Too Far

"In your bed or in your car... On the Earth or up in the stars... I want to be where you are... Even if that means going too far..."


6. Good times.

                Ashton's point of view 

        I reluctantly start to head home. When I pass the beach, I can't help but to decide to park and just chill here for a little bit. Its like it was calling me to. I get out of the car and sit up on the hood, one of my favorite places to sit or lean. I look from left to right, loving the night scenery of this beach. I then look up at the starry sky as the cool night time sea breeze brushes against me. 

        I think about everything and nothing all at the same time while I'm here, its just one of those places and times to do that kind of thing. Then I realize that I'd really love to have a bond fire here with Yvonne, Elizabeth, Luke, Michael, and Calum some time soon. I'd be so fun and cool.

        I pull out my phone and text Yvonne the idea which she approves of just as much as I do so we plan the date and all. I get up off the hood and get back in the car. I start to head home again since I'm kind of tired. 

        When I get home, I find mom is sitting on the couch with yet another glass of wine as she's in a buzzed day dream. She then hesitantly looks up at me.

"Can we talk for a minute?" I ask, softly and tiredly.
"Sure..." She mumbles.
"Okay... So I know that you don't like Yvonne, but she's completely different from what you think she is like. She's funny, down to earth, and most importantly, clean from her past... I'd appreciate it if you could be in my shoes for a minute to see what I see in her and not try to shut her out so soon, mom..." I say.
"... Do you love her?" She asks.
"Yeah... I'm pretty sure I do..." I nod, smiling faintly.
"Then I guess I can try to accept her for your sake..." She says.
"Really?" I say.
"Yeah... Why not..." She shrugs.
"Awe, thanks... You're the best... Oh, and I'm really sorry for saying 'What? Were you a hooker back in the day too?' earlier... That was pretty awful of me to say..." I say.
"Don't worry about it, son... I'm sorry for slapping you... I was just really out of line earlier which anybody could tell..." She says.
"I forgive you..." I say causing her to softly smile.
"Well, its late and I'm pretty tired so I'm going to go to bed now." She says as she gets up.
"Night." I say as I hug her.
"Good night, son." She says, hugging back.

        She then goes to her room. I take my shirt off and change into pajama pants before plopping down on the couch and laying down. Shortly after, I fall into a deep sleep like usual.

        The day of the bond fire, I wake up and realize that I had rather a bad dream. In it there was a bull and scorpion happily walking together in Paris until a big cloud stormed over them which poured on the both of them, especially on the bull causing it to sob. The bull couldn't stand the rain so it ran out to the Utah desert meanwhile the scorpion stayed in Paris with the rain. In the desert, there was a rather tall crab who comforted the bull but not completely. Meanwhile in Paris, there was another crab who didn't like the scorpion enjoying the rain, the crab seemed jealous.

        I think that was one of the strangest and most random dreams I've ever had. When I tell mom about it, she tells me that it probably means something even though I have no clue about it now but I'll find out soon enough. I just shrug it all off.

        The rest of the day I go to the boardwalk and preform for a while before preparing for tonight. I go to stores and get the bond fire stuff, snacks, and alcohol of course. After that, I go to Elizabeth and Michael's place to be with my Yvonne since I'd get pretty bored if I killed anymore time anywhere else. I knock on the door and moments later Mikey opens the door.

"Hey, weren't we supposed to meet you at the beach later?" He says.
"Sure but I just couldn't stay away." I blissfully shrug.
"I can't blame you. Come in." He says before walking into the living room as I follow.
"The girls have been dolling each other up for us forever meanwhile I'v been ready for a couple of hours now." He exaggerates as he sits.
"Gotta appreciate the time and effort they put in for us. Maybe we should do the same some time, Mr. I've Been Ready For A Couple Of Hours Now." I chuckle and sit as well.
"Yeah, on me and Elizabeth's wedding day I will." He says.
"Well, yeah. Thats inferred, man. But you gotta surprise her with the fancy swag." I tell him.
"Okay, boss. I'll try that for sure." He chuckles.
"Thats what I like to hear." I smile.
"Do I hear my Ashy Poo out here?" I hear Yvonne say before she enters the room, half ready.
"Yes, your Ashy Poo is right here." I grin as I get up and give her a hug and kiss.

        Elizabeth then walks in, half ready as well.

"Hi, Ash." She smiles.
"Hey, Lizzy. Ugh, you're not ready either I see." I pretend to whine.
"Of course she's not. She's slower than me and Michael combined, babe." Yvonne informs me.
"Oh, great." I playfully roll my eyes.
"Fine. I'll go continue getting ready and won't waste a second in doing so if that'll make you happy." Liz pouts.
"Good idea, kid." I say, playfully shooing her away.

        She sticks her tongue out at me before scurrying back into which ever room she was in before.

"That goes for you too, missy. The sooner you finish, the sooner we can light the beach up." I say, spanking Yvonne's bum.
"True." She says before pecking my lips and following Liz out of the room.

        I sit back down and watch tv with Mike as we continue to wait some more. Eventually, Elizabeth comes back out and ready this time around.

"Is that my shirt?" Michael smirks.
"Maybe. What are you gonna do if it is, punk?" She replies.
"Strip it off of you, take it back, and play with your boobs of course. What else would I do?" He says.
"Idunno." She giggles as Yvonne comes back into the room, ready as well.
"Is that your shirt too, Mike?" I joke, pointing to Yvonne's floral shirt.
"Yes! How'd you know?" He playfully rolls his eyes.
"Because its so you. Its screaming your name, dude." I joke some more.
"True that." He says.
"Can we stop talking about shirts and leave now? Or?" Yvonne says.
"Of course, baby." I say, get up, hold her hand and walk out side with her, Liz and Mike following.
"Come with me for the ride? I know how much you love my shit car" I say.
"Sure." She giggles as she hops in my car, I get in as well.
"See ya there, bitches!" She shouts out the window to Liz and Mike before I speed off to the beach.

        When we get there, Luke and Calum are already present. I glance at the clock and see that its 11;00 pm mostly meaning that no one else will be around to interrupt our get together which is good and apart of the plan. Luke and Calum come over to my car and help me get the bond fire stuff out and started meanwhile Yvonne sets up the chairs and snacks.

        About twenty minutes later, Elizabeth and Michael finally show up. They get out of the car and hold hands, walking over to the rest of us happily.

"Where the hell were you two?" Luke questions.
"Yeah, you missed set up and thats not fair to us." Calum whines.
"Were you guys having a quickie?" Luke adds.
"No, we didn't have a quickie this time. Maybe we will later though. But, hey. Don't try to make us look like the bad guys when we got some stuff to make tonight even better." Liz says.
"Yeah." Mike says as he cooly holds up a bag of blunts.
"Holy shit." Luke says.
"That looks like enough for all of us to have two each!" Calum exclaims.
"Thats because it is, Cal. Well, theres actually an extra one for me but whatever." Mike side smiles.
"Wow! Who'd you guys get it from?" Cal asks.
"Joanne, duh." Liz says.
"Ohh, right. Sorry, its like it can never stick in my mind that she's all about that kush." Cal shrugs.
"Eh, I don't blame you for that one." She says.
"Okay, enough with the chit chat. Its time to get lit right about now." Mike says causing all of us to cheer.

        He then opens the bag, handing two blunts to each of us which leaves three to himself but that doesn't upset me. I'm actually quite satisfied because I don't remember the last time smoked a blunt so this is a nice reunion between Mary Jane and I. We all go sit by the fire except for Liz who stays standing.

Mike his about to flick his lighter but Liz interrupts him by saying "Wait! Go in the water with me first?"
"But, babe. Mary Jane is screaming my name." He whines.
"Well, so is the water." She says before slowly and seductively taking off the shirt she stole from him and her denim short shorts that she wore as a cover up over her bathing suit.

        I look away while she's having a sexy moment for Yvonne's sake. Meanwhile the other guys are almost drooling. 

"Alright, you win." He says as he gets up, takes off his shirt and pants off, revealing his swim trunks before chasing Liz towards the water.

        He then scoops her up and runs into the water with her leaving her to squeal and giggle with delight. I stand Yvonne up and strip her of her cover up before striping myself of my own. Then I pick her up, wrapping her legs round my waist and run into the water as well. Luke and Calum just stay put near the fire and start smoking one of their blunts.

"Ashton, I didn't ask for this! I didn't want to come in yet!" She laughs.
"Too bad for you, big baby!" I say, causing her to pout. 
"Aye, Ashton! Why you gotta go and make my room mate pout, eh!?" Liz buds in.
"Because its my thing, don't cha know!?" I reply.
"Well I think I wanna fight you about it, tough guy!" She says.
"You want a splash fight!?" I say, putting Yvonne down so I'll be able to put my best splash forward when the time comes.
"Hell yeah I do!" She says.
"Then bring it, shorty!" I say.
"Lets do this shit!" She says before beginning to splash me, I immediately splash back of course.
"I'm not apart of this so come here, shield!" Yvonne says before hiding behind Mike.
"Yeah, because screw my protection and safety from the splashes, right?" He says.
"Thats right, man." She says causing him to playfully roll his eyes.

        As the splash fight gets more and more intense, Liz accidentally splashes Mike. He pretends that it hurt by falling into the water. Liz playfully gasps before doing that main stream slow motion life guard run over to him. She pulls him back up and holds his motionless body in her arms as he plays almost dead.

"Baby, w-why... Would you hit me with a splash like t-that?" He questions.
"It was an accident, my love! I swear! I'd never do anything to hurt you on purpose! I love you more than anything, you know that!" She says through fake tears.
"Then try to save me by giving me mouth to mouth..." He tries to hide his smirk.
"That'd be a good place to start I suppose..." She says before softly pressing her plump lips against his. 

        But this kiss doesn't stay sweet and innocent for long considering he whips out some serious tongue action causing Yvonne to playfully gag.

"Wow, that was all so intense and entertaining. You're lucky to live with them, Vonne." I chuckle.
"Yup, I'm the luckiest girl in the world." She says sarcastically.
"Damn straight you are. But I'ma leave you three for Mary Jane now, she's been waiting far too long for me." Mike says before leaving Liz's loving arms and swimming and running to shore where his blunts are awaiting him if Luke and Calum didn't smoke them.
"Wow, I love how you could carry me out here but not carry me back!" Liz shouts to him but didn't seem to hear her.
"I'll carry you back, friend." Yvonne offers her.
"Awe, okay. I'll gladly take that offer." Liz says before hopping onto her back.

        Vonne takes Liz to shore with me right by their side. Calum and Luke are sitting back, talking about things only high people would talk about. Meanwhile Mike is wrapped up in a towel smoking his Mary Jane, waiting to get as high as Calum and Luke are. Mike pats his lap for Liz to sit on it and share the towel. She happily does what he wants her to. I lay a towel down. Yvonne and I lay on it as we light up our blunts.

"Lizzy, why haven't you smoked yet like the rest of us?" Calum questions.
"Yeah. Why you gotta be a buzz kill, Lizzy?" Luke adds.
"I'm not being a buzz kill." She begs to differ as she opens a beer and takes a gulp.
"Well, you aren't anymore. Now you've got the spirit." Luke says.
"And the spirit will just get even more spiritual! Woo hoo!" She exclaims.
"Yeah!" We all shout.

        After three blunts smoked by Mike, two smoked by Luke, one smoked by me, Liz,  Vonne, and Cal and after four beers drank by Mike and Luke, two drank by Liz, and one drank by Vonne, Cal, and I; shit slowly starts to get crazy.

        Luke stumbles over to his car and turns on his stereo. The first song that comes on is Three Little Birds which we just sit back to until Liz eventually gets up and starts moving her hips to the music since she likes it a lot. We watch her moves with amazement.

        The next song comes on causing the rest of us immediately start dancing or 'dance' by stumbling around to the beat. Luke dances close to Elizabeth and Michael who are grinding to Freak My Shit. 

        The next song is West Coast. Liz dances around with everybody to this one. Luke's the last one to have his dance with her but he got her to stay the longest for some reason...

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