Even in death

Some say love is the most powerful thing on earth, that even in death are loved ones are always with us.
Louis and shyann have been married for 1 year now and they have been trying to have a baby but haven't had any luck.
After a few months into their second year of marriage shyann starts to have thes weird dreams and feelings about her dieing, Louis doesn't believe her and tells her to stop worrying and that their just dreams but when they turn out to be not just dreams every thing goes wrong. When shyann finds herself trapped between heaven and hell still wondering the living land she stays with Louis to try and get his attention but soon finds that what was once her normal life turned out to be part of something bigger will she believe her love of her life Louis or will she fall to the other side. (By the way there will be a book two and a lot more secrets that shyann doesn't know about yet)
Also I don't have a name for book two yet but will post at end of this book���� and I have the first book done on my computer I just have to pit it on movellas it makes me made that it won't copy and paste gahhhh!!����


1. Do you believe in ghost's?

Some say that love is the most powerful thing on earth, that even in death our loved ones are still with us...


Love: a deep intense feeling for someone.

We were laying down together outside in the back yard on a blanket looking up at the stars. Louis? I asked him while I was lying on his chest listening to his heart beat steadily.

Yes love he said his voice almost a whisper.

Do you believe in ghost's? I asked him.

I believe in heaven and that some people, the really good ones came come back, You know reincarnation to be with the ones they love again.

I do to it's just... what about the ones that don't go to heaven and the ones that don't go to hell, what about the ones that get lost or trapped even.

I don't know I never really thought about it that way Shyann. I guess, I do believe in ghost now that you put it that way.

What if I died louis?

What!!? What are you talking about Shyann don't talk like that don't ever say that okay. Louis said as he sat up and starred me in the eyes intensely with his hands on my cheeks. I never want to loose you, I love you. I know you do Louis and I love you to.

Why would you bring that up anyway? Louis asked me very worriedly.

I don't...I just...i have been having these weird dreams and feelings lately and im a little worried about them they scare me louis, I have this bad feeling that they will come true.

Well you don't need to worry and you don't need to be scared about anything okay. I'm right here and nothing is gonna hurt you while im here okay. Okay I trust you Louis I said as louis put one of his hands on the ground to keep himself propped up. I leaned in and gave him a sweet kiss.

Your beautiful Shyann you know that.

You tell me every day louis I said smiling and blushing.

I know but every time I tell you, you start to blush and I love that I can still make you blush. After louis said that it only made me blush even more. See, see I told you I could make you blush.louis said with the biggest smile on his face he then leaned in giving me a passionate kiss and another and another he then started to kiss down along my neck.

Louis I said his name. Yes...love... he said in between kissing my neck why don't we take this to the bed room I asked.

Absolutely said louis as he picked me up bridal style and carried me through the house and up the stairs to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. He took off my shirt and unbuttoned my pants. Louis then continued to kiss on my neck but this time he was kissing up to my ear and whispered i'm gonna eat you up. I quickly pulled of his shirt and pushed him on the bed and sat on his hips and leaned down with my hands pressed against his chest and whispered in his ear.. thats exactly what I want you to do.

later on the same night...

Aaaaahhhhh!!!! I screamed waking up crying. Babe Shyann hey hey hey calm down louis said cradling me in his arms. Nothing is gonna hurt you okay, im right here shhh said louis trying to to calm me down. L-louis.... it... it was awful I-i-i was dead. why do I keep dying? I don; t want to die.

What? Louis said so shocked and very worried

I told you louis I said I was going to di... NO!! Shyann don't say that, your not going to die he said cutting me off.

Louis wrapped his arms around me tight into a hug engulfing me In his sweet smell instantly calming me down a little. I never wanted this to end I never want to let go of him. Louis promise me something? Of course anything.

Promise that no matter what happens never let me go?

I promise I promise I promise I promise I promise I promise.....


a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing no matter what.


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