When Cameron finds a locket on a hike with her initials on them, and a picture of a mysterious boy inside, she makes it her mission to find this mysterious boy. Will she find him? Or will she give up?


3. chapter 3

Those are my initials! Cameron Grey Hamilton. You don't come across those initials too often. Now even more curious I open up the locket and there he is. I'd recognize him anywhere. He's in my dreams. I don't know his name but he's constantly in my head. His long dark hair falls in front of his eyes. His bright emerald eyes stare strait at me. His mouth is twisted into an all too familiar grin. I catch my breath as my hands start to shake.

This can't be real...Ive only ever seen him in my dreams. He's my dream guy, literally.

Who is he?

Where is he?

Does he dream about me too?

I snap back to reality when I hear Parker coming down the hill. I quickly tuck the locket in my pocket just as Parker reaches the bottom.

"Cam are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm good."

Whatcha doing down here?"

"Cleaning the water bottle you so helpfully hit down here."



"The water bottle is over there", he says pointing my my right where the bottle lay still muddy. I quickly scramble to my feet grabbing the bottle. I take a sip and say "C'mon" as I start walking up the mountain.

The whole walk I can only think about the boy.

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