When Cameron finds a locket on a hike with her initials on them, and a picture of a mysterious boy inside, she makes it her mission to find this mysterious boy. Will she find him? Or will she give up?


4. chapter 4

As we reach the top of the mountain, Parker goes to pee. I look around for him and when I see he's nowhere in sight, I pull out the locket. I'm eager to open it and see him face again. as I look at again I keep thinking to myself, whose locket is this? And how come they didn't notice it was gone?

Just as I put the locket back in my pocket, Parker Comes out of the woods smiling.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"

"Yeah, but not as beautiful as you"

"Shut up Parker," I say shoving him over. I grab the bag and start to head down. "You coming?"

He smiles, nods and gets up rubbing the dirt off of his shorts. When we make it down, I'm really tired so I fall asleep in his car on the way home. We get home around 8 so I have just enough time to get ready for bed before game of thrones comes on.

Parker wakes me up with a shove and I smack him on the arm

"Jerk,"I mumble as I get out of the car. He gives me a hug that lingers a little too long for comfort then climbs into his car and drives off.


Still no one home. I sit wide awake on my bed thinking. I reach into my jewelry box and pull out the locket. I open it and my breath catches yet again. All I can think is:

I need to find him.

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