And Up

Time had pasted. The balloons all deflated and Russell grew up.
He hadn't seen Carl Fredricksen since his Highschool Graduation.
Since then, he'd found his Elle but he wanted the only father figure he knew there for his wedding. Unknown to where he could find Mr. Fredrickson, he sets out on his own Adventure.


2. Chapter Two

Mary had spent the whole day running around with Russell she hadn't told her mother or anyone else of their engagement. Russell had never loved her more than he did in that moment. She was everything he every wanted, she was going to be the thing he always wanted and got to keep and instead of celebrating she was helping him locate a man she'd never met. 

Mary was sat on the bed, her legs crossed and her laptop sitting happily on her legs. "Russ, can you pass me your card please?!" A grin spread over her face. 

"Debit or credit?" His wallet already in his hand, the other hand hovering over his bank cards. "Well, I spoke to Molly and she said Andy will give us a discount on the tickets. So you can fly there for $90." 

"Really?" Russell stood there a little shocked. $90 for a flight was considerably cheap considering that Buy N Large now owned almost every plane and charged ridiculous prices. 

"Really, now how would you like to pay?" A smirk played on her lips as she held out her hand waiting for a card. Russell fished into his wallet for his Debit card and handed it to his future wife. Her fingers glide from key to key entering his details. He stands and watches her beauty faces, the way her features move as he thoughts change. She looks up from the keyboard and hands back his card. "Tomorrow at 4AM" 

"Tomorrow? Boo, we have to pack! What do I pack?" His thoughts running from packing pajamas to packing bug repellent. "Russ, breathe. Okay, we have travel toiletries in the back of the bathroom cabinet. Would you like to get them?"  Her voice staying monotone as she plans exactly what to do. 

Russell moves towards the bathroom, upon arriving at the door he pushes it open and enters. The bathroom's relatively big for a city apartment. He pulls open the cabinet above the sink, pushes past the toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, medicines and razors to find the small bag at the back containing the travel sized toiletries. The moment he had his hand on the bag he was already thinking about going back to the bedroom. 

Upon entering the room, Mary had piles of clothes on the on the bed. Pajamas, trousers, underwear and socks and shirts. "See now, that wasn't hard"Russell smiled contently, thinking to himself. "What would I do without you?"

"Probably forget to eat and never have a pair of clean socks again but luckily for you, we'll never find out!" She moved like an angel from the bed to the closet where she pulled out a blue duffel bag big enough to hold his items in. 

While placing Russell's things inside, she stopped. "Russ, have you thought about what you'll do if you find out he isn't here anymore?" It had been playing on her mind. He would be very old if he is still alive and she just wanted Russell to be prepared. "I have, I'd just rather believe he is still around." A small smile fluttered on his face but only for a short while. "You fancy a movie?" Mary smiled at the man in front of her. "I'd love a movie" Russell helped her to her feet and they both wandered to the living room, Mary sitting on the sofa and Russell finding out a movie. Inserting the disc, Russell joined Mary and she instantly cuddled into him.

The two watched the intro of the movie spread across their screen. Both concerned about other things. "Russ, are you gonna invite your dad?" She was met with silence. He was trying his hardest to keep calm. "I'd rather not, Mary" She flinched at the use of her name. She knew it was a sensitive subject but she didn't expect him to be so childish but she mentally forgave him. 

Russell felt sick. Not the kind of sick cured with some hot soup and a days sleep but the kind of sick that made his whole body want to shake and scream. He was nervous, scared even. What if Mr. Fredrickson had passed? Then what? He comes home to his beautiful fiance and pretends he hadn't been disappointed in the situation? But his worst thing he could think of was what if he blamed her? It was her idea to find him after all. 

"I going to bed, love." He peels himself off the sofa, gentle pushing Mary to the side. "I won't be far behind!" Her face beamed with her gorgeous smile. How had he landed this woman?

His tired feet cared him to bed, where he stripped off his clothes and wrestled on his lounge pants and a tee. His body felt weighed down; as if something was resting upon him. "It's just nerves," he thought, "It has to be!" As tired as he was, his body wouldn't give into the sleep it so desperately needed. 

First, it was only minutes that had passed but the longer he lay there, the worst he felt. Minutes turned into hours, and he hadn't slept at all. Mary was asleep next to him, cuddled up in a ball, her back pressed against him. He wrapped hs arm around her, wishing he could sleep as soundly.  He turned to the clock. Big, red numbers burned his eyes as he registered them. 2:00AM. "Time to get up," He thought. As quietly as possible he dresses. A small kiss on Mary's forehead, he grabs his things and makes his way down tho the street to find a taxi.


The airport was quiet as expected. He'd made it through Customs easily and was waiting at the gate. "Russell?" An unfamiliar voice echoed through the airport. "Yes?" He turned to be greeted by a tall, blonde man with a slightly turned-up nose and deep blue eyes. "I'm Andy, Molly's brother" 

"Andy! Hi, yes Mary told me all about you." He shook Andy's hand but really wanted to be left alone to his own thought. "Thought I'd say hi before the flight. Won't be a long one but might be bumpy" Russell nodded as if he cared. He would've usually loved talking to new people but his mind was crowded with thoughts of hope and battling ones of disappointment. His own mind was battling, driving him insane.

"It was nice meeting you, I should board now. We should talk more when I get back" Russell had little intention of talking to Andy again but he had to be polite due to all Andy had done for him. Andy nodded, stepped aside and let Russell through the gate. 

A few hours time and Russell would be wondering a small village with nothing more than a name and an old photograph. "This is pointless!" He'd argue with his heart every now and again even though he'd lose the battle no matter what side he chose. 

His seat was an aisle seat, meaning he had room to move and not be that poor bugger who'd get squashed between 2 other people who always had annoying habits like snoring, breathing too loud and coughing on others. 

He put on his seatbelt and pushed his earphones into his ears waiting for the flight to take place. "Maybe," He thought to himself, "I'll get some sleep"

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