do? Oh my god. You must really think that I'm a full blown detective by now. But I'm just curious and trying to make conversation." Anne Marie says.
"I understand. I'd hate to be sitting here in awkward silence or anything like that. I appreciate the conversation. But Elizabeth is a waitress at Bernie's Diner. She really likes it there. And Michael works at Guitar Center where he gives lessons since he plays so well." I tell her.
"That sounds fabulous. Now only if Ashton had a nice job like one of those instead of just panhandling at the damn boardwalk." She gives Ash a look that says 'Get a real damn job already.'
"I think he does fine at the boardwalk. Its actually a special place for us considering he saved me there." I accidentally spill.
"'Saved you?' Saved you from what or who?" She asks. 
"Uh... Um... S-seagulls... Yeah... Seagulls, thats what he saved me from..." I try to cover up the spill.
"Oh... Why do you sound so unsure about that though?" She asks.
"Unsure? I'm not unsure about anything..." I lie.
"You can be honest with me, Yvonne. Plus, I hate liars so don't put yourself in a bad place now." She says before eating a scoop of ice cream thats just as cold as her ice eyes are which are peering into my soul at the moment.
"Alright... Fine... Heres the truth..." I begin causing Ashton to stare at me with fear, thinking that I'll tell the complete and whole truth to her.
"A guy attacked me and Ashton was there so he saved me..." I say.
"Awe, you poor thing! And Ashton, you're such a good boy! I raised you well, son!" She exclaims.

        Ash just awkwardly nods in agreement. 

"So who exactly was the guy? Why'd he attack you?" She asks which isn't a surprise but its sure a nightmare for Ash and I.
"I guess you could call him my ex... He attacked me because I tried to quit- I mean... I tried to break up with him..." I say, mentally face palming myself for almost fucking everything up once again.
"'Because you tried to quit?' Hearing you say that in this situation for some reason makes me think that you used to be a prostitute or something sick like that." She laughs, thinking that her thought was so ridiculous that it couldn't be true... But it is! 

        Ashton and I exchange looks in disbelief that she actually caught on and this quick. Anne Marie then exams our horrified faces.

"Why does it seem like theres an elephant in the room all of a sudden?" She asks, we don't say anything.
"What? Were you really a prostitute, Yvonne...?" She asks softly, I don't answer, not yet. "Answer me god damn it! I need to know!" She exclaims causing me to jump.
"Y-yes! Yes... I was..." I finally say, terrified as ever.

                Ashton's point of view

        I look at mom and can tell that she's holding back saying harsh things about Yvonne and her past. 

"Ashton, a word with you in the other room." She says, trying not to yell as she gets up.
"Alright..." I mumble, looking at her then at Yvonne with worry in my eyes.
"Today would be nice, Ashton!" She exclaims before grabbing my arm, pulling me up and into the living room.
"What the fuck!? Why are you dating a hooker!? Do you really wish to be like your father and ex step father!? I thought you were a good person!" She shouts.
"I am a good person! I don't want to be like dad and your awful ex husband! I don't like them at all! And she's not a hooker anymore! She has her shit together now! Can't you see that!?" I exclaim.
"Once a hooker, always a hooker! She's eventually going to go back to the prostitution business or the business is going to come back for her! I mean look at her! She still has many hooker years left in her so they're going to want her back until she's old and grey and no one wants to fuck her anymore!" She yells.
"How do you know any of that is true!? Huh!? What!? Were you a hooker back in the day too!?" I shout causing her to slap me across the face.
"Of course I wasn't! How dare you say that to me! I am your mother! Have some respect or else I'll kick you the fuck out of here to go live on the god forsaken streets! Do you understand!?" She screams as I hold my cheek.
"Yes..." I mutter.
"Good! Now go take your hooker girlfriend home! I don't want to see her around here ever again! You're lucky I don't make you break up with her right now!" She exclaims.

        I don't say anything. I just go back to the kitchen where Yvonne is. I reach out my hand for her to take. She takes it then I lead her out of the house and out to the car. I open the car door for her and she gets in. I get in as well. The whole car ride is silent which doesn't make me feel awkward, it just makes me feel apathetic. 

        When we get to Elizabeth and Michael's place we go right to the door.

"I'm sorry about my mom..." I say.
"I should be the one who's apologizing... I shouldn't of admitted to her... I should of kept my mouth shut so I wouldn't have upset her..." Yvonne says.
"No, you did the right thing. But my mom didn't. She over reacted about something thats not even really relevant anymore..." I say.
"Yeah, that may be true but I still don't completely blame her..." She says.

        Before I can say anything else, I hear something coming from the door we're standing outside of. It sounds like a... Moan? Multiple moans?

"Do you hear that?" I ask.
"Hear what?" She asks.
"Oh! Yes, Michael! Right there! Yeah! Just like that! Don't ever stop, baby!" Elizabeth moans from inside the house.
"That." I chuckle.
"Yep, I definitely hear it now." Yvonne giggles.

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