When Cameron finds a locket on a hike with her initials on them, and a picture of a mysterious boy inside, she makes it her mission to find this mysterious boy. Will she find him? Or will she give up?


2. chapter 2

As I slide into Parkers black mustang, the seats burn my legs.

"Ouch! Hey Parker, how about next time you don't park directly in sunlight with leather seats", I say with a stupid look on my face.

He laughs and puts on the radio. I jam and we have a few good laughs, but It takes us no time at all to get to mount Vince. I hand Parker my things and he puts them in the bag. He carries the bag up the mountain and I carry it down, that's the deal we made. Then we stretch and start our walk up the mountain.

~~~~~Halfway up ~~~~~~

"Are we almost there yet?"

"Cam quit winning, you're the one that wanted to do this in the first place."

"Can we take a break?"



"Fine, but only for a minute."

I slump down on a huge rock to catch my breath. As I reached into the bag and pulled out the water bottle, Parker hits the water bottle out of my hand laughing. I watch as it goes tumbling down the hill and rests at the bottom just before a little river bend.

"DICK", I yell as I slowly make my way down to the water bottle, careful no to slip and hurt myself. I can hear Parker laughing at me so I flip him off when I get to the bottom. As I reach down the grab the water bottle, something catches my eye. It looks silver and I'm a curious person so I dig it up. It's a locked hanging on a thin chain. It's covered in mud so I wash it off in the tiny river bend. Just as the last piece of mud falls off I see three initials.


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