When Cameron finds a locket on a hike with her initials on them, and a picture of a mysterious boy inside, she makes it her mission to find this mysterious boy. Will she find him? Or will she give up?


1. chapter 1

Sup, the names Cameron. I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm from a small town called Fairfield Springs. I'm a family girl. I don't have time for friends or boyfriends for that matter. Screw that shit. Too much drama anyways and I don't need that in my life. Currently I'm going into my junior year of school. I spend most of my summer days reading and babysitting, but occasionally I'll go to a family party or two. I'll even go on hikes with my friend Parker. He's an incoming Senior so he's my designated driver. We go on hikes and occasionally the beach. Me and Parker dated my freshman year because I was in an advanced English class while all the other freshman were in regular English. I met plenty of upperclassmen in that class and Parker being one of them. We became close and We dated but it became awkward. I'm not good with boyfriends so I called it off. We are still pretty close. I've spent most of my summer hanging with him and family. So I decided I'd give myself a break from my family and I called up Parker



"Hey Parker"

"What's up Cam?"

"Wanna go for a hike up mount Vince?"

"You bet! I'll pick you up in 30?"

"Sure! See you then."

As soon as I hung up I got went to my drawer labeled "workout". I'm OCD so everything is really organized in my room. I get changed into a homemade tie-dye crop top I make when I was babysitting my cousins and a pair of loose shorts. I slip into my black shoes and sit at my piano for a second. I flip through the song I've been writing for about 2 months now. It's a love song. Not for anyone too specific. If someone were to come into my room not knowing anything about me they could learn a lot about who I am. My room is purple with blue polka dots. There is owls everywhere along with my drawings of couples. There are sports teams posters and autographs of my favorite players. The first thing you notice as you walk into my room is my piano and my music from chorus. If you look in my closet you'll find all of my soccer stuff. My goalie stuff is shoved down the bottom of my bag. I no longer play goal. I played for 10 years but when I got to high school they stripped me of my goal and shoved me onto the field. I'm still adjusting. Anyways, There's pictures of me and my "friends". I'm not so sure they are my friends anymore, but whatever that's not the point.

I walked into my kitchen which is connected to my living room by a bar top. I go into the refrigerator and a grab out some baby carrots because those are the only vegetables I eat. Then I reached the Lazy Susan and I grab one of my brothers old baby bowls. He's about six now so he doesn't use them anymore. I sit at the bar and eat my carrots until there is a knock at the door. My dogs start to freak out so I have to grab the pup and I have to hold back my chocolate lab as I yell "Coming!"

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