Too Far

"In your bed or in your car... On the Earth or up in the stars... I want to be where you are... Even if that means going too far..."


1. The consequences of quitting.

                Yvonne's point of view

"Seriously, Yvonne. It's about time you get an actual job. You have so much potential, you went to school for cosmetology so you could get an actual job but you're wasting your time on being a prostitute instead? That's just not right! Sorry but I don't know how much longer I want a hooker living on top of us..." Elizabeth admits to me as she cuddles her boyfriend Michael on their couch.
        I sigh quietly.

"You're right... I need to get my shit together... You guys aren't the only ones who are sick of my 'job'... I am too believe it or not." I say.
"Good. That will make it that much easier to move on from it." Michael says.
"Mhm..." I hum.
"Well... The sooner you quit the better." Elizabeth says quietly as she looks at her sparkly blue nails.

        I can tell that she's eager for me to end this bad portion of my life because she only wants what's best for me which makes me feel loved... More loved than I could ever feel from any man that I've fucked and got paid for doing it...

"That's true. I'll hit up Liam right now to meet up with him somewhere to break the news to him." I say, pulling out my phone and going to his contact that reads 'Daddy Payne Train (;' which I can't help but to giggle faintly at.

        Liam Payne is my pimp and I couldn't have a better one. He's the best pimp I've ever had and I'm the best hooker he's ever had. To be honest, we fucked around a couple of times... Okay, a few times... Alright, a lot of fucking times! It almost breaks my heart to realize that I'm quitting on him... I hope after I quit we can still be as tight as we were before. I'm sure he likes me too much to cut me off completely...

        I look in a mirror and check myself out before I leave and of course I look so god damn good in this outfit! I then make my way to go meet Liam at the boardwalk at the beach. The sun is setting right about now and everything looks so beautiful. It almost made me forget about my bad deeds I've done until I see the guy I stole some money from.

        He's always around the boardwalk playing upside down buckets as drums and he's not too shabby if I do say so myself. But that didn't stop me from taking some of the money he rightfully earned from playing in front of some of the generous public. So now every time he sees me he severely glares at me with those beautiful eyes of his... I'd probably do the same if I was him...

        Damn... How could've I stolen from someone as attractive and talented as he is? He deserves money and fame, not some greedy bitch like me stealing from him. Should I apologize even though I did the bad deed a while ago? Eh... It wouldn't hurt to, right? It would only make things better, right? Right.

        I begin to walk over to him but I barely got close because I feel someone tugging on my hand. I quickly turn around to see that it's Liam. My facial expression goes from surprised to a faint smile.

"Hey, babe." He says as pulls me in for a hug then pecks my lips, proving that I'm his favorite.
"Hi." I say, hugging him back gently.
"What's up? Why'd you want to meet up? Did you want daddy to fuck you once again?" He smirks then sexily chuckles.
"I'm always up for a good fuck from daddy... But... That's not the reason why I wanted to meet up. Shocking, I know." I giggle faintly.
"Then what for, love?" He asks.
"To tell you some kind of bad news..." I mumble.
"Which is? Oh my god! you don't an STD, right!?" He exclaims.
"What!? Of course I don't!" I exclaim.
"Oh, Good." He laughs.

        I laugh as well.

"Well... Since you seem to be so concerned about me and STDs being as one... Maybe I should stop being a hooker, hm?" I mumble causing him to raise an eyebrow.
"What are you trying to say, Yvonne?" He says sounding stern.
"I want out... I need out of this... 'Business...'" I say nervously.
"Why!?" He questions, anger slowly but surely rising in his voice.
"Because if I keep it up, Elizabeth and Michael won't want anything to do with me anymore! They'll kick me out! Don't you see that they're all I have!?" I exclaim.
"Well you have me too! Don't you dare forget about me!" He exclaims.
"I-I can't have you anymore, Liam... I'm sorry... You're no good for me anymore..." I mutter.
"That's what you think, you little bitch! Who the fuck do you think you're talking to!? I'm the pimp, not you! I fucking tell what's what, not you!" He yells before slapping me. Hard.

"What the hell was that, Liam!?" I cry as I hold my cheek.

        I'm shocked because he's never acted this way towards me before...

"Obviously a slap, dumb ass! Keep it up if you want another!" He shouts.
"W-why are you so upset..? I'm just trying to do what's best for me... Is that so wrong...?" I ask sadly.
"Yes if you're trying to escape me and my business!" He says. "
"I-I thought you cared about me... I thought you wanted me to be happy... And this isn't making me happy anymore so can you just pretend to care about me one more time and let me free!?" I exclaim.
"NO!" He roars as he slaps me again.

        But this time it causes me to fall to the ground.

"You're really pathetic for thinking that I'd let you go. I thought you were smarter than that, Yvonne. But I should've known you don't have a lot of smarts in that little brain of yours because you're just a slutty hooker who's only good for a fuck and nothing else." He says coldly, causing tears to fall down my face.

        I don't know what hurts more, his slaps or his words...

"Fuck you, Liam... I don't want to hear it..." I mutter.
"What the fuck did you just say to me!?" He exclaims.

        I don't dare to repeat what I said. I just sadly look at the ground.

He grabs my face and says through gritted teeth. "Answer me, whore!"
I shake my head and yell "No!"

        He then moves his hand from my face to my neck, bringing his other hand as well.

"Disagree with me one more fucking time, Yvonne! I fucking dare you! Then I'll teach you a real lesson, bitch!" He exclaims.
"Get your hands off of me already!" I say, acknowledging his hands wrapped snugly around my neck.
"Hm. Well, I didn't hear a 'please.' which isn't surprising coming from you." He says as he tightens his grip around my neck.

        Oh my god. He's actually choking me! I thought I'd never see the day that something this bad would be happening between us! I can't believe it...

        I squirm and struggle to get out of his grip but it's absolute no use. He's so god damn strong! Tears stream down my face as he continues. He could really fucking kill me right now. I came to see him tonight in hopes of him being understanding and peaceful like usual and not like this! I didn't come here for him to try to kill me!
        Right as I can't take any longer of being strangled, I struggle to see someone yank Liam off of me.

        I'm dizzy... lightheaded as all hell, my senses feel all fucked up.

I gasp and gasp for air as I hear the stranger shout at Liam "Are you crazy, man!? What the hell is your deal!?" He has an accent like Liam.

        Not British but maybe... Australian?

"None of this is any of your fucking business so just fuck off!" Liam says and pushes the stranger back.
"I don't give a fuck! What you're doing isn't right at all!" The stranger says, not daring to fuck off.
"Look, this is the last warning I'm giving you before I hurt you too, dude." Liam says intimidatingly.
"No one is ever scary if they give warnings." The stranger says, fed up with Liam's anger and violence.

        The stranger punches Liam right in the face which knocks him out cold which is surprising to me.

"Holy shit..." I mumble to myself.

        The stranger approaches me and gently picks me up bridal style and begins walking somewhere before I pass out from all of the insanity I just went through.

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