The Life of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Doctor

TMNT Fanfiction that involves an oc. And it is basically what her life would be like if she was a professional medical person at 15 years old. I do not know if it is even possible to get into the medical business at such a young age, but as this is fiction we will just role with it. I do not own TMNT, I do own this idea and have been mulling it over for quite some time now


1. work vs. Home

The Life of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Doctor

a/n: I pretty much said everything I could about this one in the description, and it hasn't changed in the five minutes or so since I wrote it. The word for this chapter is nomadic. Enjoy!!! :)

Chapter 1

The alarm clock went off again. It always did and always ruined the one part of the day where I don't have someone screaming in my ear. I swear if it wasn't my boss or one of my brothers. It was the old guy that always sits next to me on the bus when there are plenty of other seats available. I really need to learn how to drive. 

I dragged myself from my bed and put on my work clothes, or at least the scrubs I wear into work. I love my job because I love helping people, even if it means having to drill into their heads every once in awhile. 

I made my way into the kitchen, and found the family sitting around the table. "Morning Samie." Said Donnie cheerfully. 
"Ohayo Donatello, is that coffee still warm?" I said hoping it was. My locker stunk like coffee and I had three air fresheners in there already.
"Yeah, it's just been made." He answered me.
"You are amazing." I said as I looked at my watch. "And I am running late." I drank my coffee black and ran out of the kitchen to brush my teeth and find my case notes.

I ran and managed to catch the bus. Great news, the weirdo was sitting beside someone else because of my lateness. I pulled out my earphones.
"Your gonna go deaf if you listen to music all the time." Said some woman behind me.
"Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind." I replied, not really sure why she was speaking to me.
"I seen you at the hospital yesterday. Are you going back there again?"
"I have to, that's where my patients are." I answered honestly.  
"I didn't realise that you worked there." 
"I'm the neurosurgeon. I even have a stethoscope." I told her. 
"Impressive for someone so young." The woman answered. The conversation stopped after that. I didn't really fancy telling her about the lobotomy I performed the day before. My life has grown so much more complicated since we publically ridded the world of Kraang and saved the planet from mutation. 

 I made it into work on time. Which was good because one of the other surgeons looked like they were about to collapse into man sized ball of sleep. "Morning Doctor Ross." I said to him. 
"Morning kiddo. The stoke patient in the NICU is ready to be woken up today. His vitals are looking really good. And we might need you to perform a split brain procedure and test the last patient that needed the surgery. I left all the case notes for you in the doctors lounge." He told me.
"Thank you." I said. He walked away, either he didn't like my perky-ness this morning, or he was too tired to converse with a fifteen-year old for longer than he had too. Maybe it was the latter. 

I went over to the cafeteria. As I was nearly late this morning I didn't have time for breakfast, so I ordered some pancakes and ate them before going upstairs to find a white coat and a stethoscope in my coffee smelling locker. 

I went up to the NICU and walked over to the parents of the patient that was a stroke victim. The kid was only two years older than I was, but the parents were refusing to listen to anything any of the staff were saying to them. "Hello Mr and Mrs Carson. I have brilliant news, we are going to wake your son up today." I told them. I had no clue how they were reacting to this, they didn't even look at me.
"There are a few things that I would like to discuss with you before we go ahead and wake up Joshua." I explained. "If you would follow me to the family room and we can discuss this there." 

We sat down, from the last few weeks of them being here I realised that this was going to be another one of those conversations that they weren't going to pay any attention to me. "Why are you suddenly eager to wake Joshua from his coma. You are the one who said that his condition was very serious in the first place." Mrs Carson said to me.
"That was three weeks ago when he had the initial stroke. Since then his condition has improved to the point where it isn't worth keeping him in a coma anymore. That is why I brought you in here. I would like to discuss the possible outcomes of what your son's needs might be." 
"Will he be a special needs child." Mr Carson asked.
"Possibly, but it might not happen. One thing is sure is that you will have to adjust to your son's needs. There is a chance that he might not be able to effectively communicate with people for a while. And there is a chance that he could have to learn everything all over again. Or even that he is blinded or paralysed down one side."
"Are you trying to scare us young lady?" Mrs Carson accused. This people were impossible.
"No Mrs Carson, I am simply trying to prepare you for what could be wrong with your son, so that you and you husband aren't too shocked by what is when Joshua wakes up."
"Very well then. What is the ratio of people who go blind after having a stroke?" Mr Carson asked me. Honestly I think he was humoring me.
"Most patients experience some loss of vision, some more than others so the chances are very high. But he is young so the chances are the effects of brain damage aren't permanent. 

Half an hour after that we were standing in his room waiting for him to open his eyes. I thought back to the last few weeks of working here. I hadn't even seen his eye colour yet. Was it bad that I hardly ever seen my patients eye colour for a few weeks after they had their surgery? I let it go for the time being and concentrated. "Joshua, Joshua. Do you know where you are?" I asked him. 
"NN ct c." Joshua replied. I instantly knew that he had been blinded. I pulled out the special torch that we use to look into patients eyes. 
"Can you follow the light with your eyes." I said slowly and gently as I didn't know his limitations yet. He made an effort and could follow the light a little. It was possible that he could make out light and dark or could still make out shapes. We would have to test him later. We gave him an ice chip because he was thirsty and he fell back to sleep.
"Why is he sleeping?" Mrs Carson asked. 
"It is normal for patients to be in and out of sleep for the first couple of weeks after having a stroke." I explained. "Give him one ice chip every half hour or so and I will be back in a little while to check on him and make sure he is alright."

I left the room and went to look at some more of the charts that had been left in my care. I looked down at one of them, it was the forty three year-old male that was having a corpus callosotomy to alleviate his severe epileptic seizures. Split brain was something I found very interesting, it was as if one half of your body was another person that was living inside your body. And the patients generally responded to things from the opposite side of their brains, if they were shown a picture on the right side of their visual field then they couldn't respond to the stimuli verbally as the speech center is on the left side of your brain. I was way too excited about this, the poor man was having his brain cut in half for all intents and purposes.

I scrubbed up and pulled my hair back into a bun before putting a hairnet over it to keep it from affecting the patients brain. I was scrubbing my arms when one of the other doctors, ie my boss, walked over to me. "Hey kiddo, you got the lead on this one."
"You putting me, the most liable doctor in the country in charge of cutting a mans brain in half. Thank you, I won't hurt him." 
"Funny." He said, not finding my hurting him joke amusing. 
"You get it, because the brain doesn't have pain receptors. And we have to cut his in half."
"Doctor Hamato, please take this seriously because I may start to regret my decision."
"Yes sir." I said and put gloves on before pushing my way into the theatre with my but.

It took us about half an hour of the surgery to get the brain laux. "We have achieved laux. Hand me the disector and I will start the incisions." It was intense the entire room tasted like brain matter and all I could smell was spinal fluid. The one thing I did enjoy about this surgery was that there wasn't much blood until the very end of the procedure where micro-scissors were used to cut the aqueduct. But the surgery was a success and we are all able to sleep tonight knowing that we stopped some guys seizures instead of giving him septic meningitis in his brain.

I went downstairs realising that it was three o'clock and I had been in surgery for hours. I made it to the ER and was going to walk straight through when I seen Raph sitting on a bench holding his arm. The idiot probably done some macho trick and landed on it or something. I was starving but he was my brother, so I went over to talk to him. 

"Hey Raph." I said as I sat down.
"I wasn't expecting to see you here." Raph said.
"You mean in the hospital that I work in?" I asked him with a smile.
"No I meant in the ER."
"What happened to you?" I asked hoping that he was going to give me a straight answer. 
"I was sparring with Leo at lunchtime and I fell awkwardly and landed on my arm." He answered. I was so right about that one.
"Do you want me to grab you a coffee and something to eat from the cafeteria, so that you can have something to eat while you wait." I said to him.
"Grab me a dr pepper and a bag of chips cheese and onion. Thanks Samie, I'll pay you back later." I sighed and left the ER for the cafeteria. 

We ate in silence or at least as much silence as Raph's chips would offer him. It wasn't long before he was called in and my beeper was going off. So I told him to find me in the ICU before going home. I had some clueless parents to attend to.

When I got up there I found out that Mr and Mrs Carson had been trying to feed their son something he couldn't eat quite yet. "Your son has had no solid food in his diet for the last three weeks of his life. His stomach lining has weakened because of it and he will have to work at building it back up again." I explained.
"So he wasn't sick because of the stroke?" Mr Carson asked.
"No, fortunately it was whatever you had fed to him." I told them harshly. I softened when I seen the looks on their faces. "I'm sorry I know this must be hard, but there are possibilities of Joshua recovering enough. But he can only do so with the right amount of help." I explained. "Please only give him the food that the hospital staff give him and allow his stomach time to work back up again. And remember that he is still very fragile." 

There was a knock at the door. "Can I come in before Sensei get's here?" Asked Raphael from the other side of the closed door.
"Two minutes Raphael, I am with family members of one of my patients." I said back to him.
"Is it that kid who was puking when I got up here?" He asked opening the door.
"Was he in room 404?" I asked. Raph nodded confused. "He should have stopped puking by now, we have been in here for a while." I said. I quickly left the office, making the mistake of leaving my hotheaded older brother alone with the Carson's.

I made it to Joshua's room. "Come on let it all out." I said as he threw up in a cardboard bowl.
"N le fda." He tried to say.
"I know, food isn't very fun on the way back up. How about we wait a while and try again later on." I suggested. I walked toward him. "This might feel a little cold." I was worried that the heavy food might have torn something. I couldn't let anything happen to him like that. I doubt that there is much that I could have done at this point, but it was my job and I had a duty to ensure that no harm comes to any of my patients. Whether they had stupid parents or not.
"There now, you're alright Joshua. Let's get you back to sleep." Thankfully he hadn't torn anything but it had been a close call. I went back to the office.

"So you and the doctor that is treating our son helped to rid the world of the Kraang?" Mr Carson asked Raph.
"Yeah, and then she and our brother Donnie go off and start early in the careers that they deserve so much and the rest of us have to go to-" Raph was explaining.
"Raphael." I had to interrupt them. "Shouldn't you go downstairs and wait for Master Splinter. Or did you forget about him."
He walked towards the door and stopped as he got to me.
"What did I do wrong?" He asked me.
"You were talking to my patients parents about our personal lives that's what." I answered him. He left the room to go and get Sensei. 'Thank you Father' I thought and went back to explaining everything to them.

I looked at my watch and seen that it had only been about an hour since I got out of surgery. I still had five hours of work left. I was beeped again and went up to my boss. "Doctor Hamato as the on-call neurosurgeon I need you to perform emergency surgery to remove a bullet in a twenty five year-old man's brain." My boss told me.
"You got it." I said and went to scrub up, again. 

The surgery wasn't successful. We found the bullet that part was easy. But unfortunately the injuries were far too extensive for us to save him. He died as we were closing up his skull. I was now walking towards his family. This was the part of my job that I hated.
"Are you the family of David Grather?" I asked them. They nodded.
"How is my Grandson?" An old woman asked.
"I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but your son died from his injuries while on the operating table. I am so sorry for your loss. Watashi no okuyami." I said. I even used the Japanese for My Condolences.
"I am sure you did your best Doctor." The woman said and broke down in my arms. I held her for a few moments to try and console her. I sat her down in the relative's room and calmed her down before leaving her to deal with her grief. 

I went to see if Raphael had left the hospital yet. They hadn't, they were still waiting on a doctor putting a cast on him. My boss walked over to us while we were waiting. "Doctor Hamato." He said to me.
"Shaking the tree boss." I answered quoting Cool Hand Luke.
"You have the back-shift tomorrow." He told me, ignoring the comment. "With Doctor Ross." 
"Right, so I get to sleep tomorrow." I said to him. 
"Just be here on time." He said and walked off.

I looked at my brother and father. "So what were we talking about?" I asked.
"Training." Sensei answered. 
"Yeah, how long before I can do that again?" Raph asked me.
"Depends on how long you have to keep that on and how willing you are to stay out of sparring matches." My beeper went off and I had to leave again. 

As I was in the ER it didn't take me long to get to where I was to be, that was a relief. A young woman about thirty had just had stroke caused by gawd knows what and I had to operate after getting scan of her brain. 

It turned out that it was caused by a bleed in his brain that caused her symptoms and I put a clip on it that will hopefully stop the bleeding. She was in the NCIU by the time my shift ended. 

I went home and it was quiet on the bus as I went as the evening rush hour was over. I got in and geared up for training. I still had to run over Katas and I was exhausted by this point. 

So I made my way into the dojo. I spent half an hour running katas with Leo. "You wanna spar?" He asked me. I nodded despite wanting my bed. So we sparred with weapons for an hour with neither of us actually gaining the upper-hand. I am disappointed to say the Leo won. 

We had something to eat and sat down in front of the television. Half an hour later I was asleep on the sofa. 

That was just one day in my life as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Doctor as Mikey calls me.

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